Old White and Coco painted full sized bed

A Beautiful Update Full Size Bed Frame

I am working two pieces for a client of mine who has already bought several pieces, these will be the last custom pieces I finish before the move. I told her I couldn’t guarantee getting these done (with us moving and everything) but I have been able to work on them a little here and there so I was able to complete them!

This is a very nice sold wood full sized bed with wooden rails. It was in good shape with only a few minor repairs, but it certainly needed a facelift!



My client shows the colors (which make it super easy for me), she chose Annie Sloan’s Old White and Coco, a very pretty combination.


coco and old white painted bed

After cleaning the frame with Formula 409 I painted two coats of Old White then two coats of the Coco.

coco and old white painted bed

I distressed it slightly using 220 grit paper. I used an orbital sander, on low rotation, for the large areas and hand sanded the smaller areas.

coco and old white painted bed

After distressing I applied a coat of Annie Sloan’s clear wax with a cloth, rubbing it in good, then I let it sit overnight. The next day I buffed the bed with 0000 steel wool and then polished it with a soft cloth.

coco and old white painted bed

My client is going to use this in her guest bedroom and I think the color scheme is a lovely neutral which will coordinate with just about anything.

before and after coco and old white painted vintage bed

I’m also painting a chest of drawers for her to go in the same room. It’s super gorgeous and I cannot wait to share it with you!

Hope you like it and as always thanks for stopping by!

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  1. It’s over the top gorgeous Susan – would love to find a bed like this to do for myself –
    I’d probably offer to buy if off the customer LMHO
    Can’t wait to see the dresser with it!


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