installing wood planks on walls

Installing Wood Planking in the Bathroom

My Super Awesome Hubby (SAH) and I had a little “fun” over the holidays… well to tell the truth it was not fun, but I’m smitten with the (almost) final results so I guess it was all worth it! I’m dividing the post into two parts because I’m not quite done yet…

Our youngest and oldest daughter share a Jack and Jill bathroom (see red outlined area on the plans below) which means they each have their own vanity space but they share a tub and toilet area which is connected. This setup works exceptionally well for children with similar habits, as in messy kids with messy kids, clean kids with clean kids… these are the 2 clean ones… well mostly clean anyway Winking smile

jack and jill bathroom plans

The bathroom was wallpapered, the paper wasn’t bad just not for us, so it had to go!

outdated bathroom makeover

So Sierra (our eldest) and I took it down (hey she volunteered I promise)!!  It came down SUPER fast, in full sheets, with minimal effort… how lucky can you get right?

wallpaper removal

I had originally planned on just painting the walls but then I remembered this bathroom (check it out on my Pinterest page) I fell in love with the design and I wanted to replicate it in my own home…

So here we go!

First we bought about 12 packages of these EverTrue V Groove pine wood planks & 4 packages of EverTrue Wainscot from Lowes. We also picked up some crown molding & small chair rail piece to finish off the look. In case you are interested we spent roughly $450 for everything this project.

Hubby cut the boards to size and I installed them one by one leveling each board or every other board depending on how accurate or lazy I was feeling at the time, but mostly it was every board.

leveling tongue and grove boards

I would not have even attempted to do this project if we didn’t have a nail gun! I attached each board to the wall with a dab of Power Grab and a couple of nails. I had marked the stud locations using a stud finder and a level… these boards are NOT coming off of these walls!

nailing tongue and grove boards

After installing all of the horizontal planks I then installed the vertical tongue and groove boards. I placed the nails in such a way that the crown molding and chair rail would cover them so I didn’t need to fill those holes… a small time saver!

installing wood planks on walls

I was filling holes and caulking while Hubby was measuring and cutting… the process worked out very well for us and went pretty fast in the vanity areas.

installing wood planks on walls

Because the boards are so thin we were able to slip them behind the toilet without having to remove it… SCORE!! By the way I filled all of the holes with vinyl wall spackle, it sands smooth, leave no identifiable hole, dried super fast and was very easy to work with. I think I got a little nail happy on these boards… yikes!

installing wood planks on walls

We used the jigsaw to make cuts around light switches and other obstructions and here we cutout for the showerhead and then glued the piece back in… worked like a charm!

Also you can see here that I filled all of the grooves (shower area only) with caulk, a preventative measure in case moisture gets up there, I don’t want it to get behind the boards and cause problems.

installing wood planks on walls

Now you should see a clearer picture of where this is all going! We installed crown (no instructions because we are SOOO not qualified to give them, this was a bear) and the small chair rail. I caulked where the crown met the ceiling and where the chair rail met the horizontal boards, but not where they met the bead board… I don’t like the way that caulk fills the grooves on the bead board. The corners, interior and exterior, get caulked as well… I was caulking for a LONG time!

installing wood planks on walls

So we are well past the halfway point but not yet finished…

I almost forgot… we have framed the mirrors and changed out the globes as well.

installing wood planks on walls

The going is a little slower than anticipated due to some carpal tunnel problems with my right hand / wrist and I am clearly unable to paint very well with my left which seems ridiculous but true!

I’m hoping to wrap up the wall painting this weekend. If you are interested I would say this project is a solid 2 out of 5 on the skill level, the most difficult cuts being the miter ones, but it is rather time consuming so keep that in mind!

I’d love to hear what you think of the space so far… I love reading your comments!

Thanks for stopping by…

Until next time!

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  1. I…. am…. in….. AWE!!! you are Wonder Woman!! well, Wonder Couple, i guess — 2 thumbs-up for an amazing job! i love seeing your projects, you sure hit the ground running with your move! can’t wait to see the finished product!! happy new year, stephanie in rva


  2. I’m loving this! Does your hubby cheerily go along with these projects? Mine usually looks at me like he wants to chop me into little bits when I suggest doing something that requires his help (a.k.a he has to do most of the work). Just wondering… 🙂

    Happy 2014!



  3. Hey Susan, this looks so good! I really want to put wood planks in my bathroom near to a cast iron bath and on another wall but I am worried about it standing the test of time with water, steam etc. Are you painting yours with a particular paint? Any advice is greatly appreciated!! Jenna


    1. Thanks so much Jenna! Here are my suggestions, bring the wood inside to acclimate to the house before cutting or installing, prime the wood before painting and use an oil based paint. I almost used oil based paint in the shower area but decided that there was no need because of the tub surround being so high. Oil base is not fun to use but it’s the best for that application I think. Hope this helps, good luck with your project!


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