Three Tiered Pie Crust Table

I picked up this slightly damaged 3 tiered pie crust table recently… it’s bigger than it looks… it’s 42.5” tall x 26.5” at it’s widest. I think it could be used in all sorts of ways… but not looking like this!



I began by fixing the two damaged side walls with Minwax Wood filler… let me tell you this is some cool stuff! It’s a two-part system when mixed together becomes similar to the consistency of silly putty (it smells pretty bad though). I just built the side wall up with this filler and let it dry.


After it dried I used a putty knife and scooped and shaped it as best as I could and then sanded the area down to give it a smooth shape. While it is not perfect it is a very good fix and it is hard to see once it is painted.


Even though I knew I was going to use Chalk Paint on this piece I did prime it first… why? Well two reasons, one because I did repairs and I wanted them primed and two it’s mahogany and I have lightly sanded areas of it so the likelihood of bleed through is very high… I have learned this lesson the hard way and now I either prime or spray shellac any mahogany piece that has sanded areas…

This is primed with a grey tinted Kilz primer I had on hand…


I also wanted to show you how little Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I used on this project. I used 1 1/2 coats on the entire table, not including the underside… So about a little less than 1/2 an inch of paint was used… I think that’s pretty hard to beat!


Before After

Here it is all finished up! I lightly distressed it and used a top coat of Minwax paste wax to protect the surface. I think the Greek Blue chalk paint was the right choice! The light-colored “spots” you see is dappled sunlight filtering through the tree… it was a bright sunny morning!


Beautiful fluted center posts…


You can see some of the grey primer peaking through too…


Here are my two repairs… I think they blend in beautifully…

DSC_0034 DSC_0035

One last look…


I know this might seem unconventional but I think this would be a great stand for kid’s toys. My daughter likes to see all of her houses and things she builds and I can just see how well this would work in a room holding those kinds of things, her stuffed animals or even some of her bazillion Littlest PetShop animals! Anyway I’m not keeping it… so maybe someone else can find something cool to display on it!

I’m sooo looking forward to Fall!!!

Thanks for stopping by… Until next time!

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