I hope you all had some enjoyable weather last week! We had some great 80’s temperatures with very low humidity, it was perfect weather! I started working on this buffet when my hubby left for Kentucky, it hadn’t sold unfinished so I thought I would pretty it up for someone to love. On a more personal note today is the first day of my husband’s new job! I’m very excited for him and I just know he will be so much happier with his new company… but I do miss him terribly and hope our house sells soon so I can join him in KY!

So for me it’s back to work for a while… when I bought this at auction I think they called it a buffet / sideboard, but it’s way too short for that… it is maple and very well built, I think it would make a great TV or game cabinet.


It had this metal edging that was missing on both sides and part of the top, a remnant from think…

The top itself was in pretty rough shape too…

I removed the remaining piece of metal trim and replaced it with a piece of wood molding. The wood molding was wider than the space I had to fill, but after installing it I just sanded it flush with the edge and now it looks perfect!

Vintage console cabinet painted custom blue chalk paint

I call this paint color “Mutt”… it is a mix of all of the custom colors I had small leftovers of, plus a healthy dose of Provence. Most of the colors were Annie Sloan but there were a few CeCe Caldwell colors in there too. It turned out to be a very lovely blue green…

Vintage console cabinet painted custom blue chalk paint

I just cleaned up the original hardware by soaking it overnight in ammonia and it turned out to have a very pretty brass finish

Vintage console cabinet painted custom blue chalk paint

The inside of the cabinet has shelves (the center one does too) and each section is separate from the other. Lots of great storage here!

Vintage console cabinet painted custom blue chalk paint

Even though I’m not sure what the original purpose of this cabinet was I love it’s size and simplicity.

Vintage console cabinet painted custom blue chalk paint

So what do you think of the transformation? I really like it so I am going to take it with me to Louisville in hopes of it working for us in our new sunroom! Any ideas as to what to call this piece? Console table maybe…

Thanks as always for stopping by!

Until next time…

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Domestically Speaking

A Quick Recap… the Lost Files

Ugh.. well it’s muggy and hot here in Virginia, which is so much fun when you are trying to paint outside! On a personal note my youngest daughter just graduated from 5th grade! As I was sitting in the audience I heard a lady tell her hubby how glad she was brought her tissues… I thought “what a sap”… I had no idea that I would get so emotional and have to work hard to hold back those tears! Seriously you just never know what is going to get to you I guess! Last day of school for her is today… YAY!

Well I think I might have mentioned that I had finished some pieces before Lucketts but I hadn’t had time to write a post on them yet… well here they are! I only had maybe one photo of each piece because I was rushing around like a mad woman and forgetting things too!

I had this set of French armchairs, I had already recovered 2 of them (you can check them out here)


I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVED these chairs! Very feminine and hip, the color looks fuchsia because it is a crappy cell phone pick, it was really more hot pink!!

Refinished uphosltered French chairs script upholstery

And the FABULOUS coordinating back! I hope the young lady who bought these didn’t upset her fiancé too much Winking smile


This was an awesome buffet with a quartz top… super heavy… SO didn’t want to have to bring this home!

We painted it up in Dustin Gulf Green CeCe Caldwell paint. No picture of the inside but I painted the drawer fronts Old White and added label holders to them… they were very cute! The lady who bought this was jumping up and down with her mom when they spotted it, I’m guessing it was perfect for her?!

Painted vintage buffet in Destin Gulf green

This used to be our buffet, I loved it for about 12 years and then I wanted needed something “new”…


This is the best picture I could find! I painted it in Pittsburg Gray CeCe Caldwell paint… yummy! The couple who bought it were so happy it would fit in their car so they could take it home! I’m glad it will find a new home to be loved in!

Painted vintage buffet in Pittsburg gray

These are nice right? Well… cane was in excellent condition, they had nice lines and it was a pair…

I spray primed them white then sprayed them Rustoleum Heirloom White. Made new covers for the seats… BAM! instant update!

Painted cane barrel back chairs

Great vintage washstand, crappy old shelf liner…


One coat of Old White, heavy distressing, top coated it with Watco Danish Oil in Dark Walnut and got this result… I will definitely try that process again! The lady who bought this had the CUTEST baby… I hope she will love this for many years to come!

Painted vintage washstand bar

Cute little bookcase, quick update with French Linen and Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I just loved the details on this piece… I really wanted to keep it!

