Laundry Room Update In Progress

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We took the opportunity to work on updating our laundry room, so it was a working holiday weekend for us, which is ok especially since I’m thrilled with how it is progressing. While it’s not finished yet, I wanted to share with you our progress.

We started out with this… a white on white on beige laundry room, it was very dull, except for my new Dash & Albert rug that is!

Laundry Room Update before

The attic access is in here, I had already replaced the string with an eye hook so at least the string was not hanging down annoyingly all of the time, also check out where they decided to move the first light fixture to… over the cabinets, what a brilliant idea!

Laundry Room Update before

The other side of the room has a fabulously HUGE folding table, but again with the wire shelving… UGH!

Laundry Room Update before

Our first step was to remove the upper cabinets, pretty easy, we first removed all of the doors and shelves to make them lighter, then just a few screws to remove and they were down. It made a significant difference in the feel of the room with these gone.

Removing upper cabinets from wall

We decided to keep only one cabinet and we relocated it to the other side of the room where we had just removed the wire shelving and countertop.

Installing upper cabinet and removing countertops

We added a piece to the top of the cabinet in order to attach molding and we also added some beadboard planks to the side to finish it off.

Adding molding to embellish cabinet

We removed the sink and countertop from the base cabinets as well.

Removing countertop and sink in laundry room

Now the fun part! Onto the V-groove planking. It’s not hard to install (see the girls’ bathroom update here for more details) just time consuming.

Adding v-groove wood planks to laundry room walls

We primed all of the boards with Kilz to ensure that there would be no knot bleed through down the road. After priming I caulked the edges and corners before applying the final paint color.

Adding v-groove wood planks to laundry room walls

The color we chose for the planks is Benjamin Moore Barely Teal #2048-70, it’s a very pretty pale blue (I don’t see any teal in it personally). We chose to use the Pearl finish, which is a sheen between Eggshell & Satin, it’s just perfect!

Benjamin Moore Barely Teal paint in laundry room

Here is where we are today. We replaced the light over the sink with a new pendant light, all of the planking is up and painted and even the ceiling got a fresh coat of paint. The cabinets I painted with a custom mix of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (50/50 Provence and Florence) which is a beautiful Teal color, waxed and buffed. We still need to make a final decision on the countertop here, but the sink and faucet are already here.

Custom Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Provence and Florence mix

On this side of the room (which now feels HUGE with the countertop gone) we still need to make and install the new (narrower) countertop. Also, we are waiting on the new light fixture to come in so we can replace the old one. The light changes in here are pretty awesome I think.

Installing wood plank walls

We are hiring someone to install the wallpaper, I know it’s not much to do but I just don’t want to do it… so I am hoping he can get to it this week. We are using this FABULOUS Amy Butler print wallpaper. It has just a tiny bit of chartreuse which helps tie in the rug, but it has so much movement in the print I ADORE it! Since we are only wallpapering 26 inches it won’t overpower the room, but it will give help bring some fun into this room for sure!

Amy Butler Wallpaper for laundry room

So that’s all I have so far to share, I hope to have some more progress to share with you soon!

Thanks as always for stopping by…

Until next time!


Roughed Up Nightstand

I hope you all are enjoying a little taste of Spring! I have some unknown plants starting to breakthrough the mulch and I’m excited to see what they will be..

First let me admit to you that I wasn’t planning on refinishing this, but I couldn’t sell it as is (trust me I tried)… I guess no one but me would be stupid crazy enough to tackle this mess! Let me show you what I mean…

So the piece doesn’t look too bad in this picture right? Nice nightstand, good lines, what’s not to like?



OK, so the top is a little roughed up, why is that so scary? Can you see all of the craters divots?


This is what it looked like under the paint. I used my orbital sander, with 60 grit paper, to remove the super thick paint and this is what it revealed… clearly someone had removed the veneer from the top of this nightstand and really hacked away at it (it was not my Hubby I promise)! The white areas are holes that they filled (and not well) with something…


Seriously! Why would you go through the trouble of filling the holes but not fill the holes all the way?! This is why the top looked so bad! They must have just gotten fed up with it…


I filled all of the gouges with my favorite product for hardcore filling and repairs. It’s a two part product, Minwax High Performance Wood Filler, and let me tell you it is fabulous to work with… it’s a little stinky and you DON”T want to get it on your hands, but with it I can fill deep holes easily and it also helps rebuild missing parts like “magic”!


After I filled the holes I sanded the top down starting with 100 grit and finishing with 150. I only finish to 150 when I am painting a piece, had I been staining this I would have finished with 220 but obviously staining wasn’t an option. I also added this little wood piece to the back where the original piece was missing… nothing fancy but it gets the job done.


