Master Closet Turned Dressing Room Reveal

Renovating the master closet and converting it into a dressing room has been a true labor of love for us! This renovation was just part of the overall Master Bathroom renovation, but it had a few small items we still needed to complete in order to consider it 100% done! I’ll take you through a quick photo before and after but if you’re interested in seeing more of the renovation photos and details check out my links at the end of this post.

This was the view into the closet, there was a door off of the master bathroom which is why I consider it a closet before but a “dressing room” now. My side is the first left, hubby’s side is behind mine with the most natural light (he has a tad issue with determining whether clothing is black or blue Disappointed smile)

Original closet

This is the totally unusable dormer window area, with a separate light switch for what purpose I do not know.

Original closet

This is my hubby’s side of the closet, have I mentioned enough how I hate wire shelving!

Original closet

Another shot of my side of the closet with the door that lead into the unconditioned storage space.

Original closet

Original closet layout plan

Original closet layout

Renovated closet plans

Dressing room plans

So this is our new view through the master bathroom into the new dressing room. When I was originally designing this space I was concerned about not having a door on the closet (not sure why now), so I did design the walls on either side of this hallway to be able to accommodate a future door if that was what we wanted. I can tell you with absolute certainty though I would never put a door here! I love all of the natural light that pours into the bathroom from the dressing room windows and the overall open feel of the whole design. By the way we installed a high quality exhaust fan in the bathroom that has allayed any fears about moisture I may have had.

Renovated closet into dressing room off of new master bath

My closed wardrobe area that I have setup for my “delicates” and jewelry. Clearly I have a ton of unused space, but I don’t really have anything else to store. I love it though! The doors I painted to match the IKEA brown/black color of the cabinet.

IKEA Pax wardrobe in renovated closet turned dressing room

My hanging area for dresses, skirts and long items. I love the solution we designed in order to hang the closet rod on the inclined ceiling.

Slanted ceiling hanging space in renovated closet turned dressing room

Slanted ceiling hanging space in renovated closet turned dressing room

My custom pull outs for shoes and additional storage for purses etc.

Custom built-in shoe shelves in renovated closet turned dressing room

Custom built-in shoe shelves in renovated closet turned dressing room

We used heavy duty metal closet rods from Home Depot for all of our hanging. They are very pretty and extremely strong!

Slanted ceiling clothes hanging space in renovated closet turned dressing room

My hubby made this simple hanging cabinet for my boots, but I also keep a few sweater items on top.

Custom hanging boot cabinet in renovated closet turned dressing room

More hanging space here, with custom wood tops I stained and attached to the brackets.

Renovated closet turned dressing room

Now for my hubbies side of the closet. Again using the heavy duty metal rods and custom cut and stained wood tops.

Renovated closet turned dressing room

Renovated closet turned dressing room

My husband built this small cabinet I designed to fit in this otherwise unused space.

Custom cabinet for renovated closet turned dressing room

A nice space to charge phones and decorate!

DIY shelf space for renovated closet turned dressing room

Renovated closet turned dressing room

Oh how excited my husband was when he learned he had plenty of room leftover in this cabinet for new shoes!!

IKEA Pax shoe storage in renovated closet turned dressing room

Still lots of empty shelf space!

Renovated closet turned dressing room

We custom made these dividers for his sock drawer, love them!

Custom made drawer dividers for PAX wardrobe drawers

Renovated closet turned dressing room

An just because Chewy is so nosy and cute I thought I would share this photo with you too…

Renovated closet turned dressing room with cute Schnoodle

Cute Schnoodle - Chewy

Our dogs really crack me up!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my little tour of our completed dressing room! We are loving every square inch of it and are thrilled at how well our design has worked so well for us!

Thanks as always for stopping by and I hope that you all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a wonderful New Year!!!

Until next time…


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Master Bathroom & Flooring Progress

It truly has been a long 5 months working on our master bath renovation. Luckily we had another bathroom close to us that we have taken over during this renovation, not to worry the bathroom “belongs” to our middle daughter who is away at college in Virginia 99% of the time so no one is really being put out. However, it’s still been a long renovation, but since we’re doing it ourselves and mostly on available weekends progress has been s-l-o-w.

So here’s a little glimpse into where we stand so far…

We have gotten all of the tile up and grouting will be happening soon.