Painted bookcase in ASCP Old White and French Linen

New construction table, painted with some Oops paint in grey, used Valspar black for the stencil. This was going to be used as a desk for some lucky kid! I think he must have a lot of homework Surprised smile

Painted grey table with stencil

Last but not least the birdcage chandelier… basically I bought a birdcage and chandelier at auction (separately), sprayed the brass chandelier black, the birdcage silver, drilled holes in the chandelier and added some bling… done! A cute couple bought it for their foyer, how fun is that!

Custom made birdcage chandelier

Hope you enjoyed my random pieces!

Until next time!

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Cute Side Table Set

I hope you all had a great weekend! Hubby and I took our youngest and her friend to Arts in the Park, which is a wonderful outdoor festival at Dogwood Dell here in Richmond, Va. They have hundreds of vendors selling original art pieces of all kinds… paintings, photography, pottery, jewelry etc. It was so inspiring to see all of that creativity in one space and it is one of my favorite festivals of the year!

But getting back to work… Ok, these table’s aren’t vintage, but I really liked their shape and the glass fronts. They are the perfect petite size for using just about anywhere!



I painted them a reddish coral color by mixing two Annie Sloan Chalk Paints… 1 part Emperor’s Silk to 3 parts Barcelona Orange.

coral painted side table

I very lightly distressed them and sealed them with Annie Sloan clear wax. I removed the knobs and sprayed them with Krylon’s Gold spray.

coral painted side table

I contemplated painting the inside, but in the end just left it as is… which of course you cannot see because of the reflection of our patio in the glass Embarrassed smile

coral painted side table

Don’t these little cuties have a great shape to them? They are such a fabulous color now too!

As always thanks so much for stopping by!

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A Couple of Cute Table Makeovers

Thank goodness we didn’t get any of snow from the big storm that has hit the Northeast… but I feel for those of you who have! Stay safe and keep warm!

These are a couple of little tables that I finished up a few days ago…

I remembered to take a before shot of this one… maybe because it was so hideous I didn’t think you would believe me! It looks like the top Formica but it really is just marbled contact paper, VERY classy!


I was able to peel the contact paper off rather easily, but the glue residue took me a while to remove… I used paint thinner and steel wool to remove the residue and let it dry before I painted it.

Look how cute it is in a fresh new coat of CeCe Caldwell’s Carolina Sunshine Yellow! I just love this yellow, it is so perky and bright! While I wouldn’t paint my walls this color an accent piece in this shade is just fabulous! On a side not check out my Daffodils coming up through the mulch… I’m so excited and ready for Spring!

Yellow painted vintage half moon table

This little table is very similar but I don’t have any “BEFORE” pictures. I did have to remove the veneer on the top and sand it down REALLY good, but structurally it was in good shape.

I wanted to use this one in my oldest daughter’s “new” room so I decided to paint it in Provence Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, this color is still one of my all time favorite colors!

Blue painted half moon table

Now she has a perfect little spot to drop her purse, put on her shoes or have a place for a friend to sit other than her bed…

Painted side table

You can usually find these kind of tables super cheap, I think I got both of these for $10. Most of the time the tables are in bad shape and/or wobbly, if so they are VERY easy to disassemble and fix so don’t pass them up as they can be perfect tables for a small space!

We are keeping the blue one, but the yellow one was sold before I could even get this post written!

Thanks for stopping by as always…

Until next time!

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It’s All About the Legs!

Seriously… it’s almost always the legs of a piece that catches my eye… and this one has a gorgeous set of gams don’t you think?

Where she excels in the legs department her “face” has seen better days… it’s hard to see in this picture but she has a significant crack and missing section of veneer on the top… it’s a tragedy really… just wait until you see…



Oh… I did forget to mention that even though her gams were great they were a tad wobbly (maybe she had a tad to much to drink? Laughing out loud)… I fixed the “wobble” by first removing the top and then disassembling the legs from the side pieces, they were held together with wooden dowels and glue. I sanded the connections then glued and clamped the table back together… the fix worked perfectly… and yes I DID remove the excess glue prior to painting…

Well lets get to groovin ‘cause she’s ready to dance again! Just check her OUT!!!

I painted her in ASCP in Paris Grey with the highlights in Old White… a classic for a beauty like this!


I sanded the top down carefully making sure to be careful with the veneer and mother of pearl inlay… what a beautiful job someone did on this table top!


I lightly distressed the paint and added a coat of Annie Sloan Wax to protect the finish…


The curves and detail on her base really pop with this paint scheme!




Ok… so now for the “bad” part… I couldn’t make the missing veneer or crack disappear, but I couldn’t bring myself to paint over this top! So she has a “beauty” mark…

I stained the top in a mix of Pecan and Special Walnut in order to closely match the sides of the top which I didn’t sand down…


Could YOU have painted over this gorgeousness?


