A Beautiful Dresser in Coco and Old White

I hope you all are enjoying your last month of Summer! This happens to be my birthday month, unfortunently we will be packing and moving during that week… but it’s ok as I will be sure to take a dinner break on the 27th to celebrate! Currently I am busy taking the last items off of the walls, patching and painting… and thinking ‘why in the heck did I put so much stuff up’… I think this is going to take forever! I’m also still finishing up the few last projects, but this one is my last custom client piece, hope you enjoy it!

I have had this dresser in my garage waiting patiently to be refinished since February of 2012! I have a really good excuse for that though I promise! You see there was a lot of missing molding on this dresser and I wanted to fix it by replicating the existing pieces using plaster and a making a custom mold (which I have never done before) I tried it, it didn’t work for me… I’m not sure if it was because the pieces were so thin but the plaster pieces kept breaking so I had to move onto option 2… remove what I had to, keep what I could, replace some with new pieces…

Here is the dresser, all of those arrows are pointing to places where the original molding was missing, one is because it was also missing a knob. Those white spots on the top back are from the mirror which was no longer with the piece when I bought it… so sad!

French dresser unfinished

I nailed the drawer bottoms back into place and filled the top holes with Minwax High Performance Wood Filler. I did sand the entire top down as it had some pretty good scratches and then restained it so that when I distressed the top it wouldn’t look different then the base.

This is the beautiful After, it waited a long time to be fixed up, but I think it was worth the wait!


French chest painted Old White and CoCo ASCP

The colors are Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Coco and Old White, a very pretty combination! You can see where I added new trim on the two bottom drawers and removed some of the trim from the top drawers. I also “cheated” a little by copying one of the knobs in Photoshop and adding it to the drawer to make it look like I had all four knobs, sneaky right? My client purchased some very pretty glass knobs from Hobby Lobby to replace these, but I didn’t have them when I needed to take the photos.

French chest painted Old White and CoCo ASCP

I painted 2 coats of Coco on the drawers then I painted the trim white. I distressed the paint with 220 grit sandpaper, using both an orbital sander and hand sanding on the more intricate areas. I then applied a top coat of Annie Sloan clear wax, buffed it with 0000 steel wool and polished it with a soft cloth until it shined!

French chest painted Old White and CoCo ASCP

Even though there is less detail I’m still very pleased with what detail I was able to save. Adding the molding was easy, just cut the pieces on a 45, apply with Loctite and add a few tiny nails to hold it all in place.

French chest painted Old White and CoCo ASCP

I cleaned the knobs with a soak of Ammonia and a little water, letting the knobs soak overnight. Aren’t these just gorgeous!

French chest painted Old White and CoCo ASCP

A final look at the before and after

Before and After French chest painted Old White and CoCo ASCP

I hope my client loves this chest and the bed frame… as I enjoyed working with her and providing her with custom, one of a kind pieces to grace her home, thanks Tina!

Until next time…

Thanks for stopping by!

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A Beautiful Update Full Size Bed Frame

I am working two pieces for a client of mine who has already bought several pieces, these will be the last custom pieces I finish before the move. I told her I couldn’t guarantee getting these done (with us moving and everything) but I have been able to work on them a little here and there so I was able to complete them!

This is a very nice sold wood full sized bed with wooden rails. It was in good shape with only a few minor repairs, but it certainly needed a facelift!



My client shows the colors (which make it super easy for me), she chose Annie Sloan’s Old White and Coco, a very pretty combination.


coco and old white painted bed

After cleaning the frame with Formula 409 I painted two coats of Old White then two coats of the Coco.

coco and old white painted bed

I distressed it slightly using 220 grit paper. I used an orbital sander, on low rotation, for the large areas and hand sanded the smaller areas.

coco and old white painted bed

After distressing I applied a coat of Annie Sloan’s clear wax with a cloth, rubbing it in good, then I let it sit overnight. The next day I buffed the bed with 0000 steel wool and then polished it with a soft cloth.

coco and old white painted bed

My client is going to use this in her guest bedroom and I think the color scheme is a lovely neutral which will coordinate with just about anything.

before and after coco and old white painted vintage bed

I’m also painting a chest of drawers for her to go in the same room. It’s super gorgeous and I cannot wait to share it with you!

Hope you like it and as always thanks for stopping by!

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A Matching Chest of Drawers Update

This chest of drawers is part of a set that I am refinishing for a client. I completed the dresser (check it out here) a couple of months ago, but had to put the chest on the backburner due to the Lucketts show.

This is what I started out with… what you can’t see is the REALLY badly peeling veneer on one side and a seriously messed up bottom drawer, but other than that it was in not too bad of shape!


