A Couple of Nightstands

These were some crazy ugly, dirty nightstands when I got my hands on them! Don’t you worry though… they cleaned up quite nicely!

This one is pine and VERY beat up… I hope no one was using this in their house!


Isn’t it so cute now? I cleaned it up, sanded it down and painted it a cheery yellow… CeCe Caldwell’s Carolina Sun Yellow to be precise… believe it or not it only took two coats and no primer!

CeCe Caldwell Carolina Sun Yellow painted nightstand

Also, it was waxed with CeCe’s clear wax after it was lightly sanded…

I think this would make a great nightstand or even a side table! Just such a pretty, happy color!

I can’t wait for my Hyacinth to open up!

Yellow painted pine nightstand

Here is “ugly” nightstand number 2! It was missing some of the wood plugs for the screw holes, had lots of scratches and was also filthy!


I changed out the original hole plugs for flat head plugs. I glued the plugs into the holes and sanded them flat with the wood. I cleaned it up and sanded it down where necessary…

I first painted it with the Carolina Sun Yellow as well, but then sprayed it with a top coat of Rustoleum’s Aubergine, a gorgeous purple! I lightly distressed it to allow the yellow to peek through and then applied wax and buffed!

Purple painted nightstand

I happen to think it looks awesome! The handle looks so much better painted in Chrome!

painted oak nightstand

For a while I was having a hard time sourcing nightstands, all of the sudden I am finding tons of them! Not sure what is going on… maybe some good Spring cleaning?

Anyway, thanks for stopping by as always!

Until next time!

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  1. Great nightstands, I especially love the yellow one. I have been wanting to try CeCe’s CP…this may just be the inspiration I needed!


    Char @ His & Her Restoration


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