A Beautiful Update Full Size Bed Frame

I am working two pieces for a client of mine who has already bought several pieces, these will be the last custom pieces I finish before the move. I told her I couldn’t guarantee getting these done (with us moving and everything) but I have been able to work on them a little here and there so I was able to complete them!

This is a very nice sold wood full sized bed with wooden rails. It was in good shape with only a few minor repairs, but it certainly needed a facelift!



My client shows the colors (which make it super easy for me), she chose Annie Sloan’s Old White and Coco, a very pretty combination.


coco and old white painted bed

After cleaning the frame with Formula 409 I painted two coats of Old White then two coats of the Coco.

coco and old white painted bed

I distressed it slightly using 220 grit paper. I used an orbital sander, on low rotation, for the large areas and hand sanded the smaller areas.

coco and old white painted bed

After distressing I applied a coat of Annie Sloan’s clear wax with a cloth, rubbing it in good, then I let it sit overnight. The next day I buffed the bed with 0000 steel wool and then polished it with a soft cloth.

coco and old white painted bed

My client is going to use this in her guest bedroom and I think the color scheme is a lovely neutral which will coordinate with just about anything.

before and after coco and old white painted vintage bed

I’m also painting a chest of drawers for her to go in the same room. It’s super gorgeous and I cannot wait to share it with you!

Hope you like it and as always thanks for stopping by!

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A Little Bit About Finishing Dresser Tops

I had a conversation yesterday with Deb over at Confessions of a Craigslist Junkie about removing laminate from the top of those French dressers from the 60’s-90’s… you know the white slick looking topped ones… well she just painted this gorgeous dresser, top and all, I think it’s lovely the way she painted it, but I also knew that she had the option of staining the top if she had wanted to. I thought I’d share with you a few experiences I’ve had so a little information is coming your way!

The pieces pictured below I wanted to share with you so you could see how I removed the white slick laminate looking top and what I discovered underneath! You see I don’t really think it’s laminate at all, I think it is a type of “paint” or surface that is a specialty coat of some sort, but not laminate, I could TOTALLY be wrong here but you be the judge based on the evidence below… I have 3 examples of mine to share with you…

Here is your typical dresser from the early 80’s. It’s hard to tell in the sunlight but this was most certainly that slick looking white surface.

before french dresser

I sanded it down starting with 100 grit paper, then 150 ultimately finishing with 220. Using my orbital sander I didn’t have to worry about going with the grain of the wood… it just sanded down like any other painted surface and I was left with the top below… amazing right?

refinished striped french dresser top

This is what it looked like after some dark walnut stain and a coat of wax!

refinished striped french dresser top

This is the matching nightstand to the dresser above, same top, same process…


BOOM!! pretty solid wood underneath that gross surface.

refinished striped french nightstand top

All pretty now with a dark walnut stain and a coat of wax.

refinished striped french nightstand top

This one someone had painted the entire piece, but the white slick surface was just underneath this lovely yellow paint. I used the same process as before…

UF French Desk

GORGEOUS solid wood top, stained dark walnut and waxed! I kept this chest because I loved it so much I couldn’t let it go!

refinished striped french dresser top

So next time you walk by one of “those” pieces think about trying to sand down the surface to reveal the beauty beneath! I’m no expert and I’m certainly not saying every piece will turn out like the ones above, but it can’t hurt to try right? That is what I did and I loved the results!

Good luck and go sand something!

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The Bathroom Hutch

We just got back from a lovely time in Louisville, KY house searching and exploring. Louisville is a fabulous place with lots to see and do, everyone was so friendly, I’m getting much more excited about our move to a new city now! Also, we were able to find a house, make an offer and the offer was excepted! So baring any unforeseen complications or a crazy home inspection this will be our new house…


Were very excited about it! It’s not a new house so it will need some updating, major updating in the master bath, but it has great bones. Some of the reasons we chose this house over others were the façade, family space, 10ft basement ceilings, huge master closet and the over 1 acre lot. I think you’ll be seeing more how-to room updates in the future… but right now I have a good furniture update to share with you…

I was going to title this post “why I repainted my bathroom”, while I thought the title was not descriptive enough for the subject matter it was absolutely fitting! You see, after I bought this hutch I decided that it would work perfectly in my bathroom for towels and bath storage. It’s a wonderful vintage piece with old bead board backing, wavy glass and original hardware… seriously what’s not to love? Well it did need a base, so a little construction was in our future, along with bathroom painting!