Master bathroom walk-in shower

(The shower curb will be covered with the same marble we use on the vanity tops which is why you still see the waterproof membrane.)

We had a few weekends of flooring installation… this flooring is a 7” wide plank engineered wood flooring with 2.5mm oak layer on top (which means it can be refinished at least twice if need be). We opted to nail it down, but it can be glued, floated or nailed if you want. It has a wire brushed, hand scraped finish to it so I am hoping it will show less wear. The flooring extends from the upstairs hall, through the master bedroom, bathroom and closet and we freaking LOVE it!

New hardwood flooring installed in hall, bathroom, master bedroom and closet

My list of things to finish is far to long to type, lets just say it’s extensive… but Lieutenant Dan I have floors!!

Engineered oak wood flooring in master bathroom

More glorious uninterrupted floors on my side of the closet, I cannot wait to see how good the molding looks after we get it installed!

Engineered oak wood flooring in master closet

We’re still cutting trim etc. in the bathroom, but we have organized everything on one side of the closet… still this is way better than trudging up and down the stairs a gazillion times. The down side to this is that the dust pretty much is EVERYWHERE!

Master bathroom renovations

The vanities are ready to be put in place, we have to cut the water off to install them so we wanted to wait and install both vanities and the toilet at the same time to be slightly more efficient. Once they’re in place we can get the countertop guys to come over and get the template for the marble for the tops and the shower curb!

Master bathroom renovations

Below is one of my favorite areas in the bathroom, my little vanity “nook”, it’s the dormer window area that we have added electricity and a floating table top to. Also, on the right hand side of this “hall” will be a built-in area for the laundry basket with a shelf above it for whatever.

It’s was originally a very awkward space… trust me… (*update: I posted a picture on my Instagram account Sunday of the board and batten in progress here, check it out on the sidebar if you’re curious)

Look at all of the light I get, plus we have 3 large shade trees in the front yard that dapple the light and add to the privacy.

Dormer window vanity makeup area

This is what it looked like before, an 8ft. long “hall” to a window seat… now please tell me who the hell would sit on that seat? It was so weird! The hobbit door on the left was what they described as a luggage room, it was weird too… it may have even been haunted…

Stupid seat in dormer window hall

So that’s pretty much where we’re at with the renovations so far. The very next things on the list the hubby and I will be tackling together are grouting, trim installed in water closet, toilet and vanities installed. I myself will be filling nail holes and caulking until I never want to caulk again… fun times at home!

If you have any questions or comments you’d like to share please do, I get to them WAY faster than I get to writing my posts. And if you happen live in the Louisville, KY area and want to help me caulk let me know, I’ll make us some Mojito’s and we can play some groovy 80’s cardio music Party smile … UGH…


It is amazing what sheetrock can do! (Bath & Closet, part 5)

It never ceases to amaze me how a room can feel so different once the sheetrock goes up. Sometimes it can make what felt like an open space seem closed in, while other times it grounds the room and makes it feel just right. Thank goodness we are in the second camp. The last 2 homes we built so we know firsthand how a room can look just the right size on a plan, but once the walls go up it can magically transform into you questioning the room size! At this stage in the bathroom & closet renovation I feel so happy with the space, the design just has much better flow, feel and natural light, it’s very exciting! We subcontracted the sheetrock work out, this was a big job and neither of us felt qualified to handle it.

Master bathroom renovation

Master bathroom renovation

The contractor we hired to install the framing is also helping us out with the shower. We are having him install the liner, mortar bed and cement backer board on the walls. We ended up using a pond liner instead of the traditional pan liner, mainly because the tile stores don’t stock 9×8 liners and recommend you seal two of them together in order to get the size you need. I did find some online, but it cost over $100 just to ship it and would have delayed the project. So I looked at pond liners as an alternative, they are made of the same product and thickness and I saved over $300 and have a single piece rather than two seemed pieces.

Building a walk in master shower

I have already taped the seams, but I still need to cover the mesh tape and screw holes with thinset and then paint 2-3 coats of a waterproof membrane called RedGard for waterproofing and crack prevention.

Building a walk in master shower

All of the new LED ceiling lights are in, but we still have to add junction boxes for the new sconces beside the vanity mirrors. This was not in the original plan and is what my husband lovingly refers to as my “scope creep”…  The nice thing about being our own General Contractor and doing a portion of the work ourselves is that there is no fee to make this change, just the cost of the material and the time is takes us to do it.

