Rollin’ with the Changes

We just got some great news I’d like to share with you… My SAH (Super Awesome Hubby) excepted a job offer the other day!!! For those of you who didn’t know he has been unemployed since the end of January, a long ugly story I won’t go into, but this change has turned out to be such a blessing in disguise! I have loved being able to spend more time with him, even if some of it was working on furniture, but I think he was starting to get a little antsy and with the kids out of school we never seemed to know what day it was…

ok, so I’ve shared with you this great news, but there is a little bit of a downside to all this awesomeness… we have to move Crying face While we are thrilled with this new and exciting opportunity, we are very sad to leave our family, friends and home. I have live in Richmond my whole life and Sam is a “transplant” from Columbia, SC but he has lived here 26 years, along time for both of us in one place. Needless to say this is a HUGE deal for us and not a decision we made easily. We have three children, one is a junior at Radford University here in VA, one is a senior in high school and the youngest is getting ready to start middle school… as you can imagine we will have some serious adjustments to do that I’m not really looking forward to! On top of that I’m worrying about all of the things that we need to do here to get the house ready to go on the market AND we need to find a new house in a good school system in another state that we know nothing about! Seriously just the tip of the iceberg here folks! Oh, by the way we’re moving to Louisville Kentucky… so if you know something about the area please pass it on to us, we need all the help we can get!

So if you are looking at buying in the Richmond, VA area I know a GREAT house with FABULOUS neighbors that is getting ready to go on the market! I will be sharing some pictures soon as I have been meaning to do a house tour but I never seem to get around to it! In the meantime check out our floor plan, the house is large and built for family as well as entertaining!


second floor

first floor


Just to let you know my posts may be a little sporadic in the upcoming weeks, but I do have some more furniture updates to share with you as well as some projects we have completed around the house that I think you’ll like!

Oh, by the way I HAVE to sell ALL of my furniture stock, I’m so sad! But if you’re interested please check out the Unfinished Pieces page, I have put “as is” prices next to everything. Let me know if you want to come take a look because whatever doesn’t sell in the next couple of weeks will be going to the auction house. I set the prices of the pieces at what I paid for them…

Wish us luck and I’ll post some updates soon!

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  1. Wow! That’s a big change! I’m so sorry that you have to sell everything off (and even more sorry I don’t live close enough to buy anything!). I really hope that this move opens up even more opportunities for you and your business. Best of luck to you and your family!


  2. That is very exciting news Susan! Congrats to your husband on the new job. A big move is a little bit scary, but think of it as a wonderful new adventure. You sure will be busy in the coming weeks. I hope everything goes smoothly! … And you need to chat with Gail @ My Repurposed Life. She lives in Louisville and is just the sweetest!


  3. Moving? I’m thrilled at your husband’s new job, sounds like a great new adventure for all of you. Richmond will miss you, though … Lisa at C&T mentioned you when I was talking to her last week. She’s going to cry when you tell her that you’re moving.

    It seems that you have found the secret to clearing out one’s stash of treasures. (If the linen press near the bottom of the page isn’t spoken for, let me know.)


    1. I’m going to miss everyone here, it’s been home for so long! The linen press is yours if you want it, it has a crackle finish and I think is missing one of it’s wheels and doesn’t have the original knobs but other than those issues it’s in good shape just ugly… 😉 if you still want it let me know and I’ll put a SOLD sticker on it!


  4. Congrats Susan! That’s exciting news. You will be missed! We will have to stay in touch. I miss you already!



  5. Wonderful news about the new job. The Lord has opened a new door for you to take advantage of. Moving is definitely not fun, but all in all it will be a great experience. The very best to you and your family in this transition.


  6. Susan I am so sorry to see you all leave our neighborhood. We will all miss you. Your gorgeous house has held some of the most wonderful gatherings. I am happy for you on your new adventure though.


  7. You will love Louisville! My best friend in the world (BFF) has lived in the area for years. If you need a hair stylist, her son, Ryan, owns a salon. It is ‘Hairies’. Be sure to have a piece of Derby Pie! Good luck!


  8. Wishing you all the best for your move Susan :). I wish I could buy your house it looks so fab & spacious. I can understand you feel a little apprehensive but its a new challenge & ya never know, it could be a great area for your furniture business too! I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun buying new stock once youre settled in anyway. xx


    1. Thanks so much! While I’m certainly a little apprehensive I’m also very excited. As a side bonus selling off all of my unfinished pieces gives me an opportunity to be more selective in our new home state… I’m hoping Kentucky has lots to offer 😉


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