Grey family room

Progress but no completion

Happy new year everyone!!! Did you miss me?? OK… so it TOTALLY may look like I am being slack because I’m not posting anything, but I promise I am working on the house… I’m just not finishing anything!!!

However I will share with you some of my work in progress and maybe some super good excuses as to why they are not complete!

First off we have completed painting the walls and ceiling in the dining room…

Navy blue dining room

I have no rug and no art work for the long wall pictured… I have ideas and I am looking but I haven’t found what I want yet so this one may be a while before it’s done. However having said that I am SUPER happy with the navy blue walls in here, they really are gorgeous!

The Family Room is mostly done, I just have to do something to one of the pieces in here to mark it off the list…

Grey family room

The powder room… well that would have been done, my mom brought the sink and marble countertop to me from Richmond, but they sent the wrong size sink… ARGH… of course my SAH had already removed the old sink before we realized this…

Grey powder room

So… we are washing our hands in the kitchen until the sink gets here… hopefully soon.

I’m also contemplating this wall in the powder room… I love it, but I can’t decide whether to stencil the whole room or leave just this one wall… I feel like it might look like I was being lazy, but this seriously took me a long time and was quite a pain. What do you think?

woodland stencil on powder room wall

Also over winter break we started another project (which was TOTALLY not planned) but I am more than thrilled with the results so far. We removed all of the wallpaper in the girls Jack & Jill bathroom and started installing wood paneling and custom mirror frames.

I have finished one coat of paint on both vanity areas, but the bath area looks like this…

wood paneling in bathroom

and this…

installing wood paneling in bathroom

Brie says it looks like a sauna, which it does, but it won’t when it’s compete… I cannot wait to show you the finial results!!!

The plan is to finish the paneling this weekend and I hope to finish painting as well. I have a lot of sanding and caulking to do first… not to mention I am planning on painting the vanities too, maybe that will be phase 2…

I am hoping to share some finished areas soon, maybe we’ll get lucky and our sink will come in this weekend!

Hope you all had a great new year and as always thanks for stopping by!

Until next time!

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  1. Love, love, love what you have done so far! I especially love your dining room progress. I, too, have been lax with my updates due to unfinished projects. Nature of the beast! 🙂


  2. Gorgeous color in the dining room, Susan! I love it! Look beautiful with your white wainscoting below!


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