Vintage Hutch Update

To build the base we first placed the hutch on a 1/2 inch plywood scrap to mark out the base outline.

The Hubster helped me out (not that I couldn’t do this, but someone has to take pictures right?) by jigsawing the base pattern out.

We cut some 2×4’s for the base to elevate it and to be able to attach molding. We attached the 2×4 base to the plywood with glue and nails… I LOVE nailing with my nail gun, sometimes I go a little overboard…

We attached the base to the bottom of the hutch with glue & screws, cut the molding to add to the base and attached the molding with nails to the 2×4’s. Here it is after I had filled the nail holes… I think I went a little crazy with the nail gun again! Embarrassed smile

Adding a base to a vintage hutch

I primed the base and the interior of the hutch so that we had a consistent base color to work with. Also, I was painting the inside with Latex paint so I wanted to ensure that I had NO problems with adhesion.

I painted the inside of the cabinet a white semi-gloss, I really wanted a nice clean looking interior for my towels. For the exterior I used a custom mix of Annie Sloan Chalk Paints 50/50 Florence and Provence. Here it is prior to being distressed, you’ll see that I didn’t tape off the glass, I never do! I just scrape it off with a razor after the fact, it’s faster and easier for me, but I know that may not be the case for everyone.

After I distressed and sealed it with wax it is now all finished up and in it’s place on my huge tub deck…

Functional hutch for bathroom storage

It holds our extra towels and all of my bubbles, it’s just perfect storage and beautiful to look at too!

Functional hutch for bathroom storage

I love the old hardware and wavy glass!

bathroom cabinet update

Even the texture on the sides pop with the new finish.

bathroom cabinet update

I added a basket of lavender that I had harvested and dried, it makes the bathroom smells so nice! The other side of my tub deck is just as big, I’ll show you what I put there in my bathroom post, it’s purely decorative where this hutch is very functional.

Using a hutch cabinet for added bathroom storage

I hope you like my hutch makeover! I’m already trying to figure out where I am going to put this when we move because I’m keeping it for sure!

Have a great day guys!

Until next time…

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Finishing Chalk Paint a New Way

I “discovered” a new way to seal chalk paint, instead of using wax or oil. Will I use this method every time? No, but sometimes the way you typically do things doesn’t work out… For example, this beautiful French chest over chest. Looks good doesn’t it?



Well after a coat of CeCe Caldwell’s clay and chalk paint in Pittsburgh Gray this is what it looked liked after it dried!!! WHAT! I had cleaned it really good what is this that is happening? It was EVERYWHERE too! I fooled around with a few options, but what I found that worked the best for me is Rustoleum’s matte clear spray, this stuff works like a charm for sealing wood so stains don’t show through. In the end it helped even out the paint finish so you didn’t see any of the crap “imperfections”.


I also had this pretty Dixie nightstand, while this is not a matching set to the chest the lines are similar enough that the pieces look great together.

Here they are after a couple of coats of the Pittsburg Gray and sealed with the Rustoleum Matte Clear spray. I used about 2 1/2 cans of the spray and applied 3 coats to both pieces.

French chest and nightstand painted CeCe Caldwell Pittsburg Gray

All of those weird spots just disappeared and the final finish is super smooth too.

French chest painted CeCe Caldwell Pittsburg Gray

I cleaned up all of the original hardware and sprayed it with Krylon Gold, my favorite gold spray paint, I just love the way the handles pop against the dark grey background.

Dixie nightstand painted CeCe Caldwell Pittsburg Gray

A pretty close up…

Refinished chest of drawers

I’m very happy with the final results!

Refinishing painting chest of drawers

Refinishing painting nightstand

I took this set to Orange this morning and while I was there I snatched up this awesome “Richmond” lumbar pillow for my office chair.

Cool pillows at Orange in Carytown

Thanks for visiting, I hope you come back soon!

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A Quick Recap… the Lost Files

Ugh.. well it’s muggy and hot here in Virginia, which is so much fun when you are trying to paint outside! On a personal note my youngest daughter just graduated from 5th grade! As I was sitting in the audience I heard a lady tell her hubby how glad she was brought her tissues… I thought “what a sap”… I had no idea that I would get so emotional and have to work hard to hold back those tears! Seriously you just never know what is going to get to you I guess! Last day of school for her is today… YAY!

