Purple and blue girls bedroom

Purple IS the Color of the Year

First let me start off by saying I am SICK of the snow! We had 56 degree weather on Saturday which melted all of the old snow, but yesterday it snowed again and we got another 5 inches! This is a picture of part of the backyard this morning! Seriously I really cannot wait until Spring!!

Louisville, KY snow

So enough complaining… onto the project right?!

Ok, so maybe the color of the year is not technically “purple” but “Radiant Orchid” is basically purple right?

My oldest daughter, Sierra, painted her room over the Christmas holiday. I guess she REALLY didn’t like boring beige and really wanted a color that suited her. We spent a little time picking out just the right combination of colors that would coordinate with the Provence painted furniture pieces already in the room. The colors we chose were “Elderberry Wine” and “Lavender Wash” both are Benjamin Moore colors from their Color Stories series.


Before bedroom picture

Pretty much every room in the house had been painted this beige color prior to the house going on the market. I know that people say beige sells, but let me tell you I have NEVER sold a house with beige walls! Are we really saying that most people cannot look past someone else’s paint color choices? Aren’t we just going to paint the walls once we get in the house anyway? Enough of that rant… here we go with the updated room.


Purple and blue girls bedroom

This is a small bedroom, but it still fits a queen sized bed, a chair, 2 nightstands, a little table and a dresser. It’s just the perfect size for her and I love how her headboard POPS against the Elderberry Wine paint.


The soft purple shade of the Lavender Wash coordinates beautifully with the rest of the colors and helps lighten the room up significantly.

I removed the existing curtains and replaced them with some sheers I had picked up at Ikea for the last house, they have fabulous sheers. This room is on the back side of the house and doesn’t get morning sun so the sheers are really more decorative. The artwork is a Sierra original from elementary school, works perfect in here doesn’t it?

Purple and blue girls bedroom

The Papasan chair she just HAD to have several years ago, but she NEVER sits in it… you know what it gets used as… a dumping ground for clean clothes!

Purple and blue girls bedroom

At least she can come in here and relax and watch her shows. She loves her new colors and I do too! I’m not a big purple fan, but these colors balance subtle and bold very well I think! She is the only one with a completely finished bedroom and bathroom… I guess I should be working on the others soon right?! Well instead we started tiling the kitchen backsplash Saturday and I was planning on grouting it today… we will see how that goes…

Hope you like Sierra’s new purple room!

Thanks as always for stopping by…

Until next time!


P.S. I hope we don’t get anymore snow, but I think that we will Sad smile stay safe & warm!

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  1. Hi Susan, I just watched you reupolster your settee. I feel in love with it. I have one that I haven’t started on yet. I’ve had to treat it for animal pheromones. My cat Chloe started teteing on it. Finally have it to the point where I can pull out the millions of staples from the four other times it has been reupolster, they never removed anything. I would never bought this piece of furniture, it was given to me and I find myself loving it more everyday. My husband thinks I’m crazy, maybe I am just a little. I was afraid to start on it, but now I’m not. Thanks to you. Your steps on how to do it as given me the courage. Yours is truly beautiful. I have been told all my life, I’m 58, that I can’t do things like painting a room and DIY projects. I’m proving everyone wrong thanks to women like you. Thank You so much, a new faithful follower, Denise Robinson


  2. Yes purple is so awesome here 🙂 I’m thinking about going deep dark red in my bedroom for accent wall but nobody likes the idea 🙂


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