DIY Fall Pillow Cases

A Big Fat THANK YOU and Some Pillow Love

I wanted to thank all of you who voted for my Laundry Room Makeover on Apartment Therapy’s Room For Color 2014! Seriously I can’t tell you how much your support means to me and how awesome it makes me feel! Because of your support our Laundry room had the most votes in it’s “Cool” division and the second most votes of all of the entries, pretty impressive right?! So you would think I would be in the running for the Grand Prize, but sadly I’m not… they actually have a panel of judges that choose the finalist from the categories… not a really democratic way to run a contest but to each his own.. I guess I’m just a little bummed (and confused) about it!

I wanted to do more than just complain to you guys I promise, I wanted to share with you this quick crafting project I worked on. I pulled out the sewing machine this past Saturday and sewed some Fall pillow covers for the sunroom. I decided to make envelope enclosure pillows and found this tutorial here for them. They were SUPER easy to make and will allow me to quickly and easily change my pillow covers for the season. I had the perfect Fall fabric on hand so this was not only a pretty quick project but it was cheap too!

I sewed pillows for both sides of the sunroom sofa and “my” chair, I loved the colors in the fabrics and how they turned out but they just looked a little BLAH for me, see what I mean…

DIY envelope pillow covers

I decided to embellish them a little… I made some felt flowers (using hot glue and strips of felt, see basic tutorial I found here) and some black velvet ribbon I attached with fabric glue. Much better right, but still not quite right…

Embellishing pillow covers

I decided I wanted a “S” on each of the plaid pillows. So I printed a “S” from Word onto a thicker piece of paper (to make cutting easier) and then cut it out. I fused together some black flannel fabric and Wonder Under Transfer Web with a hot iron. Then I placed the “S” cutout on the fabric and traced around it with white chalk (so I could see the line) and then cutout the “S”.

Embellishing pillow coversEmbellishing pillow covers

I then removed the backing of the Wonder Under (exposing the glue) and placed the “S” on the pillow. I then covered it with parchment paper and ironed it onto the pillow cover. The “S” is now permanently fused to the flannel pillow cover!

Embellishing pillow covers

So much cuter than the plain pillows before I think!

Embellishing pillow covers

Embellishing pillow covers

I had never made felt flowers before so I am very pleased with how they turned out and I only burnt my hand with the stupid hot glue ONCE, but once was enough let me tell you!

Embellishing pillow covers

This is “my” seat in the sunroom, I love to sit there and look out at the back yard and the tree’s.

Embellishing pillow coversEmbellishing pillow covers

I posted the picture below on my Instagram account yesterday, so much fun making all of these, I don’t craft / sew as often as I should…

Custom DIY Pillow Cases and Embellishments

I hope you enjoyed my little pillow tutorial! I still have my sewing machine out because next I have to tackle some making some Roman Shades.. fun fun!!

Thanks as always for stopping by…

Until next time!



  1. Those pillows are SO cute now! I’m sorry your laundry room didn’t win…you were certainly my choice. 😛 And you will most likely be my inspiration when I get around to dressing up my laundry. =D



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