I primed the top with a white primer then painted the entire nightstand in Provence Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I also lightly distressed, waxed and buffed the piece. The drawer front was in good enough shape to stain so I stained it dark walnut, waxed it with clear wax and buffed it…

Here it is now in it’s new home!


refinished nightstand

Just look at how nicely the drawer front turned out!

Refinished nightstand in Provence chalk paint

You can’t see any indentions or problems with the top at all…

Refinished nightstand in Provence chalk paint

I’m glad now that no one wanted this because I needed another nightstand for my daughter’s room and this worked out perfectly!

Before and after refinished nighstand

Thanks for stopping by… hope you come back again soon!

Until next time…

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Zebra Stripes, Butterflies, Secretaries, Oh My!

A new client of mine brought me this pretty vintage secretary to refinish for her. It was in very good shape, she just wanted to bring a pop of color to her room…


The front had a small amount of veneer loss and some puckering. I filled the missing veneer with wood filler and sanded down the puckered areas.

Here it is after a couple of coats of Provence Annie Sloan Chalk Paint… remember my client wanted a pop of color right!

Provence blue painted secretary desk

She wanted very little distressing so I just focused on a few “key” areas, waxed and buffed the piece. I also sprayed the handles with Rustoleum chrome spray paint.


I just love claw feet don’t you?


Now for the “surprise” part… she wanted the inside painted Cream Annie Sloan Chalk Paint which paired beautifully with the Provence. I sprayed the area first with Rustoleum Heirloom White to help get the best coverage for the Cream. Painting inside of these little cubbies is pretty brutal!

Secretary desk with zebra striped drawers

Oh, did you notice the zebra stripes? I thought you might… I freehand painted those (pretty proud of myself too) leaving the original wood as the background stripe, they really are just cool!

zebra striped drawers

My client had a special request to create a small butterfly inside of the secretary, the butterfly reminds her of her Grandmother who has since passed on. So I cut the butterfly out of some floral paper and used spray adhesive to attach it to the wood, I think it’s a very sweet touch…

decoupaged butterfly inside of desk

This is the 3rd secretary I have painted in the last 6 months! They really are fabulous and great for storage as well! I wish I could find a narrow one for my foyer!

Provence blue painted desk

I hope you dig this project as much as I did! I was not too sure about the zebra stripes when she requested them, but obviously she knew what she was talking about as I just think they’re perfect!

And now totally off the subject… recently I have been noticing that when I am painting I’m standing with my left hand on my hip… like I’m getting ready to start clogging or something… what’s up with that?! I think sometimes I’m loosing it Winking smile

As always thanks for stopping by…

Until next time!

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The Evolving Chest of Drawers

I’m pretty sure I have mentioned before how much I hate repainting pieces I have already painted… well I did it again (clearly I’m not very bright)! This time it was partly my “fault” and partly Mother Nature’s fault.

You may remember I started off with this…


Did a quick update to this


Took it to Lucketts Spring Market and the super hot direct sunlight heated up the original paint and it bubbled like it was cooking… WHAT?!!!


So of course I had to fix it and since I never seem to be able to sell pink I decided to change it up entirely…

This is the beauty that it is now…

Painted and stained vintage chest in custom ASCP mix, turquoise and white.

I striped the top with my heat gun and sanded it down starting with 100 grit paper working my way to the final sand with 220. This process took about 45 minutes, I know there are a few of you who may like to use strippers… try a heat gun it works like a charm! For the staining process I first applied a coat of dark walnut stain and let it sit for about 15 minutes. After I wiped the stain off I coated the chest with Watco Dark Walnut Oil, I use this to replace the lost oils in the wood keeping it moisturized, I did two coats following the directions on the can. I finished it up with a coat of Briwax Dark Wax.

The top has some small pits in it with leftover paint, but it still looks great!

How to refinish a dresser top

For the drawer fronts I first removed the wax coating with 00 steel wool and Mineral Spirits, wiping it off with paper towels after I scrubbed it. I let everything dry and then applied two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, this shade is a custom 50/50 mix of Provence & Florence. After the paint dried I applied a coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax and then immediately applied a coat of Briwax Dark Wax.


I think the chest looks so great! I am actively trying to find a piece in the house to replace with this one I love it so much!

Painted and stained vintage chest in custom ASCP mix, turquoise and white.

Even though I hate redoing pieces, I am thrilled that this one turned out the way that it did! I guess I won’t be painting anymore pink for a while… but I certainly will be using this color again!

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time…

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Domestically Speaking

French Nightstand Painted Provence

I found this nightstand and loved the shape, but especially the pulls! It obviously needed painting and the bottom drawer needed its stop reinstalled but other than that it was in good shape… but strangely heavy for its size!



I hadn’t quite decided what I wanted to do with it yet, but I wanted to see if the top and drawer fronts were viable for stain… so I removed the old finish with 220 grit sandpaper, most of the original finish was already gone so this was a quick and easy process…

The top drawer has been sanded, the bottom drawer front stained in Dark Walnut Watco Oil.

