Basement media wall before

The really big mess we’re making in the basement…

So we REALLY are making a HUGE mess in the basement, lots of dust and tools, but I couldn’t be happier! We finished painting over the awful faux finish wall treatment and are in the process of updating the built-in entertainment area. Just so you know I wanted to hire someone to paint the basement because it was a lot and I just wanted it done, but with a price quote of $1,300 not including paint I decided to put on my big girl panties and get it done (with a lot of help from my Super Awesome Hubby too!) I wanted to share with you the progress of the TV wall though, as I am super thrilled with how it’s coming along.

This is what the basement built-in entertainment area looked like just before we moved in. While some of you might possibly think the walls look good, trust me, in person they were pretty bad. These are really nice built-ins however, but that TV area was made for one of those mack daddy TV’s, you remember the SUPER deep ones? All of the wires you see sticking out of the wall are for the cable and the surround sound.

Basement media wall before

Removing the deep TV built-in and the narrow cabinet beside it was no picnic let me tell you! They built them in place so the backs of the cabinets were actually the drywall part of the wall. The long holes you see snaking along the top of the wall near the ceiling are where we ran the speaker wire up so that we could install the in wall speakers here. We also moved the electric outlets and finished out the wires in the wall for a cleaner look.

Basement media wall in progress

The speakers came with a template that we traced around and then cutout the drywall to house the units.

Basement media wall in progress

We have installed this same V-groove wood planks on this wall as we have in the girl’s bathroom and the laundry room. First and most importantly it covers up all of the holes we made in the drywall, but also it will provide a nice background texture for what we are planning to do…

Basement media wall in progress

I hope everyone knows you can get your primer tinted for free right? I had my Kilz tinted as dark gray as possible to help with the final coat.

Basement media wall in progress

My SAH and I designed this cabinet to hold all of our components under the TV. We used our handy Kreg Jig to help with this project!

Basement media wall in progress

Basement media wall in progress

Ok, so this is where we finished up this weekend. Are you digging the black wall or is it just a tad too much for you? I think this will be the perfect backdrop for the TV and some decorative items on the shelves.

I will finish priming and painting it this week so the only thing that will be left to do is find a TV for this spot… and let me tell you my Hubby is SO looking forward to that part of the project!

Basement media wall in progress

Ideally he wants something this BIG, but we’ll see (excuse the crude Photoshop mock up). It’s a very large area and can hold an 80” TV. In case you were wondering about the scale of this area it’s 12’ wide by 10’ tall. This potential TV is why we removed the skinny built in, gotta have as much TV space as possible for watching football right?!

Basement media wall in progress

So it’s coming along slowly, but I have to blame that on the weather. It’s been so gorgeous here in Louisville, KY recently that I have been doing as much outside as I can… pretty soon winter will be here and I will be stuck inside then anyway!

I hope you all are having beautiful Fall weather too! Thanks so much for stopping by…

Until next time!



  1. I think the black is great for your purposes. There is a reason theaters paint ceilings and walls black… it virtually “disappears”. The picture on the TV will pop beautifully 🙂


  2. I actually like the black wall and you poor thing!!! It’s hard enough to make a 42″ tv look appealing on a wall. Im curious…are you going to paint the cabinet you both built? I know you didn’t ask for opinions, but I think it would look nice stained a dark espresso or even stained black to blend in with the wall better. Seems like with it that light wood (maple?) color, it draws the eyes down to it.

    I think this is awesome and I know you both are working hard to get it ready ASAP for football nights. haha 😉


    1. Thanks so much Briana, and opinions are always valued ☺️ we are painting the piece we built, it’s just MDF and leftover wood from the pieces we took down. I have it primed now but it will be black like the rest of the wall to help make the 2 built-ins look cohesive.


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