I hope you all had some enjoyable weather last week! We had some great 80’s temperatures with very low humidity, it was perfect weather! I started working on this buffet when my hubby left for Kentucky, it hadn’t sold unfinished so I thought I would pretty it up for someone to love. On a more personal note today is the first day of my husband’s new job! I’m very excited for him and I just know he will be so much happier with his new company… but I do miss him terribly and hope our house sells soon so I can join him in KY!

So for me it’s back to work for a while… when I bought this at auction I think they called it a buffet / sideboard, but it’s way too short for that… it is maple and very well built, I think it would make a great TV or game cabinet.


It had this metal edging that was missing on both sides and part of the top, a remnant from think…

The top itself was in pretty rough shape too…

I removed the remaining piece of metal trim and replaced it with a piece of wood molding. The wood molding was wider than the space I had to fill, but after installing it I just sanded it flush with the edge and now it looks perfect!

Vintage console cabinet painted custom blue chalk paint

I call this paint color “Mutt”… it is a mix of all of the custom colors I had small leftovers of, plus a healthy dose of Provence. Most of the colors were Annie Sloan but there were a few CeCe Caldwell colors in there too. It turned out to be a very lovely blue green…

Vintage console cabinet painted custom blue chalk paint

I just cleaned up the original hardware by soaking it overnight in ammonia and it turned out to have a very pretty brass finish

Vintage console cabinet painted custom blue chalk paint

The inside of the cabinet has shelves (the center one does too) and each section is separate from the other. Lots of great storage here!

Vintage console cabinet painted custom blue chalk paint

Even though I’m not sure what the original purpose of this cabinet was I love it’s size and simplicity.

Vintage console cabinet painted custom blue chalk paint

So what do you think of the transformation? I really like it so I am going to take it with me to Louisville in hopes of it working for us in our new sunroom! Any ideas as to what to call this piece? Console table maybe…

Thanks as always for stopping by!

Until next time…

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Finishing Chalk Paint a New Way

I “discovered” a new way to seal chalk paint, instead of using wax or oil. Will I use this method every time? No, but sometimes the way you typically do things doesn’t work out… For example, this beautiful French chest over chest. Looks good doesn’t it?



Well after a coat of CeCe Caldwell’s clay and chalk paint in Pittsburgh Gray this is what it looked liked after it dried!!! WHAT! I had cleaned it really good what is this that is happening? It was EVERYWHERE too! I fooled around with a few options, but what I found that worked the best for me is Rustoleum’s matte clear spray, this stuff works like a charm for sealing wood so stains don’t show through. In the end it helped even out the paint finish so you didn’t see any of the crap “imperfections”.


I also had this pretty Dixie nightstand, while this is not a matching set to the chest the lines are similar enough that the pieces look great together.

Here they are after a couple of coats of the Pittsburg Gray and sealed with the Rustoleum Matte Clear spray. I used about 2 1/2 cans of the spray and applied 3 coats to both pieces.

French chest and nightstand painted CeCe Caldwell Pittsburg Gray

All of those weird spots just disappeared and the final finish is super smooth too.

French chest painted CeCe Caldwell Pittsburg Gray

I cleaned up all of the original hardware and sprayed it with Krylon Gold, my favorite gold spray paint, I just love the way the handles pop against the dark grey background.

Dixie nightstand painted CeCe Caldwell Pittsburg Gray

A pretty close up…

Refinished chest of drawers

I’m very happy with the final results!

Refinishing painting chest of drawers

Refinishing painting nightstand

I took this set to Orange this morning and while I was there I snatched up this awesome “Richmond” lumbar pillow for my office chair.

Cool pillows at Orange in Carytown

Thanks for visiting, I hope you come back soon!

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The Making Of A Bench Or Two

If you happen to have read my post a couple of weeks ago you’ll know my Hubby and I were making benches, well really it was just him but I cheered him on! A few weeks ago I had purchased an antique 3/4 walnut bed and decided to convert the bed into two benches. We were able to make two benches instead of one because we used the original wood side rails as the sides of the bench instead of the footboard, it worked like a charm!

Bench in process…

Here Hubby has setup the boards to determine spacing and length.

