blue and gray bedroom makeover

The Growing Room

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I haven’t done much since I came back from Lucketts, but I did manage to finally take some pictures and write this post…

Ok, so maybe the room isn’t really growing but that is the term we use when we say we want the room to “grow” with her? So this is the “Growing Room”. When we first built this house all of the walls were the standard “Builders White”, which was wonderfully refreshing for a couple of months and then I couldn’t handle it anymore… in with the color!

This was our youngest daughters bedroom, she and our eldest daughter shared a Jack and Jill bathroom… which means they each have a separate vanity area off of their rooms but share a connecting bath and toilet off the vanity area… it’s a lot of doors but a great setup!

This is what it looked like just after we moved in, so sad!

UF Bries Room

This is what we updated it to… she was 6 and loved pink what can I say! The harlequin pattern on the walls was meticulously taped off by my Super Awesome Hubby (now you see why I call him that?) We all loved this bedroom for about 3 1/2 years then it was time to “grow”…

Pink girls bedroom harlequin striped walls girls bedroom pink

Our eldest daughter now has her own (shared) apartment at Radford University, with her being gone most of the year we felt that it didn’t make sense to hold her room for her… she had the biggest bedroom of course! So we switched the oldest and the youngest around and now our eldest is in the “pink” bedroom shown above… don’t you worry we are going to fix it up super nice for her!

After we sanded down the Razzle Dazzle stripes… yes, I said sand… I could feel the transition from the wall color to the stripe so I knew that it would show through the new paint color… what a pain in the arse!

striped walls

removing stripes on walls removing stripes on walls

After sanding all of the stripes we painted the room the same Farrow & Ball Pavilion Gray that we painted Brie’s room. I’m totally smitten with the color and am very tempted to paint just about every room in the house this color, but I’m not… well maybe just the foyer too, but don’t tell my Hubby I’m thinking this… it’s a 2 story foyer and requires some serious maneuvering to paint it…

My fabulous Aunt and I made the HUGE headboard below from a picture frame I found at Class & Trash, it barely fit into my Yukon! It needs a little something else on it (no not tufting) but I haven’t quite decided what yet, it’s on the list… so is the Before & After tutorial.

blue and gray bedroom makeover

The very tall mirror in the corner I found at TJ Max, it was perfect just the way it was and I think a good deal at $99!

blue and gray bedroom makeover

The artwork in the room was created by Sierra sometime in elementary school. The school framed it and had it displayed at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens for quite a while. I thought she would enjoy having it back in her room.

blue and gray bedroom makeover

The tiled area is her vanity part of the shared bathroom, the walls are painted the same color as the bedroom as it coordinates perfectly with the vintage black and white mosaic tile floor.

blue and gray bedroom makeover

I love this little chest that I refinished, it really is a tad too small for all of her clothes but it’s perfect for when guests come to visit. I replaced the pulls with ones I bought from an Etsy dealer in France, they are vintage and fabulous and only cost me $36 for all of them with shipping! Have you ever thought to look on Etsy for knobs? Try it, you might be surprised at the great options available!

blue and gray bedroom makeover

Of course the lights are the ones we made from Target metal orbs, we all love them! I bought the Queen sized bedding set from Joss & Main for under $100, it is very soft and feminine.

blue and gray bedroom makeover

The pendant light we bought at West Elm a long time ago (they still carry it), it’s Capiz and very pretty, but doesn’t do much for the lighting in the room. I put her shoes and purses in a vintage bookcase that was rescued from an old courthouse, she is not thrilled with that but it really is great storage.

blue and gray bedroom makeover

Lastly I added a plant in a vintage enameled washstand, I did seal the rust on the feet with poly so it didn’t damage the floor.

blue and gray bedroom makeover

So Sierra’s room is all done, it feels very spa like and relaxing. I still have a couple of things to finish in Brie’s room and then I can share that with you too… well after I have her clean it up that is!

As always thanks for stopping by…

Until next time!

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  1. This room is gorgeous! I’m re-doing my daughter’s room and really nervous about using gray as I’ve had problems getting just the right shade it the past without it being too blue. What color did you use?


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