Oh so much better right? The wood is stained dark walnut and the body is painted in Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Refinished vintage chest of drawers

All of the the wood had to be sanded to remove the flaking top coat and I had to remove one whole side of veneer! I used a combination of heat gun & scraper and 80 grit sandpaper to remove the veneer.

Refinished vintage chest of drawers

I distressed the wood embellishments and then applied a coat of Gold Rub-n-Buff.


Love this beautiful veneer work in the center!

Fabulous veneer on dresser front

I used Watco Danish Oil , dark wax and clear wax for the stained areas and just clear wax for the painted sections. The whole piece was then buffed with 0000 steel wool and polished with a soft cloth.  I also soaked the handles in ammonia overnight and then rinsed and brushed them good to highlight their natural beauty.

Old White painted chest of drawers

This is my handsome photo bomber, he LOVES to get in the shot and when I sat on the deck to take pictures he came over to supervise, he’s so funny! In case you’re wondering he’s a 5 1/2 year old Blue Weimaraner and about as sweet as it gets!

Blue Weimaraner

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest project! Come back anytime!

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A Dresser For the New Baby

I don’t always have a story about the pieces I refinish, but this time I do and it’s a good one!

I have a wonderful neighbor friend (Julia) who sent me a picture of an old chest of drawers, she wanted to know if I would like it as her friend was giving it away… Umm, yes PLEASE I replied! Unfortunately it was spoken for before I could get my hands on it, I was very disappointed! However, Julia (now my new “agent”) contacted her friend and let her know about the work I do and suggested she come see some of my stuff. Her friend (Barbara) is pregnant and just moved into a new (and bigger) house and is in need of some furniture. Barbara ended up buying the awesome stenciled chest for her husband… who LOVES it by the way… but as we were talking she showed my some pictures of the set she was giving away… I think I politely informed her that she was crazy but I can’t be sure Winking smile

So between Julia and I we convinced her to keep the set and allow me to refinish it for the baby’s room… she was only sort of convinced that she would like them, but she had her hubby drop off the pieces anyway…

Other than significant veneer loss on the sides and a few onlay wood pieces broken, it was in good condition, but better than that it was going to be just beautiful and was going to make a perfect changing table / dresser!




vintage dresser refinished painted old white chalk paint

I knew it would be beautiful, but I am just thrilled at how it turned out! I was lucky that I was able to salvage the top… after sanding down the finish (100 to 220 grit paper) I stained it Dark Walnut and then conditioned it… in order… Dark Walnut Watco Oil, Howards’ Feed-N-Wax, Annie Sloan Dark Wax & finally Annie Sloan Clear Wax! It was a lot but I wanted to be 100% sure that the top was oiled and sealed because she was using this as a changing station as well as a dresser… you just never know…


I also stained and conditioned two other areas on the front of the dresser, I love the way it breaks up the paint. I painted it in Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint… she’s having a little girl!


Where I had to remove some of the onlay I highlighted the areas with my gold paint pen or gold Rub-N-Buff.

DSC_0041 (2)

She had the baby’s name all picked out so I stenciled the initials with gold paint…


We were both pleasantly surprised with the way the knobs turned out! This is the original finish on them… I just cleaned them by soaking them in a solution of ammonia overnight and Viola! gorgeous handles!


As I said Barbara was very concerned that she would not like this when I was done… I don’t think she is concerned anymore Smile

vintage dresser refinished painted old white chalk paint

This was the last custom piece I am doing before the Lucketts Market coming up in May. I still have to finish the tall dresser that matches this chest… but that will be for after the market! This is the before of it though… can you believe she was giving these pieces away!

I hope you like the dresser transformation! I think it is easy to see how these pieces can be beautiful once again… for me it’s all about looking at the lines and details of a piece… the color and condition are irrelevant as that can be changed!

Thanks so much for stopping by…

Until next time!

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A Perfect Catch All Piece for the Kitchen

My client Tina recently brought me this peitite buffet to make all pretty for her. She found the buffet on Craig’s List, it was the perfect size for the catch-all spot in her kitchen… you know a place where you can hide all of the “crap” you don’t want to look at! While this piece fit her needs size wise… it was not cosmetically what she wanted in her beautiful kitchen.

The buffet did have quite a few minor problems (and a lot of gunky buildup) which I took care of prior to painting but overall it was in pretty good shape for its age…



She wanted the buffet painted in Old White and the drawer fronts is a mix of Duck Egg & Old White (3:1), it truly is a very pretty combination!

Painted buffet

I didn’t distress it too much… and I used Briwax wax to seal the paint.