After the benches were all put together and painted this is what they look like now!

bench from vintage bed

I painted them with some fabulous Valspar paint & primer in one, this stuff had great coverage. I don’t know the color because it was an “oops” paint, but I’m calling it Coastal Blue!


I painted the accent pieces in Nantucket Spray by CeCe Caldwell, it’s a super light blue/green color and a great accent color for the blue.


Here is the footboard bench…


We didn’t want to go through the trouble of either moving around the wood onlay or changing the setup of the base, so the back is the more decorative of the two sides, which would work great if it is not used up against a wall.


This wasn’t too difficult of a project, we just had to spend some time thinking about how we wanted it all to come together. Also, we made them nice and deep so they would work perfectly with pillows on the back, which of course I seemed to have NONE that I could use to stage these shots!

As always thanks so much for stopping by!

Until next time!

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Yellow and Gold Sofa Table

This is your basic Queen Anne style sofa table… kind of boring isn’t it? This particular one was all kinds of scratched up on the top and was missing one of the handle pulls… not too bad but not good either!


I picked up a new-to-me CeCe Caldwell paint color, this one is Johnston Daffodil… a soft, pale yellow… and very pretty! I know in the pictures it seems more off white, but trust me it’s yellow!


Painted sofa table Daffodil yellow

After sanding the scratches off of the top I painted it with 2 coats of Daffodil and VERY lightly distressed it.


I taped off the stripe pattern with painters tape and sprayed the top with the same Krylon Gold paint that I used on the “new” handles… I then sprayed the top with Rustoleum’s clear matte spray, otherwise the gold paint would bleed when I waxed it. After the clear coat was dry I waxed the whole table with ASCP Clear Wax and buffed.

Painting gold stripes on sofa table

I just love the way the gold stripes help the piece feel more modern, maybe even gives the old Queen an edgier feel… either way I LOVE the stripes!


I think this is a great sofa table or console table, hopefully it will find the perfect “new” home!

Hope you like it!

Thanks for stopping by…

Until next time!

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A Couple of Nightstands

These were some crazy ugly, dirty nightstands when I got my hands on them! Don’t you worry though… they cleaned up quite nicely!

This one is pine and VERY beat up… I hope no one was using this in their house!


Isn’t it so cute now? I cleaned it up, sanded it down and painted it a cheery yellow… CeCe Caldwell’s Carolina Sun Yellow to be precise… believe it or not it only took two coats and no primer!

CeCe Caldwell Carolina Sun Yellow painted nightstand

Also, it was waxed with CeCe’s clear wax after it was lightly sanded…

I think this would make a great nightstand or even a side table! Just such a pretty, happy color!

I can’t wait for my Hyacinth to open up!

Yellow painted pine nightstand

Here is “ugly” nightstand number 2! It was missing some of the wood plugs for the screw holes, had lots of scratches and was also filthy!


I changed out the original hole plugs for flat head plugs. I glued the plugs into the holes and sanded them flat with the wood. I cleaned it up and sanded it down where necessary…

I first painted it with the Carolina Sun Yellow as well, but then sprayed it with a top coat of Rustoleum’s Aubergine, a gorgeous purple! I lightly distressed it to allow the yellow to peek through and then applied wax and buffed!

Purple painted nightstand

I happen to think it looks awesome! The handle looks so much better painted in Chrome!

painted oak nightstand

For a while I was having a hard time sourcing nightstands, all of the sudden I am finding tons of them! Not sure what is going on… maybe some good Spring cleaning?

Anyway, thanks for stopping by as always!

Until next time!

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A Bed to Match the Dresser

This is the beautiful full bed that will be for my youngest client, to coordinate with her dresser that I also painted… Yes, this is Victorian and the dresser is French Provincial but paint is going to make everything jive together perfectly I promise!

My friend Gail and I picked this up off of Craig’s List a couple of month’s back… great price and in very good condition. Gail knew she wanted me to paint it, but was leaving the color choice up to her daughter… we both agreed that was wise move Laughing out loud


I painted it the same mix as the dresser, equal parts Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Greek Blue, Pure White and CeCe Caldwell’s Spring Green. I painted the wood medallions and grooves in Pure White… so pretty… a little tedious both worth the extra time!

