This is a portfolio of tables & desk that I have completed. Where possible I have linked the pictures to the original post, if you click on the picture you will be directed to the post. Thanks for looking!

DSC_0256   DSC_0033

WM After   DSC_0020

DSC_0119  DSC_0113

DSC_0050-1   DSC_0065

DSC_0087   DSC_0057

DSC_0038   DSC_0036

DSC_0037   DSC_0036   DSC_0191      0310121208a   0409121817   0512121423d   0611121057b   DSC_0012   DSC_0023   DSC_0141   DSC_0174   DSC_0224      F Ball Claw Tea Table   F Bside Table2   F French Drum Table   F Green Table1   F Oval Coffee Table   Harp10   DSC_0022   DSC_0100  

DSC_0033   DSC_0044

DSC_0055   DSC_0040 (2)

DSC_0035   DSC_0027

F Coffee Table   F Farm Table1

F Farmhouse Table   F french dining table

F Round Side Table   F Oak Med Table2   F Side and Coffee Table3   F Turtle Table2Emperor's Silk Red Painted faux bamboo table  Vintage Thomasville Dining Set DSC_0047.jpg   DSC_0047.jpg   DSC_0042.jpg   DSC_0048.jpg   DSC_0039-2.jpg   DSC_0051-2.jpg   DSC_0041.jpg   DSC_0040-3.jpg   DSC_0038.jpg   DSC_0055.jpg   DSC_0046-3.jpg   DSC_0070.jpg   DSC_0038.jpg   DSC_0073.jpg   DSC_0077.jpg   DSC_0046.jpg   DSC_0083.jpg   DSCN1200.jpg   DSC_0039_thumb.jpg   DSC_0056_thumb.jpg   DSC_0064_thumb.jpg   Vintage wrought iron patio set updated refinished   Refinished nightstand in Provence chalk paint   Horse desk


  1. I do love your style and use of colour, think I might venture to doing something colourful, all of my orders have been plain cream lately. I’ll have to hold some things back to experiment on 🙂


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