Drexel “Touraine” French Provincial Bed

SCORE!!!! Ok… sorry to be so excited, but when I got this bed I was SO very excited! Ok…so what if I had to drive 45 miles away, in rush hour morning traffic, to a semi sketchy area….whatever.. I got the bed! I was originally thinking of fixing it up for my youngest but I changed my mind… HEY! I’m allowed… I have another bed I picked up for her a while back that I like better, well maybe not “better” but I think it is a better fit for her… Anyway, this is a full (or double) sized Drexel piece from their “Touraine” line… it is a French Provincial line that I think is just beautiful. Sorry…I only took one before picture.. and we had already fixed some spots and I had put a little paint on it.. see I told you I was excited!!! before One of the legs on the footboard was a little loose so my hubby and I removed it, sanded off the old glue and reattached it using Gorilla Glue. We used a strap clamp (that is made for frames) to pull it tight and ensure it stayed snug while the glue dried. There were a few nicks that needed some wood filler and some rough spots that needed smoothing, but other than that it was in great shape! After the glue and filler dried we lightly sanded the rough spots and cleaned it with TSP to get it ready for some chalk paint! We decided to paint the frame in Old Ochre and the headboard in Provence…. at this point though I lost helper number one (hubby) to a round of golf! What! Golf over painting… how could he?! But I forced recruited helper number two, my middle daughter, to help me with the painting…. let me tell you she was THRILLEDto help.. (if you are not “hearing” the sarcasm I’m sorry, it’s hard for me to convey it through writing, I’ll work on it!) After the painting was done (two coats) I “retired” my helper (much to her dismay) and worked on the distressing part of the bed… I think it’s difficult for two people to distress a piece because you never seem to distress the same way… Distressing chalk paint is SO messy, but super easy and fast! I then applied a coat of wax, let it set, came back later and buffed it with a combination of 0000 steel wool and a final rub down with a soft cloth.

Here she is… I wanted to put a mattress in it and take a nap under the birch tree…




A shot of some of the detail on the headboard…


Look at her AWESOME legs (or leg)!!

DSC_0221I’m in LOVE with this bed! Great legs.. you know I have a thing for legs! If I was keeping it I would put my daughter’s initials in the center, but since I’m selling it that would not make sense Winking smile! Let me know what you think….but I hope you like her!!! On to the next project…

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  1. Yes I love it 🙂 Great shade of blue…..if you apply the wax first and then distress it’s not messy at all, another blogger suggested it and it does work out much better.


    1. Thanks Vicky! I know if I wax it first it would be less messy but it’s more work, more wax etc.. I’m trying to choose the lesser of two evils 😉 I shouldn’t complain so much… Thanks for stopping by!


      1. I restore cool houses and just purchased a home that was in an estate. To make things move along i also purchased all personal items in the home. this bedroom set is in guest bedroom. there is a bed with headboard and the simple footboard. a triple 9 drawer dressor with glass cover and framed mirror. 2 night stands and a desk type of dresser. the center folds up but there is no mirror. the color of the furniture is a pale green or soft off white with gold pin stripping. I only purchased the personal items to make the sale go quickly and smoothly and intend to sell all. this was a dr. house-a mess but high end items. let me know if any interest. wcsmith@sio.midco.net


  2. Love the paint job you did on this bed. Now I want to try my hand at a fancier finish. For now, you should check out the table I just refinished for my friend’s French Country themed room. Cheers, MGal watchmediy.com


  3. Wow! This really a really pretty bedboard. If you are just living around the block, I would love to buy this without any second thoughts.

    Love It.


  4. Wow what a great job! I just posted a bedframe makeover but would give it up in a flash if I found a queen size like this one. Love the lines and your color choice would look great in my room. : ) Hope you’ll visit and link it to my Frugal Treasures Tuesday party.


  5. Hi just had to come back and tell you, I saw this exact bed on the old tv show, Hazel! There were twin beds in a bedroom with beautiful white priscilla crisscross sheers at the windows billowing in the summer breeze. What really stood out was the walls were wallpapered in turquoise and white pattern, lovely! : )


  6. Hi there! I have a full sized bed frame, nightstand, 3 drawer dresser with mirror, vanity with mirror, and vanity bench that I am wanting to sell, but I cringe at the thought of it going to someone who doesn’t recognize the beauty of the set. I am outside of Raleigh, NC if you are ever in the mood to makeover some beautiful pieces. My email is tkokayde@yahoo.com.


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