vintage bathroom hutch

The Bathroom Hutch

We just got back from a lovely time in Louisville, KY house searching and exploring. Louisville is a fabulous place with lots to see and do, everyone was so friendly, I’m getting much more excited about our move to a new city now! Also, we were able to find a house, make an offer and the offer was excepted! So baring any unforeseen complications or a crazy home inspection this will be our new house…


Were very excited about it! It’s not a new house so it will need some updating, major updating in the master bath, but it has great bones. Some of the reasons we chose this house over others were the façade, family space, 10ft basement ceilings, huge master closet and the over 1 acre lot. I think you’ll be seeing more how-to room updates in the future… but right now I have a good furniture update to share with you…

I was going to title this post “why I repainted my bathroom”, while I thought the title was not descriptive enough for the subject matter it was absolutely fitting! You see, after I bought this hutch I decided that it would work perfectly in my bathroom for towels and bath storage. It’s a wonderful vintage piece with old bead board backing, wavy glass and original hardware… seriously what’s not to love? Well it did need a base, so a little construction was in our future, along with bathroom painting!


Vintage Hutch Update

To build the base we first placed the hutch on a 1/2 inch plywood scrap to mark out the base outline.

The Hubster helped me out (not that I couldn’t do this, but someone has to take pictures right?) by jigsawing the base pattern out.

We cut some 2×4’s for the base to elevate it and to be able to attach molding. We attached the 2×4 base to the plywood with glue and nails… I LOVE nailing with my nail gun, sometimes I go a little overboard…

We attached the base to the bottom of the hutch with glue & screws, cut the molding to add to the base and attached the molding with nails to the 2×4’s. Here it is after I had filled the nail holes… I think I went a little crazy with the nail gun again! Embarrassed smile

Adding a base to a vintage hutch

I primed the base and the interior of the hutch so that we had a consistent base color to work with. Also, I was painting the inside with Latex paint so I wanted to ensure that I had NO problems with adhesion.

I painted the inside of the cabinet a white semi-gloss, I really wanted a nice clean looking interior for my towels. For the exterior I used a custom mix of Annie Sloan Chalk Paints 50/50 Florence and Provence. Here it is prior to being distressed, you’ll see that I didn’t tape off the glass, I never do! I just scrape it off with a razor after the fact, it’s faster and easier for me, but I know that may not be the case for everyone.

After I distressed and sealed it with wax it is now all finished up and in it’s place on my huge tub deck…

Functional hutch for bathroom storage

It holds our extra towels and all of my bubbles, it’s just perfect storage and beautiful to look at too!

Functional hutch for bathroom storage

I love the old hardware and wavy glass!

bathroom cabinet update

Even the texture on the sides pop with the new finish.

bathroom cabinet update

I added a basket of lavender that I had harvested and dried, it makes the bathroom smells so nice! The other side of my tub deck is just as big, I’ll show you what I put there in my bathroom post, it’s purely decorative where this hutch is very functional.

Using a hutch cabinet for added bathroom storage

I hope you like my hutch makeover! I’m already trying to figure out where I am going to put this when we move because I’m keeping it for sure!

Have a great day guys!

Until next time…

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  1. What a pretty little hutch! I love the color and rustic finish! … And your new house looks amazing!


  2. OMG. Your new house is beautiful. We need to get together. I can’t make it Sat but Matt’s going. I’m going to miss you guys!

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  3. The cabinet was a nice find! Perfect for what you were looking for. I hope you’ll drop by to see DD2 MBR Redo (#3 at Met Monday).



  4. Love it, what a fabulous piece. Great storage. You new home looks wonderful. I love the exterior, such lovely curb appeal. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty


  5. Susan, let me give you a big CONGRATS! That house is gorgeous (and looks huge!) and I have no doubt you will work wonders with it. I used to live near Louisville, by the way, and it really is an adorable city – I think you’ll be happy there. Love what you did with that bathroom cabinet – great pop o’ color!


  6. This is awesome! Florence and Provence are my two favorite ASCP colors – they look great mixed together! The hutch is beautiful – you did an amazing job!


  7. What a GORGEOUS color – and the perfect amount of distressing – I’m going to have to try that mix – thanks for sharing Susan!


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