Painted buffet

She had purchased these cute acrylic knobs from Pottery Barn, I like them so much better than the original knobs… they add a touch of whimsy to the piece…

Painted buffet blue and white

The buffet didn’t have a lot of detailing to it, but where there was detail I wanted to highlight it.


I also carried the blue up to the top back…


I hope she will enjoy seeing this buffet in her kitchen now!

Painted buffet blue and white

I really adore this petite buffet and could totally use it just about anywhere in my house… hmmm… now I need to look for one like this to update for myself!

A special thanks to Tina for being such a wonderful repeat client… you keep bringing them and I’ll keep making them look awesome!

Thanks so much for stopping by…

Until next time!!!

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Working through the list…

I have had quite a backlog of custom pieces to get finished and this is “one” of them…

My client has a beautiful vintage Thomasville dining room set that she wants me to paint for her… a buffet, dining room table and six chairs! Whew… that’s a lot!

Here is her set… all of the pieces have great lines, but they are old, worn and need a little pick me up for sure!


Since she was a new client I wanted to start out with the buffet, one… to see if we worked well together and two… for her to decide if she likes the way I refinish the piece. This is a critical part of the process for me… I think it is important for all of the parties to be comfortable and honest with one another about their expectations and desired results… communication is key! Creating a finished product that everyone can be thrilled with is VERY important to me!

So the buffet I started out with with looked like this…


No, the other drawer is not MIA, it was at the client’s house. You see I will usually make up a sample drawer or panel for the client before painting the whole piece. As my client was a little unsure of the colors I wanted her to take the drawer home and live with the color scheme for a while to be certain… because you KNOW I hate repainting a piece!

As it turned out she and her hubby loved it…

Here is the AFTER


It’s painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Old White & a custom mix of Graphite & Pure White (3:1 ratio).


I first washed the buffet down with Formula 409 and removed all of the hardware before painting. I also lightly sanded the top as it had a few blemishes that needed to be filled and sanded as well. I painted 3 coats of paint on the top, but only two coats everywhere else.


It’s very subtle and a little hard to see but I did use my gold leaf pen on the stiles around the drawers and the panels on the front of the buffet.


I painted the handles and hinges in Krylon’s 18k gold plate spray… I LOVE this stuff… it creates a beautiful gold finish!


I distressed the buffet with a combination of wet scrub sponge and sander with 220 grit paper.


After I finished distressing it I waxed it with Annie Sloan’s clear wax and then buffed it with 0000 steel wool and a soft cloth. See the sheen on the top of the buffet in the picture below… FABULOUS!


My client and her hubby (and her 2 super cute full of energy girls) came and picked up this beauty last Sunday… They seemed very happy with it and even sent me this picture…


She also asked when I would be able to get to her table and chairs… whew! But she’s great so I can’t wait to get started… just have to fit it all in!

I hoped you liked my buffet update… the table and chairs will be much more labor intensive but I’ll get it done!

As always thanks for stopping by…

Until next time!

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It’s All About the Legs!

Seriously… it’s almost always the legs of a piece that catches my eye… and this one has a gorgeous set of gams don’t you think?

Where she excels in the legs department her “face” has seen better days… it’s hard to see in this picture but she has a significant crack and missing section of veneer on the top… it’s a tragedy really… just wait until you see…



Oh… I did forget to mention that even though her gams were great they were a tad wobbly (maybe she had a tad to much to drink? Laughing out loud)… I fixed the “wobble” by first removing the top and then disassembling the legs from the side pieces, they were held together with wooden dowels and glue. I sanded the connections then glued and clamped the table back together… the fix worked perfectly… and yes I DID remove the excess glue prior to painting…

Well lets get to groovin ‘cause she’s ready to dance again! Just check her OUT!!!

I painted her in ASCP in Paris Grey with the highlights in Old White… a classic for a beauty like this!


I sanded the top down carefully making sure to be careful with the veneer and mother of pearl inlay… what a beautiful job someone did on this table top!


I lightly distressed the paint and added a coat of Annie Sloan Wax to protect the finish…


The curves and detail on her base really pop with this paint scheme!




Ok… so now for the “bad” part… I couldn’t make the missing veneer or crack disappear, but I couldn’t bring myself to paint over this top! So she has a “beauty” mark…

I stained the top in a mix of Pecan and Special Walnut in order to closely match the sides of the top which I didn’t sand down…


Could YOU have painted over this gorgeousness?


One last look at her in all her glory! She looks pretty happy to me…


So what do you think? Was leaving the top in this condition something you would have done or would you have painted the top? I think I did the right thing for me, but I want to know what the rest of you talented folks would have done…

Thanks for stopping by…

Until next time!

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