It’s All About the Legs!

Seriously… it’s almost always the legs of a piece that catches my eye… and this one has a gorgeous set of gams don’t you think?

Where she excels in the legs department her “face” has seen better days… it’s hard to see in this picture but she has a significant crack and missing section of veneer on the top… it’s a tragedy really… just wait until you see…



Oh… I did forget to mention that even though her gams were great they were a tad wobbly (maybe she had a tad to much to drink? Laughing out loud)… I fixed the “wobble” by first removing the top and then disassembling the legs from the side pieces, they were held together with wooden dowels and glue. I sanded the connections then glued and clamped the table back together… the fix worked perfectly… and yes I DID remove the excess glue prior to painting…

Well lets get to groovin ‘cause she’s ready to dance again! Just check her OUT!!!

I painted her in ASCP in Paris Grey with the highlights in Old White… a classic for a beauty like this!


I sanded the top down carefully making sure to be careful with the veneer and mother of pearl inlay… what a beautiful job someone did on this table top!


I lightly distressed the paint and added a coat of Annie Sloan Wax to protect the finish…


The curves and detail on her base really pop with this paint scheme!




Ok… so now for the “bad” part… I couldn’t make the missing veneer or crack disappear, but I couldn’t bring myself to paint over this top! So she has a “beauty” mark…

I stained the top in a mix of Pecan and Special Walnut in order to closely match the sides of the top which I didn’t sand down…


Could YOU have painted over this gorgeousness?


One last look at her in all her glory! She looks pretty happy to me…


So what do you think? Was leaving the top in this condition something you would have done or would you have painted the top? I think I did the right thing for me, but I want to know what the rest of you talented folks would have done…

Thanks for stopping by…

Until next time!

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  1. I would have left the top just as you did! The inlay is gorgeous! Also the way you painted the bottom is stunning it brings out the carving 🙂


  2. Once I bought a white painted rocking chair for three dollars at an auction.When i stripped it down, it was made of beautiful dark wood….can’t recall which one….and it had similar inlays. I suspect your table was from the same period as my rocker, long ago sold as we were making a move and couldn’t take everything. I miss that chair to this day. I agree with the way you treated that table top. Beautiful job.


  3. Oh what a great set of legs! I would have left the top like you did. It looks absolutely perfect. I wish I could paint like you? I just found your blog from joining the Feather Nest Friday party.


  4. You have a great “artist’s eye” for knowing how to enhance a piece. What was the finish you used on the top of the piece? I just love the soft look of it!


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