Kitchen Reveal

So last I left off was in May with the tiling of the focal wall in the kitchen. We’ve been done for months and enjoying our “new” kitchen, but there are still a few things we need to finish in order to really check this renovation off of the list.

One: The wall color was supposed to be a temporary color I painted before Thanksgiving (in order for the kitchen to not look so jacked up) but it has been a little more than temporary as the color is fine (it is what we used in the foyer and halls) it is just not what I want for the kitchen… as to what exactly I want, I’m just not sure, hence the stall. I like the lightness of the current paint color, but I also would like the paint to be more dramatic… I love black painted kitchens, but I’m just not sure if I’m ready for that… here’s the thing though, it’s only paint and about 4 hours of my time so I shouldn’t fret so much right?!

Two: We bought some super cool cabinet insert pieces to make adjustable pull-out shelves for the pantry and 3 other cabinets… you should check them out, I already had them in some of my cabinets, but I wanted more as they’re dreamy!

X-Series with Under Mount Slide

I’m just waiting on hubby to make the shelves so I can finish them… in his defense I have distracted him with other projects, which I am known to do, so we will get to these sometime.

Eventually: My pantry is really not at all what I want, one of these day I will have a pantry that will be somewhat of a combination of these two pantries:


Organized pantry/Pull-out drawers

and it will be awesome! We added an outlet in the pantry while we had the walls open in the laundry room next to it, in preparation for this eventual design. The first home we built we designed the pantry with electricity for the microwave and we loved it! I technically could install a microwave there now but we have this setup:

Kitchen Remodel After

I’m patiently waiting for the microwave and/or oven to die so I can install a double oven here. This is the first house that we have owned with only one oven and while I rarely need two ovens when I need it I really need it, so maybe this is just a want…

With the new layout I have one large empty drawer and one empty cabinet that I’m still mulling over what I want to use them for, but that’s not a problem as much as it is an unfinished item that I think about every once in a while. So if you question the loss of the upper cabinets over here don’t, I have more room than I need and more than I had to begin with so that’s a win-win to me!

So here is a QUICK recap:

Before (realtor listing photo)

kitchen BEFORE

We removed upper cabinets and vent and added two lower cabinets to the right side.

Kitchen renovations removing upper cabinets

We removed countertops, backsplash, sink and faucet. Installed Covelano Fantastico marble and Negresco granite countertops, new sink, faucet, three sconces, two speakers, range vent and new cabinet pulls.

Leathered Covelano Fantastico Marble

We installed the tile wall, open shelving, added another can light and built a range hood cover.

Open shelving custom range hood

Made agonizing flooring decision, just so many choices… but we are so very happy with our final choice!

New wood floors

Whew… that sounds like a lot when you list it all like that! So here’s what it looks like now and pretty much everyday (give or take a few crumbs)! This view is from the Family Room and is the first thing you see when you see the kitchen, hence the full wall of tile as a focal point…

Kitchen Remodel Open Shelving

We added v-groove paneling to the eat-in counter top area as it used to have textured wall plus chair rail molding so if you didn’t hit your knees on the chair rail you sure as shit would scratch them up on the textured walls. The paneling was a simple, easy solution to fix both problems and also add a little interest to the area.

Virginia Beach Kitchen Remodel After

Did I mention how much I love open shelving, not for everything mid you, but for the everyday or almost everyday they are perfect.

Kitchen Remodel Open Shelving

The “Wine”, “Meat” and “Herb” charts I found at a local “antique” store.

Kitchen Remodel Open Shelving

Morning light streaming in…

Kitchen Remodel Open Shelving

Plenty of room for the items we use daily.

Kitchen Remodel Open Shelving

A mix of decorative and frequently used items within easy reach

Kitchen Remodel Open Shelving

Kitchen Remodel Open Shelving

We added extra 2×4 supports in the wall before we closed it up and while it may have been a tad overkill I was not about to let these shelves fall so we used these hand forged brackets and 3.5″ brass cabinet screws which coordinate perfectly with the cabinet pulls, not that they needed too, but I do love them!

Kitchen Remodel Open Shelving Hand Forged Bracket

The fabricators did a fabulous job paying attention to detail and veining in the marble.

Kitchen Remodel Covelano Marble Countertops

I love our new sink and faucet and I will ALWAYS replace a double sink with a single sink whenever possible, this one is nice and deep too. It’s not as easy to clean the corners because it is square, but that to me is not a big deal.

Kitchen Remodel Kraus Sink

One of the issues that prompted me to consider installing the full height marble backsplash was this small area between the lower countertop and the upper countertop. Also, I love having two soap dispensers, one for dish soap and one for hand soap, it enables me to keep the countertops uncluttered and clean. We usually use the long cabinet pull on the false front to hang our dish towels.

Kitchen Remodel After

Truly love the marble extending full height up the backsplash, a timeless look I think…

Marble kitchen backsplash

Our drink station.. we LOVE our Opal ice machine!

Kitchen Remodel After

Our little coffee station area, perfectly place right by the door to the garage.

Kitchen Remodel After

As much as I love our honed Covelano Marble I just adore the leathered and honed Negresco granite that I cannot help but run my hands over just to feel them…

Negresco Granite Honed LeatheredNegresco Granite Honed Leathered

I painted the cabinets painted Benjamin Moore Black Iron, not too black, not too gray, but just right!

Kitchen Remodel Black Painted cabinets

I love our bar pulls, we used brass pulls in this area only and matte black on the unpainted cabinets.

Kitchen Remodel after

I spray painted the doors and rolled the frames.

Kitchen Remodel After

Black Painted kitchen Cabinets

And lastly a little sneak peek into our laundry room, which we are currently remodeling… hoping to get that finished up soon!

Kitchen Remodel

I will say that having a kitchen I designed and love has not only helped me stay organized, but it also encourages me/us to keep it clean and tidy on a daily basis. My all time favorite cleaning tools are the Norwex cloths, which I use for wiping down the shelves, countertops and for cleaning the glass shades perfectly. No chemical residues and perfectly streakless glass in no time is the way to go for me!

Thanks as always for stopping by…

Until next time!






  1. Your kitchen looks beautiful!! I was wondering what type of flooring did you use? it looks great and I am agonizing as well over all these choices. Is it white oak? who is the manufacturer? Thx!!


    1. Thank you so much Julie, I love it everyday and it just works so well for us! The flooring is Brazilian Ash Atelier by Triangulo and it is super gorgeous. It is engineered wood (can be refinished 2.5 times I’m told) and has held up extremely well. Good luck with your choices, I hope you find the perfect one for you!


  2. I’m in the design stage of my kitchen remodel.
    Your post and pictures are very inspirational and many of your ideas are exactly what I was looking for ! When my kitchen is done it will look a lot like yours… 😊


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