One last look at her in all her glory! She looks pretty happy to me…


So what do you think? Was leaving the top in this condition something you would have done or would you have painted the top? I think I did the right thing for me, but I want to know what the rest of you talented folks would have done…

Thanks for stopping by…

Until next time!

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Little Table Rescued

This little “cutie” was soooo gross when I bought it… it was clearly used for a plant stand and was covered in spider webs and dirt.. YUCK! But can you just imagine how versatile this piece could be?

0717121044a 0717121044

So obviously I sanded down the rough areas and cleaned it up really good before I started painting (yes… inside if you please)


I decided to paint it in Cream Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, just in case my daughter wanted it for her new room as a bedside table (see her dresser here) plus it’s a pretty neutral “happy” color! I also wanted to try my hand at typography so I added a little Shel Silverstein quote that really resonated with me…

I kept the typography process simple, because I really don’t think I can handle anything more complex right now! I just printed out the quote and used transfer paper underneath of the printout and traced the words with a pencil which transferred it to the top of the table (at this point I had already distressed / sanded, but had NOT waxed it)


After I removed the papers I then went over the words with a blue paint pen, it was very easy, even for my not so steady hand!


I liked the blue but it was a little bold for me… so I lightly sanded the words down to make it “scream” at me less… waxed and buffed the table and I was done!


I put it next to the white couch (just to take the pictures) so you could see how yellow this Cream color is… I love it!


This little table would work great as a bedside table, kitchen or even the bathroom!


It’s just the right size to fit almost anywhere!


I am going to sell this piece as my daughter wants use her current bedside tables in her new apartment… I’m a little sad to see it go, but I seriously have NOWHERE for it (just ask my hubby if you don’t believe me Laughing out loud)

Thanks for stopping by… Until next time!!

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A Few Table Tales

These are just a few of the little small tables I have worked on.. some of them I have before shots of… others not at all…

Here is a cute one that I just loved the crossing of the base legs…


Here it is after 3 coats of Advance paint from Benjamin Moore which I had color matched to ASCP Provence. The color match is PERFECT… I chose not to distress it, but I’m not sure if that was the right choice or not… I also thought this paint would be AWESOME based on the reviews I read about it, it was good.. it did a good job of self leveling and I didn’t have to prime, I thought 3 coats was one coat too many.. but maybe I have been spoiled. Anyway, I’m trying out some new options…


The paint did give a VERY smooth top coat.. and of course I just love the Provence color!

This mahogany sofa table was painted white when I bought it. I stripped and sanded the top, stained it Dark Walnut. I put two coats of wax on the top, painted the base in French Linen, distressed, waxed and buffed the entire piece. It is a great sized table.. sorry I got crappy pictures, but I didn’t realize it until after it went to the store!


Cute little side tray table.. this one was a keeper for a while, but I did some rearranging and now I have it for sale..

Before Shot

UF Funky Side Table

Here it is after… I used a Mod Podge transfer technic and a graphic from The Graphics Fairy, the base is painted in a custom blue chalk paint with Old White chalk paint top coat on the top… lots of distressing, wax and buff!


This is an inexpensive table that is a new piece, but I just loved the ornateness of the piece… it HAD to be painted though, it was a little gaudy for my taste…


UF ornate side table

I wanted to be sure to show you that sometimes all you need is a great color spray paint! I just sprayed the cabinet with a coat of primer then a couple of coats of Rustoleum green paint. I also removed the hardware and sprayed it white… I don’t usually spray items but this one was asking for it Winking smile … I love this color green and what a great pop for the foyer!


F Green Table1

Here is another cutie I scored for SUPER cheap..um.. like $10 super cheap… it’s a long story that is really only funny to me and one other person, but lets just say sometimes it’s how I got it and how little I paid it for that makes me the most excited about a piece!

Before (sort of)

UF French Bedside Table

So I had already stripped (sanded) the top.. the whole thing was painted white, with quite a few drips, but it was it GREAT solid wood condition.. LOVING it! I painted a few areas with Paris Grey and then all over with Old White.. distressed, sanded, waxed etc.. I stained the top Dark Walnut and a couple of coats of poly…


F Bside Table

One last table for you!

This coffee table was in excellent condition, it just needed to be updated! I loved the cross base that you see through the glass!

UF Oval Coffee Table

Here it is after a coat of custom blue chalk paint. I also stripped the original finish from the top and stained it dark walnut.

F Oval Coffee Table

Hope you enjoyed checking out some of the tables I have finished! For me tables are the easiest to do… the hardest for me is ladder back chairs! What about you?

Thanks for stooping by, until next time.. stay cool!

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