Well I think I might have mentioned that I had finished some pieces before Lucketts but I hadn’t had time to write a post on them yet… well here they are! I only had maybe one photo of each piece because I was rushing around like a mad woman and forgetting things too!

I had this set of French armchairs, I had already recovered 2 of them (you can check them out here)


I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVED these chairs! Very feminine and hip, the color looks fuchsia because it is a crappy cell phone pick, it was really more hot pink!!

Refinished uphosltered French chairs script upholstery

And the FABULOUS coordinating back! I hope the young lady who bought these didn’t upset her fiancé too much Winking smile


This was an awesome buffet with a quartz top… super heavy… SO didn’t want to have to bring this home!

We painted it up in Dustin Gulf Green CeCe Caldwell paint. No picture of the inside but I painted the drawer fronts Old White and added label holders to them… they were very cute! The lady who bought this was jumping up and down with her mom when they spotted it, I’m guessing it was perfect for her?!

Painted vintage buffet in Destin Gulf green

This used to be our buffet, I loved it for about 12 years and then I wanted needed something “new”…


This is the best picture I could find! I painted it in Pittsburg Gray CeCe Caldwell paint… yummy! The couple who bought it were so happy it would fit in their car so they could take it home! I’m glad it will find a new home to be loved in!

Painted vintage buffet in Pittsburg gray

These are nice right? Well… cane was in excellent condition, they had nice lines and it was a pair…

I spray primed them white then sprayed them Rustoleum Heirloom White. Made new covers for the seats… BAM! instant update!

Painted cane barrel back chairs

Great vintage washstand, crappy old shelf liner…


One coat of Old White, heavy distressing, top coated it with Watco Danish Oil in Dark Walnut and got this result… I will definitely try that process again! The lady who bought this had the CUTEST baby… I hope she will love this for many years to come!

Painted vintage washstand bar

Cute little bookcase, quick update with French Linen and Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I just loved the details on this piece… I really wanted to keep it!

Painted bookcase in ASCP Old White and French Linen

New construction table, painted with some Oops paint in grey, used Valspar black for the stencil. This was going to be used as a desk for some lucky kid! I think he must have a lot of homework Surprised smile

Painted grey table with stencil

Last but not least the birdcage chandelier… basically I bought a birdcage and chandelier at auction (separately), sprayed the brass chandelier black, the birdcage silver, drilled holes in the chandelier and added some bling… done! A cute couple bought it for their foyer, how fun is that!

Custom made birdcage chandelier

Hope you enjoyed my random pieces!

Until next time!

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Cheery Yellow Rattan Chairs

Oh yay, it’s the first of May! To help celebrate Spring I thought I’d share with you these chairs I just finished… When I first saw these balloon back rattan chairs I knew I wanted to try to update them, give them some perkiness or something!


First I spray primed them, then I sprayed them with Rustoleum’s Summer Squash in a Satin finish. It took almost 4 cans to spray these suckers! Here they are after a little spray paint love…

painted yellow rattan chair

I love this fabric! I bought the fabric first and then found just the right yellow paint to coordinate with it!

rattan yellow and white chair

I bought new foam and made the box cushion covers, with zippers too! It took me FOR-EV-ER to make these covers, but I got it done and I love them!

rattan yellow and white chair

Even though I have these staged outdoors they are not outdoor chairs. They are VERY comfortable and I absolutely loved them setting in my blue and white sunroom… my Hubby doesn’t care for them though Surprised smile I’m guessing he doesn’t like yellow…

Hope you dig them as much as I do!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Making a Table

You may be wondering what I was thinking when bought this table… well it had 2 things going for it…

1-it had great legs

2-it was cheap

I’m not really the kind of DIY’er that buys junky furniture in order to create something new… I WISH I had that skill set, but alas I do not and I truly envy people who do… So this makeover will not be a big “WOW! What a change” but it may spark an idea for you…  think about it, I got a great table base for less than half the cost of a 1 new table leg!

The top of the table is Formica and looked out of place on the base, I knew I wanted something else…



Oh so much better after!

custom pine topped table

My Super Awesome Hubby attached three pine planks together with the biscuit joiner and then routered the edges of the top. I spray primed the legs and then painted them with some leftover custom mix Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I sanded down the top (220 grit paper) and stained it with dark walnut stain.


I just think the square pine plank top looks so much better than the round top on this table. I waxed the top with Annie Sloan Dark Wax, then clear wax, buffed and shined it up!


