Guest Bedroom Remodel & Our New Floors

Of course this is one of the rooms that I had no photo for! I’ve been using the original listing photos for the house to show you what it looked like when we purchased it, but I’ll give you an idea… it looked like the office (seen below) except for the window faces the backyard. Same beige carpet, same beige walls… this whole house lacked color and personality… which I KNOW realtors tell you that is what people want, but it is not what we want!

“Professionally” staged to sell office


So we JUST finished having all of the flooring replaced downstairs and in the upstairs hall and I am SO beyond happy with our flooring choice! We went through a ton of samples, got a lot of professional advice about the best flooring for our area (engineered due to beach area) and got three estimates for the work, we did our homework and it took months but it was worth it for us!

 The top photo is of the flooring that was installed originally in the foyer & kitchen, you can see how much the floor had darkened from the original color as the light part of the floor was actually under the kitchen cabinets. The bottom right photo is of all of the small samples we ordered (we had some large planks we borrowed as well throughout the process) and the bottom left were the 2 finalist, we ended up choosing the top one in that photo, which is Brazilian Ash Atelier by Triangulo, it is 7 1/2″ wide & has a 3mm wear layer which will allow it to be refinished 2-3 times if necessary.

Guest Bedroom

So my hubby and I (mostly me this time though) removed all of the carpet, padding, wood flooring, staples etc. and thoroughly/obsessively checked and repaired the sub-floors for squeaks or problems prior to the installers coming… I will not lie this was a little bit of a pain in the ass, but we saved about $1,500 on the overall job which wasn’t too bad!

Guest Bedroom1

I was smart enough to paint the bedroom (and inside the closet) prior to the floors being installed which allowed me to be less careful than usual. The color is the same as we painted in our Family Room and Guest Bathroom, Penthouse by Benjamin Moore, I adore this color as it is so soft and spa like and depending on the light will look, green, blue/green or gray.

Guest Bedroom3

I went with a blue/grey/green color scheme which suits us perfectly and quite honestly allows us to move accessories around throughout the house if need be.

Guest Bedroom2

Guest Bedroom4

Guest Bedroom5

The photo above looks pretty darn close to me as what it looks like in person.

Guest Bedroom6

There is a VERY soft, subtle sheen to it which you can really only see when the sunlight is directly on the floor.

I love the overall feel of this bedroom, it feels very clean, uncluttered and calm, just how I’d want a bedroom to feel if I was sleeping in it!

So now that the guys have finished the floor it is time for me to setup the garage to spray paint the doors for our kitchen cabinets and finish that project up so I can show you. To be quite honest I will be a little sad for the doors to go back on the cabinets because it has been very convenient to have them off, but it also looks like a hot mess…

As always thanks for stopping by!

Until next time…


PS In case anyone is wondering we chose to have white shoe molding installed instead of matching shoe, we just personally prefer that look…


  1. Another great looking room! I love the flooring. It’s always a treat to get a glimpse of your handiwork. You’ve motivated me to get back to the drapery panels I started for our daughter… Please keep sharing!! Dana


    1. Oh it has held up beautifully! I look at our floors almost everyday and think how much I love them! They are the perfect color and tone, not too light or dark. They have held up wonderfully and yes, we have these floors in every room (including upstairs) but the bathrooms. I would have done bathrooms too if I didn’t have to remove tile to do so. You cannot go wrong with this choice in my opinion!


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