Green painted custom Victorian bed

I distressed it, sealed it with Annie Sloan clear wax, buffed it with 0000 steel wool and then polished it with a soft cloth… it is super smooth!

Custom green Annie Sloan Chalk Painted bed

I haven’t done ANY Easter decorating, but I have this great bunny iron card holder that I just love… it’s always out, so I didn’t have to do much, just take the picture Winking smile I did pick up some jelly beans for the Easter baskets today, I hope they make it to Easter…

DSC_0042 (2)

I can’t wait to see the room all setup and decorated, I think it will be just gorgeous!

Hope you enjoyed the bed makeover! Sorry it wasn’t setup, but I didn’t have the rails!

I wish Spring would hurry up and get here already, I need some 60+ degree days!

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time!

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Vintage Dining Table Refinishing Tutorial

I probably shouldn’t have titled this a tutorial, maybe it’s more of a “this is how I do it” walk through… Either way I’ve had this table for about a year and a half (totally ridiculous)… I think I was a little intimidated by the amount of work involved… but better late than never right?

I took a fair amount of pictures throughout the process of refinishing this dining table so I thought I could share the steps with you, just in case someone is interested… so here it goes!

Step one…

Start out with a great vintage table (that’s the easiest part)…



Step two: Repair structural issues

We removed the top in order to fix the bad repairs that the last owners did…

We removed the top layer of added wood (which was visible on the outer edge of the table) and then the original wood side supports. The original side supports had to be replaced due to damage that was effecting the stability. My SAH cut and routered the inside edges of the new pine boards in order for the wood cross braces to join in as they were originally made to do… I was VERY impressed, they were a perfect fit!

(Underneath BEFORE)

I removed a leg that was repaired badly at some point before I bought the table. I sanded & cleaned the connection points of the leg and used Gorilla Glue and a frame clamp to attach the leg back to the base. The frame clamp was long enough to wrap around the entire base and I let the piece set overnight…

Step Four: Refinish Top

I stripped the top with CitriStrip and cleaned the residue off with 000 steel wool and Low Odor Mineral spirits. I let the top dry for a day or so and then sanded it with an orbital sander using first 150 grit sandpaper then finishing with 220 grit. The top is NEVER going to be perfect, but I did the best I could with what was there…

Step Five: Paint base

After cleaning the base with Formula 409 we painted it in two coats CeCe Caldwell’s Smoky Mountain Grey… a beautiful blue grey color!

refinishing dining table

Step Five: Stain Top

I applied the Kona stain with a soft cloth, applying with the grain, and let the stain soak in for about 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes I wiped the table down several times with paper towels removing all of the excess stain. Then I waited… a couple of days to ensure it was completely dry… the garage is cold, if it was a warm day I would have only waited 24 hours. If you add wax or a top coat before the top is completely dry the top product can pull up some of the stain and leave the piece blotchy… word to the wise!

refinished dining table

This is one of my favorite products… Watco Danish Oil, I especially like to use it on old dried out wood as it rejuvenates the wood and gives a beautiful finish. I have used it both as a finish coat and as a base coat for wax…

applying oil to table top

Step Six: Apply Top coat

The oil is just applied with a paper towel in the direction of the grain. See how the shine is amazing compared with the un-oiled left side?

oiled dining room table top

Here it is completely coated… and I wait again… patience is a virtue right? I wiped it off after 15 minutes.

refinishing tutorial

Step Seven:

Apply coat of dark wax, applying with the grain, buff with 0000 steel wool and shine with a soft cloth.

Here it is all finished (thank goodness!)

Painted vintage table and chairs

I distressed all of the paint and applied CeCe Caldwell’s clear wax to the painted parts. We then buffed the table with 0000 steel wool and a soft cloth.

Grey painted dining table and chairs

This is what the chairs looked like originally…

I painted them the same Smoky Mountain Grey, distressed, waxed and buffed them all. I removed the old fabric from the cushions, added some new batting and recovered them is this pretty grey and white trellis patterned fabric.


Oh how I LOVE the look of all of these legs / columns… but I REALLY disliked painting them all!


