Master Bedroom Remodel

Master Bedroom Complete, YAY!!

Just typing that the master bedroom is complete makes me smile! It’s been a L-O-N-G five month journey and to finally be able to check this renovation off of the list feels pretty damn good. I know some of you may be thinking “jez why did it take her 5 months to finish a master bedroom remodel” and you’d be totally right to think that, but the MB was just part of the renovation which also included the upstairs hall, master bathroom and closet. The renovation of the bedroom included replacing the carpet with wood flooring, reinstalling the baseboards and adding shoe molding, painting the walls, painting the trey ceiling, adding a chandelier, moving and installing a new HVAC thermostat to the room, making Roman shades and replacing the blinds. Some of the projects were easy (painting walls) some of them not so easy (replacing the flooring), but I’ll share with you the before and after so you can see the progress we’ve made!

This the room prior to us moving in, very vanilla and those SUPER heavy brown/gold drapes were just disgusting (although very well made 13 years ago) and they had to go! I’m also not a fan of a ceiling fan, I have allergies and the damn things just move dust around and dry me out, so I knew the fan was going and soon…

master bedroom before

This is how we had the room setup for a time, it just felt too cluttered and full to me, I think I am really leaning toward a more simple feel. Plus after moving this last time I really would prefer to have less “stuff”. Also, it’s hard to see, but that carpet was N-A-S-T-Y, even though we had it professionally cleaned it was 13 years old and on it’s last legs as well.

master bedroom before

Does this wall look familiar to any of you? Maybe you have one (or two) at home as well? That’s 6 different samples of paint colors… it took us forever to agree on a color. My Hubby likes more blue whereas I would have preferred more grey, he won this round in case you’re wondering Sarcastic smile

choosing paint colors for the master bedroom

This next photo is my favorite part of the room, the painted trey ceiling, I was concerned that it would be too dark, but it’s perfect! The color is the same as we painted our dining room (Benjamin Moore Old Navy) and it’s a perfect dark navy blue. At night with the chandelier dimmed it’s very romantic… The chandelier is from Home Depot and the bronze color works perfectly with our bedroom furniture… and it has just the right amount of bling.

Navy Blue painted trey ceiling in the master bedroom

My view from the bed… I had a hard time getting this picture without the dogs trying to photo bomb wondering why mom got back in bed…

The walls are painted Benjamin Moore Stonington Grey, which does pull more to the cool side of grey, sometimes it will look more purple than blue.

Navy Blue painted trey ceiling in the master bedroom

It’s overcast outside today, but I got a break in the clouds just long enough to get some natural light in! Can you see those gorgeous wood floors? Man do I love them!

Master bedroom remodel / renovation

And I found the perfect spot for my Craig’s List chair score! The rug we picked up from the Ballard Design outlet store for less that $300! Did you know there is a Ballard Outlet near the Ikea in Cincinnati, which is only 1.5 hours away from Louisville? If you can you should check it out, it has awesome deals!!! Master bedroom remodel / renovation

I really didn’t want a rug at all (again with my stupid allergies), but our Weimaraner was sliding all over the floors and click-clacking on them at night walking around so this purchase was basically for him and also so I didn’t kill him… seriously this face!

Weimaraner face

I did make the Roman Shades, I don’t have a tutorial to share as they are a little jacked up, but they look pretty good right? The are outside mount and lined with blackout fabric, I basically never pull them up as I like my bedroom as dark as possible when I sleep. The fabric is Dwell Studio “Pantheon-Admiral” in I just adore it!

I also replaced the old blinds with these bamboo ones. I really love the filtered light and view I get when these are down during the day.

Custom Roman shades Dwell Studio Pantheon

Master bedroom remodel renovation

So now back to the bathroom remodel… we’re in sort of a holding pattern waiting for the marble to become available for us to choose for the vanities and shower curb. However I am starting to put my clothes back into the closet/dressing room so that’s super exciting and I’ll share some pictures with you soon!

Thanks as always for stopping by…

Until next time!


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  1. Your bedroom looks beautiful Susan. I just wish the bedrooms in our Villa in Spain was as big – they are way way too small. I’m in the middle of re-decorating (renovating) our bedroom, but unfortunately we don’t have much space and I love furniture too 🙂


  2. Wow!! Quite the transformation! I think you’re bed would look stunning on the large wall, swapped with the two chairs. Or won’t it fit with the dresser?


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