I’m Doing the Happy Dance

Why? Umm… well because I made two of these AWESOME pendant lights that’s why!!!

How to make a pendant light

They are now hanging proudly in my oldest daughter’s room… she’s at college most of the year so I’m basically doing what I like with the room… however I do think she will love them too!

Want to know how I made them? Well it was pretty easy, the hardest part was figuring out what pieces I needed then finding them or coming up with an alternate solution for things I couldn’t find…

I started out with two of these AWESOME galvanized globes from Target’s new Threshold Collection

Threshold™ Galvanized Decorative Ball


a light bulb socket & lamp wire


plug end


braided jute

I carefully drilled a center hole in the galvanized globe then threaded the electrical wire through the hole. I then attached the light socket and plug to the wire… pretty straight forward one you take the pieces apart.

I also threaded the jute through the hole and tied a double knot in it to keep it from being pulled through.

I used my hot glue gun to run a small bead of glue along one side of the wire and then I wrapped the jute around… I will not lie this took some time and a little patience.

Hubby helped me drill holes for the hanger…

We use plant iron plant hangers to hold the pendants.

As I was wrapping and gluing the jute to the wire I tied a loop in the jute at the height I wanted the pendant to hang and then kept on wrapping. I wrapped about a foot and a half, the rest of the wire is hidden behind her headboard,


I have them hanging on either side of her headboard and they are plugged into the socket that the switch will turn on… also we used the vintage looking Edison bulbs in the pendants which give them a great industrial look!

How to make a globe pendant light

I’m almost finished with her room… I’ll show you how they look with the finished product! I couldn’t wait to show you this project though… I foresee more pendant making in my future! I’m sooo excited!!!

Until next time!

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  1. LOVE. I just bought the same one with intentions of doing the same thing. The only problem: I have no idea how to do it! I ‘ve read some different tutorials about buying pendant light kits. I want to hang 2 of these over the bar in my new home (so no socket to plug into). Got any tips/advice about this method? Thanks!


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