I lightly distressed the base and sealed the paint with a coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax.


I’m taking this table to Lucketts… I think it will look so cute with my owl print chairs! This table would make a great game table or it’s just the perfect size for a small kitchen.

Thanks as always for stopping by!

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A Buffet Makeover

Well this admission is slightly embarrassing… but I’ve had this buffet chillin’ out in my garage for almost a year! I bought it last year at the Lucketts Spring Market and I was SOOO excited to get it! This buffet was just what I was looking for to replace my current dining room buffet. As with most pieces that are for “me” it sat for quite a while, all forlorn and sad, until I got around to stripping the top… then it sat for another 8 months or so until I picked up where I left off! One of the reasons it sat dejected for so long is that I had found a buffet that looks VERY similar to this one. The “new” buffet has a cabinet in the center instead of drawers, which worked out much better for my storage needs. SO this beauty just sat around patiently until I started back on it last week… you know I was going to take it back to Lucketts!

This buffet is HEAVY, very HEAVY, in great shape, vintage and all that yumminess…



Here is my paint removal setup…

I was removing the paint off the top in hopes that the wood underneath was in good shape! I “love” my heat gun and prefer to remove paint with it instead of chemicals, but it was a slow process… heat up paint, scrape it off, deposit paint scrap into cardboard box… REPEAT a hundred times… but I was determined!

removing paint with heat gun

I removed about 90% of the paint and the rest I removed with my orbital sander. Starting with 150 grit and finishing with 220 grit.


TA DA! Thank goodness the top was in FABULOUS shape! I would have really freaked out been ticked if I had gone through all of that trouble only to discover it was not!

stripped buffet wood top

Rather than repaint the buffet I decided to distress the paint that was there. I really liked the color, sort of an Old Ochre with a touch of green, and it distressed wonderfully. I did decide to paint the side display shelves and for that I chose Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Florence. I thought it would add a great pop of color to the piece!

painted vintage buffet

I stained the top in Dark Walnut, conditioned it with Watco Oil and finished it off with a layer of Annie Sloan Clear Wax. It was just stunning!

staining wood top of buffet

I left the original pulls, but I cleaned them up really good.


I also waxed the cabinet part of the buffet to bring back the shine that the sanding removed, the final finish is smooth feeling but distressed looking!


I had every intention of loading this bad boy onto a truck and taking it to the Lucketts Market this year, but as fate would have it I sold it 2 days after I finished it. I was meeting a new client for a consultation and when she saw the buffet she just loved it! I was sad to see it go, but oh so happy that it went to a great home… and just a LOT little happy that I never had to lift it again!

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time…

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Pretty Red Oak Chest Update

I actually thought this chest was in good shape when I got it… it looks pretty good doesn’t it? Nice shape, curved drawers, oak, well-built… So what if the top drawers are missing veneer… it’s all good I promise!



This is a view from the front of the dresser (drawers have been removed)… there is part of the back and the bottom missing, not a big deal, just need to get the wood and the jigsaw!


While I was getting wood for the back and bottom I also picked up some wood to replace one of the drawer bottoms as well…


Next came the REALLY hard part… what color to paint it? Well I went with Annie Sloan Emperor’s Silk… a very pretty true red which I happen to love on oak… not sure why I just do!

Here it is after 2 coats, nothing much to look at now is it?



Add a little CeCe Caldwell’s clear wax and some elbow grease and you get this stunner!

Red painted vintage oak chest

Look at those drawers now!

Lovely curves too!

Annie Sloan red painted vintage oak chest

Here’s it’s impression of Angelina Jolie… can you see it? Laughing out loud


Not to mention the drop dead gorgeous original pulls, just cleaned them with ammonia!


This little lucky chest did have a lot of repairs, but nothing too difficult , I think it was well worth the final results!


I hope you like the chest… of course think I it’s a stunner now! Wouldn’t it be a great piece for the foyer or maybe an eat in kitchen?

Luckily I had a TON of help from my awesome hubby this weekend, not to mention my aunt came over and “apprenticed” with me a day so I’m REALLY getting a lot done for the Lucketts Market! I’m putting off my sewing pieces I need to get done as I really prefer to do something else, but eventually I need to get on it! However, this weekend was so lovely here in RVA and I did take some time to soak up the sun… which for me means a little burn and a few more freckles Winking smile oh well at least I got a healthy dose of Vitamin D!

Until next time!

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