A Proposition, a Confirmation and a Realization

The “Proposition”…

My very new blog friend Connie from Hartwood Roses had a little dilemma… see she and one of her friends are splitting a space at the Lucketts Spring Market. Well somehow they got their signals crossed and instead of one of them getting a 10 x 20 vendor space to share they each signed up for a double space! Since they only needed one space the other one was available for someone else… and this is where I come in… Connie contacted me and asked if having a space at the Market might be something I was interested in… Hmmm….

The “Confirmation”…

I definitely had to think about, and discuss with my hubby, this awesome proposition. You see I had thought about trying to get a space this year, but I thought “nope, I’m not ready”… So after giving this opportunity some thought I reached a point where I felt like “OK, someone is trying to tell me something”… (Other than my husband telling asking me to finish some furniture so that we can use the garage for something other than a furniture hoarder’s paradise Winking smile) So I very excitedly said “Yes!” to Connie’s offer and then…

The “Realization”…

The next day the daunting task that I have just taken on hits me… I have to get a CRAP load of furniture done in a VERY short amount of time! I started second guessing myself, as I was working my way through painting a few dining chairs.. “What have I done…” I’m thinking and I seriously went into panic mode… you see I’m a littlebit of a perfectionist and a BIG time planner… How am I going to get enough furniture complete to reasonably fill a 10×20 foot space? At this point my seriously calm, laid-back and irritatingly rational hubby helped me look at it from a different angle… I will finish what I can and go and have fun! Since I will be a vendor I don’t have to wait in a line to get in, a huge plus for me since I hate lines and I was planning on going to the Market anyway!

So here I am with some furniture complete, I’ve picked up some great “filler” items (I’ll post some pictures soon) and I’m slightly less panicky! My Aunt has come to the rescue quite a few days and when my eldest daughter comes home from college she will be helping me get ready too! I have a plan, which helps me take the panic level down a few notches, and I hope to be able to stick to it! Unfortunately the dust bunnies scurrying around my house will only get bigger and the layer of dust on everything will get a little thicker… but I HATE cleaning anyway so this will be a great excuse to “take a break”… you seriously don’t want to come visit me between now and May 18th though… it’s not a pretty sight..!!!

I hope if you are able to come to the Lucketts Spring Market you do! You won’t be disappointed… there is so much to see and buy!

Wish me luck and if you are going to go to the Market let me know.. I’ll keep a look out for you!

Until next time…

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  1. Good for you! It’s a great place to show the world your beautiful work. You will be a huge sucess I’m sure!
    Chic Romance


  2. Starting to feel a TEENY bit of panic about this … what was I thinking? This is my busy season … I don’t have the time OR energy to add ONE MORE THING to my schedule … but, as your husband said, this is going to be fun …no matter how much stuff I have for the booth. I’m glad to be doing it along with YOU.


  3. I think you are so Lucky to live in a area,where your are able to participate at Lucketts. I wonder how my stuff would sell at a location like Lucketts…your stuff is great.


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