Vintage wrought iron patio set updated refinished

The Second Time Around Patio Set

So I almost didn’t share this makeover with you… I’m a little embarrassed and you will see why! I bought this vintage patio set about 12 years ago, it had no bottoms or back but I just loved it! Back then I painted the metal and I covered the seats in good quality outdoor fabric, but now they are way past needing an update… and yes, these yucky things have been sitting on my deck… so GROSS!


I think the nastiness on the back is a mixture of algae, mildew and bird crap! But other than that isn’t it a pretty set?


Here is the table, I just adore the leaf patterns in the iron work.


I put off updating this set up for way too long… now that we are in the process of a large move and I wanted to be sure to get this done before we moved (I really just think I didn’t want it touching the rest of our stuff)

So here is the much improved AFTER!

Vintage wrought ironpatio set updated refinished

I sanded away any rust spots and sprayed the spots with a clean metal primer by Rustoleum. I then spray painted the whole set a satin black, it took about 4 cans but I got it done!

Vintage wrought ironpatio set updated refinished

I LOVE this fabric I bought from Ufab, here in Richmond, it’s outdoor fabric and at about $25 a yard it better hold up for another 12 years! The colors work great for us as we have both blue and green in some of our other pieces.

Vintage wrought ironpatio set updated refinished

I used the same fabric for the back of the seat cushions, I just found the flowers in the pattern and cut them out. Doesn’t the set look much more inviting?

Vintage wrought ironpatio set updated refinished

Changing out the fabric on this set was pretty easy, I just had to remove a BUNCH of staples and I used the old fabric as a template for the new fabric. It took a while to sand and spray the set, but once I was done I was thrilled with the results. It’s like I have a whole new set for a fraction of the price. There is nothing like a move to get you motivated to finish the long put off projects right?

Thanks as always for stopping by…

Until next time!

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  1. Susan: Do you have an unfinished sideboard that you are willing to sell? Now that you are moving and getting rid of things. I live just south of Charlottesville and can pick one up from you?


  2. I love it! Especially using the complimentary stripes & floral pattern. You will get years of use from this set.
    Barbara Ann


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