Now onto the top… this is what it looked like before… not good right? Look closely at those two stains I’ve circled, they will come back to haunt me!

Look how beautiful it looks after sanding! It looks perfect doesn’t it? Can you still see those two stains, now in the top middle of the picture? They wouldn’t come out and darkened when I tried to stain the top. I’m pretty sure these are cigarette burns, but the piece doesn’t smell like smoke… any ideas?

So I had to move to option 2, paint the top, of course I should have primed it because even after 2 coats those stains kept showing through.. ARGH! So I had to sand down those little areas and apply a couple of coats of Kilz and then repaint to even up the finish… VERY frustrating!

Even though I was frustrated I love the end results! It is painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Provence…


Blue painted French nightstand Provence chalk paint

I used some gold Rub-N-Buff on the highlights…


I just cleaned up the hardware and used it as is… beautiful!


I waxed the entire piece with Annie Sloan Clear wax, buffed it with 0000 steel wool and then shined it up with a soft cloth!


I’m keeping this one and using it in my eldest daughter’s “new” room! I just love walking by her room and seeing it everyday!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Until next time…

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Lets Try This Again

Ok… I don’t like to admit I’ve made a mistake… it’s a character flaw I know but I REALLY don’t like making mistakes! Sadly I made one with this French style Thomasville dining table…

This is a wonderful table set I purchased over the summer, it’s Thomasville (from the 1960’s I believe) and it has 2 armchairs and 4 side chairs as well…

I was hoping to refinish the top in a darker stain but there were too many issues with it to make that work (I tried)…



Here is the first “After”… I do love the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Graphite top but the base in Florence with the dry brushed Graphite is just too harsh for me… I waited for DAYS to see if it would grow on me but it didn’t so then I had to fix my “mistake”.. ARGH!!!


So I decided on Annie Sloan Duck Egg instead… as I was re-painting it I felt better immediately… I knew THIS was the right choice!


Now onto the chairs… 6 of them to be exact… have I ever mentioned how much I dislike painting chairs? They are very labor intensive as they take sooo much time, painting distressing & waxing… if I was just spray painting them no big deal but of course I was hand painting them… my poor hands are like claws now!



Here they are so much prettier in a couple of coats of Duck Egg!


And just check out this PERFECT fabric I happen to have on hand… and have enough of… I got super lucky with this! The blue in the fabric is almost exactly the color of Duck Egg!


I removed the chair seats from the frames and removed the old fabric. The two armchairs are going to have their backs upholstered to give the a slightly different look… no need to paint the cane on these!

I picked up a new roll of batting… trust me I will use all of this, not on this project but I have a lot of chair seats to update!

As you can see I have already distressed and waxed the chairs. I have also reattached the recovered seat cushions… now on to the backs!

First I cut out a piece of batting roughly the size of the back of the chair.

I then attached it to the back of the with staples, no need to use this many staples (I didn’t on my second chair) you are just stapling it in to loosely hold it in place. Trim the overage with scissors.

I roughly cut the fabric to size and stapled it in over the batting staying close to the edge of the chair. These staples should be positioned very close to one another and the fabric should be pulled taught before stapling it. Always start your place staples first with one at the top, bottom and both sides, pulling the fabric taught before each staple. Once you have our place staples in then start from the middle and work your way to the sides.

I made double welt cording and hot glued it around the edge.


I did the same process as above for the back but I had to staple the pieces to the sides of the chair as there was no wood to attach the staples to on the back. This is a great dark grey fabric with a herringbone pattern…

Again I made double welt cording and hot glued it around the edge.


Here is the finished dining set!

Painted vintage French Thomasville Dining table

The fabric coordinates perfectly with the table and chairs!


I love that the captain’s chairs have the padded backs.


I also added a little pop of Provence chalk paint in the grooves around the table and chairs.


One complete dining set down… one more to go!

Painted vintage French Thomasville Dining table

This was a TON of work and thank goodness my SAH (Super Awesome Hubby) helped me out a lot on this project! I just love the final results and I am so happy to have it completed! I have one more table and chair set that is VERY close to being complete as well, I should be able to share it with you this week!

This set is for sale and will be listed on my FOR SALE page, which seems terribly empty… I am going to the Lucketts Spring Market again this year and I need to have a whole lot more done before May 17th or my 10×20 booth will be very empty! If you are interested check out some pictures from my booth and around the Market from last year… I hope you can make it to the show it is ALWAYS full of great stuff!

As always thanks for stopping by…

Until next time!

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A Couple of Cute Table Makeovers

Thank goodness we didn’t get any of snow from the big storm that has hit the Northeast… but I feel for those of you who have! Stay safe and keep warm!