I have this set staged in my basement kitchenette area because honestly I was just too lazy to move it all outside and back in again Embarrassed smile


So I am hoping that this is the last table and chair set I do for a little while, although I know I have another one to do for a client but she doesn’t need it done until November.. WHEW!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time…

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My Youngest Client and Her Vintage Furniture

My youngest client so far is a 10 year old girl, one of a set of TRIPLET girls if you can just imagine that! She is one of my daughter’s closests friends and she just loved the French bedroom set we painted for Brie. As she was in the market for a new bedroom set she and her mother decided that this little “gem” of a dresser would be perfect! The dresser was shoved back behind a bunch of other furniture, patiently waiting its turn, so they really couldn’t get a good look at it… which turned out to be a good thing…

This dresser was FAR from perfect, it was extremely dirty, it looked like someone had started a refinishing process on the top and had just given up and some of the drawers were in need of repair… sounds like fun right… not so much… thank goodness the dresser is well made, has a wonderful shape and all the handles are present and accounted for!


The top that appears to have been stripped…

I first removed all of the hardware, sanded down the uneven paint finish and repaired the drawers that needed to be repaired. I painted the top with a coat of Kilz to even up the finish and remove the possibility of any of the remaining stains bleeding through the final finish.

I soaked the FILTHY hardware in a solution of 3/4 cup ammonia and 1/4 cup hot tap water in order to remove all of the buildup and finish… I let them soak overnight…



My client had a VERY specific color in mind so I worked up a few samples for her to choose from and luckily she found one she liked! It is an equal parts mix of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Pure White & Greek Blue and CeCe Caldwell’s Spring Hill Green… so YUMMY!


Blue Green Painted French Dresser Annie Sloan and CeCe Caldwell

I am in LOVE with this beautiful shade of blue-green… I think it could make both a blue and green lover happy!


Just the right amount of distressing and a nice top coat of Annie Sloan clear wax.

Blue Green Painted French Dresser Annie Sloan and CeCe Caldwell

Also, because some of the drawers were pretty gross I cleaned them, sanded them where necessary and primed them with a coat of Kilz. I then painted the drawers with a can of “oops” paint from Lowe’s, it just happened to coordinate perfectly with the chalk paint!


I sprayed the handles with Rustoleum’s Chrome spray paint… How great do they look now!?

Chrome painted drawer pulls handles

I am also painting a bed for her in the same shade… I’m pretty sure she will love her new furniture and she will become a vintage furniture lover for life! Maybe that’s the key… get them hooked on quality vintage furniture while they are still young Winking smile

I seriously hope you liked this makeover as much as I do… I think this is going to be my new favorite color!

Thank you for all of the great comments week after week, I love hearing from you!

Until next time…

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Vintage Marble Topped Washstand

This is a great Eastlake style “washstand” with a marble top and original wood wheels… it is one of those pieces that I think would be a great accent piece in so many different places in the home.

The cabinet had previously been painted yellow, was missing a knob and the inside of the drawers were in pretty bad shape.



I sanded down the inside and outside of all of the drawers and then conditioned the wood with Hemp oil. I painted the cabinet with CeCe Caldwell’s Pittsburgh Gray… it’s such a soft beautiful gray!


Pittsburgh Gray painted washstand with marble top

I distressed it with warm water and a scrub sponge… I love how the yellow peeks through the grey now! I used CeCe Caldwell’s clear wax to seal the paint… let me tell you this wax is WONDERFUL to work with!


The door knob is original because it has a special mechanism on the back of it that allows the door to self latch with the knob… it’s pretty cool and I have never seen anything like it!


I did replace the knobs with antique brushed nickel cup pulls…


I also painted the inside of the cabinet yellow with some Restoration Hardware paint I seem to have a TON of! The inside just HAD to be painted, it just didn’t look good at all!


Among other uses for this piece I think it would make a great coffee,tea or wine bar!

Pittsburgh Gray painted washstand with marble top

I just HAD to show you this cute silver tea set I picked up at an auction a few months back… I just love the bird and flower finials, so unique!


I hope you like the update I did on this cabinet! I certainly think it looks sooo much better and I am really loving the Pittsburgh Gray!

As always thanks for stopping by…

Until next time!

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