Also we will be installing Board & Batten on the bathroom walls, I have already installed and painted the top trim (it is a lot easier to paint the walls prior to the rest of the trim being installed). Our plan of attack for the rest of the room is to tile the shower, install the vanities, install the flooring, install the baseboards, then install the vertical B&B trim.

Master bathroom renovation

The closet doesn’t get B&B, but will eventually have built-in cabinetry, it is painted the same color as the top portion of the wall in the bathroom (and in the master bedroom) Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray.

Master closet renovation

Thank goodness my sweet Hubby painted all of the ceilings for me, ceilings are such a pain for me so I was very grateful for him doing that.

In case you’re interested these are some things I have learned by being our own General Contractor:

  • One good contractor can lead you to other skilled tradespeople, if the contractor is nice and helpful (which ours was in spades). He recommended the sheetrock guy, the shower glass guy and let us use his discount at the tile store.
  • Let people know you are working on your home, we got a referral for a great plumber from a parent of our daughter’s when my hubby dropped her off at a sleepover!
  • You can take your time and work at your own pace, which may be slow or fast depending on what else you have going on.
  • You can make changes on the fly when you see an opportunity you didn’t think of when you were in the planning stage (without the burden of creating a change order and the associated costs).

So far the only major problem that has occurred is with the flooring. When I opened the shipment we received the other day it was the wrong color and wrong width although the packaging was stamped with the product I ordered. I hope the company has the correct product and can get it to me in a reasonable amount of time otherwise I have to start all over again looking for flooring… not fun!

Well I’m off to work on the shower, let me know if you have any questions about our project so far, I think it’s going to turn out beautifully!

Thanks as always for stopping by!


Master Bath & Closet Renovation (part 4)

Choosing tile for the master bathroom shower is where I left off a couple of weeks ago. I did decide to go with marble instead of the considerably less expensive ceramic tile, I will share with you sources and actual selection soon… I’m still picking out exactly what I need. In the meantime all of the walls in the rooms have been constructed, well except for one small one that cannot be erected until the plumbing is moved, and the insulation is in! It was VERY cold in the bathroom and we did have a small problem with the copper pipes bursting, but Super Awesome Hubby drained them, capped them off and wrapped them in foam so they are ok now. The temperature in there still hovers around 42 degrees in the room, but that is so much better than the 7 degrees it is outside!

So this is the current view looking back toward the door to the master bedroom. The shower is on the right and to the left of the shower is the water closet. See all of that lovely pink insulation in the floor? If you remember these rooms are partially over the garage and stayed cooler than they should so we had blown insulation added on top of the bat insulation that was already there for added floor warmth.

master bathroom remodel construction phase

I constructed a niche on both sides of the shower walls, the Hubby relocated the whole house vacuum pipe and I installed the new electrical switches and roughed in the wiring. The plumber is supposed to be here at the end of the week, barring any more emergency pipe bursting calls that is, the plumbers around here have been VERY busy!

The picture below is of my Hubby’s closet space, seriously the man has a ton of clothes and shoes! The wall on the left will be double and single handing rods and the wall directly ahead will be all shelves for shoes and folding items. The wall on the right will also be for hanging clothes with a window seat under the window. The way it works out is that he “gets” everything to the left of the window and I “get” everything to the right.

master closet remodel construction phase

This is my side of the closet. The knee wall on the left will be for long hanging items and the one on the right will have short hanging with shelving below for shoes, sweaters, purses whatever. The other wall (across from the right knee wall) will have two hanging rods for short hanging items as well. Also, the area behind the knee walls, which is accessible from the dormer window area, will have built-in cabinets for additional shoe storage. At this point in the construction we also made sure to add additional bracing to the walls so that our clothes rods will be well supported.

master closet remodel construction phase

If you remember this closet space was broken up before with this center wall that blocked the natural light from getting to my side of the closet… I hated it! Just removing this wall made such a big difference I really have no idea why they designed it this way in the first place… and don’t get me started with the wire shelving, but rest assured there will be no wire shelving in our “new” closet.

master closet BEFORE

A birds eye view of the closet layout is this, more efficient use of the space and the natural light available to the whole space. I like having one big closet space, no one gets short changed with the “small closet” you can be a closet hog or not it’s up to you!

master closet design

With the addition of the insulation the room is at least bearable to work in now. However, I am looking forward to the sheetrock installation next week and no we are not doing that ourselves. I’ll leave sheetrock and plumbing to the professionals, we are doing a lot of DIY on this renovation, but those two items are just ones we choose not to do.

