Master closet wallpaper focal wall

Little progress, a fun project and anxiety embarrassment, oh my!

So we’ve made very little progress in the bathroom, but here are some pictures of the progress we have made:

We ran new wiring and installed new vanity lights over both vanity areas.

master bathroom renovation

We repaired the area around the tub with green board and a ton of mud

master bathroom renovation

We installed a wallpaper focal wall on my closet side (I’m sooo in love with it)

wallpaper focal wall master closet

We have tiled some of the shower walls (hoping to get to the herringbone top section this weekend)

tiling shower master bathroom

We have the flooring, but we don’t want to install it until we finish the tiling so we don’t mess them up, tiling is a dirty job!

So because I just need a break from the bathroom progress I bought and am updating a super cute drafting table for my little artist… the drawers are almost done.

drafting table drawers

And on a personal note I am working with my eye doctor to deal with this GPC (Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis) problem I am having with my eyes. GPC is an allergic reaction to my contacts, but since I have been wearing glasses for almost a year straight I’m very confused as to why my eyelids are reacting to something that is not there. Anyway, I basically have swollen upper lids, can’t wear my contacts and have problems with bright light. So I am currently running through a course of steroid drops, which can cause eye pressure issues so the doctor needs to check my eye pressure. Well I’m not ashamed to say I have pretty high anxiety levels when people are “messing” with my eyes or teeth, I don’t know why but I’m just afraid they will poke or knock them out or do something irreversible. The lady came in to do the test and I lost it, I started crying tearing up and asking if I HAD to do it today, couldn’t I do it another day (you would have thought I was 4, not 43)?! It was so embarrassing, they finally convinced me to take the test, which was much less of an ordeal than I made it out to be, but the whole thing was draining for me… and probably the doctor’s staff as well. I also did something very similar at my dentist several years back when they were going to measure my gum height. I saw her “coming at me” with this very long, sharp curved instrument and I was all… “Umm, what are you doing?” She said she had done this test several times on me before (I had been seeing this dentist for well over 20 years), but I didn’t believe her and wouldn’t let them preform the test. They gave me a prescription for valium to take before I came to the next visit, I never had to take it and next time I was fine, but I think that there are times of the month that I am far more anxious or maybe even crazy feeling than others… I should figure that shit out and not schedule appointments during that “time” I think!

Well I guess I better get back to work! Thanks for letting me share!



  1. You poor thing, sounds almost like panic attacks. It doesn’t happen much any more but I use to go places and then just have to leave, like bye-see ya, cannot stay here.


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