Another Vintage French Provincial Dining Table…

I have chairs to go with this table.. Yay.. and I think I got some pretty good before pictures too…

This is a vintage cherry table and 4 chair set. The table and chairs were in overall very good condition, they just needed a little updating and TLC!



before chairsSorry about this super blurry chair picture.. but it was all I had!

The first thing I did was turn the table over and paint the apron in a very light light it ALMOST looks white. I then flipped the table back over and sanded the top down to remove the old finish and scratches.. no stripper.. just sanding!


It has a beautiful cherry grain and great lines!

Here is where things get a little “crazy”.. I wanted to try something different and I had this “sun bleached” stain I had picked up a while back just waiting to get used.. the color looked like driftwood to me.. so I applied it to the table top… didn’t really like it.. it made it look like pickled wood…YIKES! So before the stain had a chance to set I applied a coat of special walnut to the top and removed most of the sun bleached stain plus the walnut stain with paper towels.. lots of paper towels… Did you know you can remove stain with more stain.. I know kind of weird and it doesn’t make sense but it works.. so I let the table dry overnight and applied another coat of special walnut stain. What I thought was really interesting is that the grey was still there but more of an undertone..I liked it… it looked different.. not TOO different.. but different enough to catch your eye… I REALLY like it! Sorry no pictures at this stage, I think I was a little freaked out! I finished the top off with two coats of paste wax and then buffed it.

I then went back to the apron and legs and lightly distressed them and then applied a black glaze to help deepen the grey tone.. just love the way it hangs out in the crevices.. the glaze part is always the most stressful part to me.. you have to hurry, work in small areas and can’t stop once you start.. but the final result it is so worth it!

I also sanded the chairs, in order to remove the nicks that occur over time, and painted them in Duck Egg chalk paint… I did 1 1/2 coats.. you know… one good full coat then a 1/2 coat to touch up where you see brush strokes… I then lightly distressed them, waxed and buffed them.. man did my hands HURT after all of that!! The seats were in great condition, WHEW!, so all I did was add new fabric to them (this is a Waverly print) and reattached them once the chairs were buffed.

So here she is in all of her glory… Dinner in the garden anyone?


Can you see the grey undertones in the wood grain?


I love the combination of the Duck Egg blue with the grey…


OK.. so the set is doesn’t match, but it coordinates beautifully! I love the look of painted pieces mixed and matched together.. What about you?

Thanks for stopping by guys…until next time!

PS… This set is heading up to Lucketts if anyone is interested.. 😉

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  1. I think you had great vision for your work and it shows wonderfully well.

    I have to tell you this story. In the seventies, I bought a french provencial dining set. The wood is not painted but is stained a soft blue gray (more blue than gray). The wood grain shows through the stain and it never chips. The top of table is dark wood.

    No one was buying blue stained furniture in the seventies. The store owner tried to talk me out of ordering it. My husband thought it looked odd and that I should just go with the wood tone that it also came in. I’ve never been sorry that I bought it and have had so many compliments over the years. I even had a copy-cat that ordered it too. The chair seats have been recovered several times. I hope you’ll enjoy yours for many years too.


  2. I loved it! I have a set here to be re-done and I am thinking the same – grey and wood on top of table. I won’t be so bold to use duck egg on the chairs because it will have to go for sale so I imagine most people prefer a matching set. But I love your color combination!


  3. Is just paste wax and buffing needed if its used regularly? The table I am about to redo looks like your style but they coated the top with poly thick.


    1. Shirley,
      There is absolutely no need for anything but wax to protect the surface. Wax top coats have been used for centuries… It will last for years and can be refreshed if necessary with a new coat of wax and buffing. I prefer it as it allows for very easy repairs, if necessary! Hope this helps..


  4. Hi,
    I have the same table and was wondering what make/brand it is (or where it is from) and approximately how old. This is a great idea for restoring the dining set.
    Thanks so much!


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