We still have quite a ways to go and I feel like I am going a little crazy trying to source the perfect flooring option, but I’m hoping I’ll find something soon. In the meantime we still have to install all of the can lights in the ceiling this weekend so that if there are any mistakes the drywall guys can fix them…

While our bathroom is being remodeled we have taken over our daughter’s bathroom (she’s away at college), it has great natural light in there but I miss my nice, deep tub so I’m hoping that once the drywall gets installed I can use my tub again.

Stay safe and warm guys… I’m hoping that Spring comes to us all soon!

Until next time…


The Master Closet Remodel Part. 1

We had SOOO much fun this weekend starting on our master closet remodel / renovation. Lots of drywall dust, carpet crud and insulation removing fun! Here is a recap from the beginning…

Our closet is located off of the master bath, on the end of the house over the garage. It was by far the largest closet we saw while house hunting here in Louisville (which is just one of the reasons we loved this house). Having said that though it has some “issues”, it’s layout is awkward and it’s chilly in there in the winter. As a side note we have already replaced the 2 windows so we are assuming the problem is in the way it was (or was not) insulated.

This is the view looking into the closet from the bathroom:

Master closet renovation remodel

This is my side of the closet. The door you see is access to the unfinished area that slopes down to the garage side walls, it’s large but freaking cold and we didn’t really use it.

Master closet renovation remodel

This is my hubby’s side of the closet, lots of nice natural light on this side, which he totally needed in order to help him determine blue from black suits…

Master closet renovation remodel

Here is the original layout of the master closet, just LOOK at all of that unused space marked “storage”!

Master closet renovation remodel

Below is the most recent plan for the new space, but since we are building the units ourselves this plan is certainly subject to change.master closet plans

One of the closet walls is being moved back in order to enlarge the shower, which is on the other side of that wall. Also, we will be removing the walls on both storage sides of the closet and installing a new knee wall 4 ft. back from the original walls. These changes will make the new walls about 5ft. tall (the original walls were 8ft. tall) and give us an additional 63 sq. ft. of closet space.

I was just thrilled with the space after we removed the center wall, the light just fills the room now… By the way there are 2 windows in the closet, the one you see pictured and the dormer window on the front of the house.

Master closet renovation remodel

We are saving all of the lumber we can so that they can be used to create the new walls. We removed all of the nails out of the wood before removing them from the wall.

Master closet renovation remodel

Now on to opening the side walls. There was insulation in these walls, but only R-13 which I think is the minimum for our zone. We did not save it to reuse as we will need to insulate this room better. This is the unfinished area on the left that they had setup as extra storage space.

Master closet renovation remodel

We then hit a “little” snag… my Hubby was a tad overzealous and started removing some of the vertical 2×4’s before we had a good look at the wall structure. Once we did we stopped removing the 2×4’s. See we’re not 100% sure if this is a load bearing wall or not. See photo of top of the wall below.

Master closet renovation remodel

See the 2×6 beams going across the ceiling of the room appear to be resting somewhat on the wall. Most of the beams appear to be nailed in with 2 nails on one side to the rafters but that doesn’t seems like enough support to us. After HOURS of research we think those beams are collar ties that also happen to be used as the ceiling structure, however we’re just not sure. To be 100% sure we’re having a contractor come by and look at it, if he’s not sure I’ll have a structural engineer come by and take a gander. You don’t happen to be a structural engineer who might know what’s going on here?

 Master closet renovation remodel

We moved on to removing the sheetrock on the other side of the room. This is another extra storage space that they had access to from the bathroom. I think they called this the “suitcase storage” on the realtor listing… again a VERY cold space. Same deal with the walls seeming to support collar ties?!

That’s where we finished up on Sunday. We filled up a bunch of bags of debris and cleaned up as much as possible, but we’re at a standstill until we here about the walls. Luckily we have a door on this room so it’s coldness can be closed off from the rest of the house… BRR!!

If you have any suggestions or ideas about these walls or the space please comment below! Thanks as always for stopping by!

Until next time…


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