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It’s official, we’re moving!


So here we go again, moving, it’s such a pain in the rear and totally not something we were planning on doing anytime soon! If you’ve been following my blog anytime in the last 3 years you’ll know how much renovation we have completed in our current home and you may remember we just put the finishing touches on the master closet and the kitchen… both of which causes me pain to think about leaving! We have absolutely L-O-V-E-D living here in Louisville, KY, it was such a wonderful surprise for me to find out just how much we would love living here! There is so much to do, more festivals than I can ever get to in one season not to mention the Kentucky Derby, for which the celebrations go on for at least a week in advance of the actual race day. We will miss living here, but we are leaving a little something behind… our middle daughter Cassidy has transferred to the University of Louisville and will be finishing up her college education here, so we’ll be back to visit for sure!

So here are a few pictures the photographer took for the listing, most of these I haven’t shared before!

Sunroom (my favorite family space in the house)

Mudroom (super convenient with doors to both garage and front yard)

Dining Room

Master Bath

Upstairs Hall

Basement (a walk-out with 10 ft. ceilings!)

And the backyard, just part of the 1.12 acres

Our move is prompted by an unexpected job offer for my Hubby and a relocation back to the state of Virginia. We moved to Louisville almost 4 years ago from Richmond, VA, but we will be moving to the Virginia Beach area which I’m pretty excited about! So right now we’re in the process of finding just the right home, you know one that’s not too big… not too small…?! That always proves to be such a difficult task, but we are certainly trying! We’re torn between buying a new home or a fixer upper or something in between the two but I’m hoping something will come on the market soon that will make us want to put a contract down on it.

In the meantime our home was just listed on the market last Thursday and we were fortunate enough to get 3 very great offers the very next day! We accepted a contract which would allow us to rent back until the end of the school year, which will be very helpful to us. So now I am focusing on packing up rarely used items, listing stuff for sale on Craig’s List, gathering small items together for a yard sale and taking stuff to Goodwill. At least I don’t have any painting or renovating work left to do so while this work is time-consuming it’s not very difficult.

So wish us luck! I hope that this transition will go as smooth as possible…

Thanks as always for stopping by… until next time!


Moving To Louisville KY Part 1

Well HELLO!!! Did you miss me at ALL? Well I’ve missed hearing from you guys that’s for sure! As you may (or may not) know that our family is in the process of moving to Louisville, KY. Now I say process because my husband has been here a month, but our youngest daughter and I have only been here about 2 weeks, but we still have no furniture. We closed on our KY house last Friday and have decided to “camp out” in it until our furniture arrives. While this may not seem appealing to some of you, it is far better than being in a cramped not-so-private hotel suite. We bought a couple of air mattresses, sheets, and essentials to get us through until we can get our stuff from the Richmond house, which will be the week after labor day, but not soon enough!

This is real life people… this is our LOVELY air mattress setup in our bedroom…


but don’t feel too sorry for me because we just got our new Sleep Number bed delivered today! While it is still on the floor at least it is far more comfortable than our other mattress or our lovely air bed… even though I’m essentially trading one air mattress for another I can guarantee the Sleep Number mattress will surpass the other mattresses in every way!

On a totally different note I’d like to share the lovely view of our backyard from the deck this morning.


Don’t be fooled by the pretty picture though, what appears to be grass is really a weed grass mixture. The sprinkler system for this house had been broken for some time it seems… it had to be repaired so I could water everything, the ground and borders were very dry and everything had the general look of a yard that hadn’t been loved in a while.

Like this lovely “natural” patch, great trees in this area, the weeds are taller than me though!


Another area in the back with 5 ft. plus tall weeds. I’m going to have a landscape company cut all of this stuff down this fall… I would just be too much for me, both of these overgrown areas are about the size of a community swimming pool!


However, since I can’t do much in the house (no tools) I have been pulling and spraying weeds in the borders around the house every morning. Apparently I was going to town on some Poison Oak vines and didn’t know it until the super nice irrigation guy pointed it out to me… nice right?! It is ALL over the place… I’m utilizing some Roundup Poison Ivy killer for the rest of the stuff!

I know… I know… “leaves of 3 let it be” right?

Well I’m heading back home next week to pack and move while my Mom stays in KY and takes care of Brie, her school started last week! I’m NOT looking forward to packing, but it sure would be nice to have some real furniture in the new house.

I also have a list of things to do in the new house a MILE long and I’m a little overwhelmed about that, but I’m trying to remember my own advice and just take one room at a time… the problem is where to start?!

Hope you guys stay tuned for more posts… I’ll probably be all over the place with projects but it’ll be an adventure!

Until next time…

– Susan

Rollin’ with the Changes

We just got some great news I’d like to share with you… My SAH (Super Awesome Hubby) excepted a job offer the other day!!! For those of you who didn’t know he has been unemployed since the end of January, a long ugly story I won’t go into, but this change has turned out to be such a blessing in disguise! I have loved being able to spend more time with him, even if some of it was working on furniture, but I think he was starting to get a little antsy and with the kids out of school we never seemed to know what day it was…

ok, so I’ve shared with you this great news, but there is a little bit of a downside to all this awesomeness… we have to move Crying face While we are thrilled with this new and exciting opportunity, we are very sad to leave our family, friends and home. I have live in Richmond my whole life and Sam is a “transplant” from Columbia, SC but he has lived here 26 years, along time for both of us in one place. Needless to say this is a HUGE deal for us and not a decision we made easily. We have three children, one is a junior at Radford University here in VA, one is a senior in high school and the youngest is getting ready to start middle school… as you can imagine we will have some serious adjustments to do that I’m not really looking forward to! On top of that I’m worrying about all of the things that we need to do here to get the house ready to go on the market AND we need to find a new house in a good school system in another state that we know nothing about! Seriously just the tip of the iceberg here folks! Oh, by the way we’re moving to Louisville Kentucky… so if you know something about the area please pass it on to us, we need all the help we can get!

So if you are looking at buying in the Richmond, VA area I know a GREAT house with FABULOUS neighbors that is getting ready to go on the market! I will be sharing some pictures soon as I have been meaning to do a house tour but I never seem to get around to it! In the meantime check out our floor plan, the house is large and built for family as well as entertaining!


second floor

first floor


Just to let you know my posts may be a little sporadic in the upcoming weeks, but I do have some more furniture updates to share with you as well as some projects we have completed around the house that I think you’ll like!

Oh, by the way I HAVE to sell ALL of my furniture stock, I’m so sad! But if you’re interested please check out the Unfinished Pieces page, I have put “as is” prices next to everything. Let me know if you want to come take a look because whatever doesn’t sell in the next couple of weeks will be going to the auction house. I set the prices of the pieces at what I paid for them…

Wish us luck and I’ll post some updates soon!

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