These are a couple of little tables that I finished up a few days ago…

I remembered to take a before shot of this one… maybe because it was so hideous I didn’t think you would believe me! It looks like the top Formica but it really is just marbled contact paper, VERY classy!


I was able to peel the contact paper off rather easily, but the glue residue took me a while to remove… I used paint thinner and steel wool to remove the residue and let it dry before I painted it.

Look how cute it is in a fresh new coat of CeCe Caldwell’s Carolina Sunshine Yellow! I just love this yellow, it is so perky and bright! While I wouldn’t paint my walls this color an accent piece in this shade is just fabulous! On a side not check out my Daffodils coming up through the mulch… I’m so excited and ready for Spring!

Yellow painted vintage half moon table

This little table is very similar but I don’t have any “BEFORE” pictures. I did have to remove the veneer on the top and sand it down REALLY good, but structurally it was in good shape.

I wanted to use this one in my oldest daughter’s “new” room so I decided to paint it in Provence Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, this color is still one of my all time favorite colors!

Blue painted half moon table

Now she has a perfect little spot to drop her purse, put on her shoes or have a place for a friend to sit other than her bed…

Painted side table

You can usually find these kind of tables super cheap, I think I got both of these for $10. Most of the time the tables are in bad shape and/or wobbly, if so they are VERY easy to disassemble and fix so don’t pass them up as they can be perfect tables for a small space!

We are keeping the blue one, but the yellow one was sold before I could even get this post written!

Thanks for stopping by as always…

Until next time!

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Writing Desk Updated

Ok.. I officially suck at getting “before” photos! This desk was in very good shape though, it just needed to be updated. It is very solid and really didn’t have any issues other than being less than inspiring! It was a traditional dark stained desk with not so nice looking pulls… but great lines!



I painted the base in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint “Provence”, lightly distressed it and applied a coat of wax. I also sanded off the original finish ofrom the top and refinished it with dark walnut stain and a couple of coats of wax.


I love how this beautiful grain pattern showed up more prominently after I refinished the top!


The desk has great legs and lots of storage in the 3 drawers…


I replaced the original pulls with these lions head pulls that I painted flat white..

One of my wonderful neighbors saw this desk sitting in my driveway and knew she had the perfect home for it… I almost didn’t sell it as I was still trying to figure out where I could possibly put it in my house, but I knew she had a “need” and mine was just a “want”… but I sure loved this piece! Maybe she’ll let me visit it sometime Winking smile

Thanks for stopping by…

Until next time!

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Drexel “Touraine” French Provincial Bed

SCORE!!!! Ok… sorry to be so excited, but when I got this bed I was SO very excited! Ok…so what if I had to drive 45 miles away, in rush hour morning traffic, to a semi sketchy area….whatever.. I got the bed! I was originally thinking of fixing it up for my youngest but I changed my mind… HEY! I’m allowed… I have another bed I picked up for her a while back that I like better, well maybe not “better” but I think it is a better fit for her… Anyway, this is a full (or double) sized Drexel piece from their “Touraine” line… it is a French Provincial line that I think is just beautiful. Sorry…I only took one before picture.. and we had already fixed some spots and I had put a little paint on it.. see I told you I was excited!!! before One of the legs on the footboard was a little loose so my hubby and I removed it, sanded off the old glue and reattached it using Gorilla Glue. We used a strap clamp (that is made for frames) to pull it tight and ensure it stayed snug while the glue dried. There were a few nicks that needed some wood filler and some rough spots that needed smoothing, but other than that it was in great shape! After the glue and filler dried we lightly sanded the rough spots and cleaned it with TSP to get it ready for some chalk paint! We decided to paint the frame in Old Ochre and the headboard in Provence…. at this point though I lost helper number one (hubby) to a round of golf! What! Golf over painting… how could he?! But I forced recruited helper number two, my middle daughter, to help me with the painting…. let me tell you she was THRILLEDto help.. (if you are not “hearing” the sarcasm I’m sorry, it’s hard for me to convey it through writing, I’ll work on it!) After the painting was done (two coats) I “retired” my helper (much to her dismay) and worked on the distressing part of the bed… I think it’s difficult for two people to distress a piece because you never seem to distress the same way… Distressing chalk paint is SO messy, but super easy and fast! I then applied a coat of wax, let it set, came back later and buffed it with a combination of 0000 steel wool and a final rub down with a soft cloth.

Here she is… I wanted to put a mattress in it and take a nap under the birch tree…




A shot of some of the detail on the headboard…


Look at her AWESOME legs (or leg)!!

DSC_0221I’m in LOVE with this bed! Great legs.. you know I have a thing for legs! If I was keeping it I would put my daughter’s initials in the center, but since I’m selling it that would not make sense Winking smile! Let me know what you think….but I hope you like her!!! On to the next project…

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