100 Mile Yard Sale!

I know… what is this craziness?!! Have you heard of this HUGE yard sale getting ready to take place July 6th? I hadn’t either but now that I have I’m thinking I might just have to check it out!

Here are the details…

yard sale

They were even kind enough to provide a map of the route…

yard sale1

I’m not sure if 100 miles of yard sales will be overwhelming for me or I will love it… What about you? Have you been to any yard sale events like this? If so any advice for me?

Thanks for stopping by, until next time!

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  1. I went to my first “world’s largest yard sale” that stretches from ALA to Minnesota (I think). I drove to Kentucky from Atlanta, and worked my way back down to the major freeway that brought me back home. We took a small trailer, not covered, plenty of rope and tarp, and looked like the Beverly Hillbillies when we got home. Imagine two 50 something fiesty blonde ladies “picking” for three days! I had a ball, and cant wait to go again. We also went to the “peaches to the beaches” yard sale here in Ga. Smaller scale, but great bargains. If you really want something get it then, do try to rethink it, unless it is way out of your budget. I regret not buying some things just because the seller would not come down $8 or so. Bring lots of paper to wrap, less suitcases and just have fun! We made reservations in advance so we had to be at a certain place by days end. Biggest lesson learned? INstead of one or two big ropes, bring a lot of 2-3 ft ropes to tie furniture to each other, to the sides of the trailer, or to tie the tarp on.


    1. OH I am a California Girl!! Tell me more about peaches to the beaches! I was just looking up flights to GA. Maybe I can hit this…I have always want to do the 100 Mile Yard Sale. On my bucket list. GA is do’able


  2. Hi Susan, it’s probably in front of me, but what state is this in? I clicked the Virginia yard sale and it brought me to the 100 mile yard sale. Hope you have fun and a big truck, that’s what I need, a truck and a garage.


  3. I will be participating and invite you all to join Jio’s Closet in Chester, VA….. lots of loot for all, men, women, boys & girls…. come one, come all!!! Join us early this Saturday for great deals.


  4. I do the North Carolina 301 Yard sale and had a ball. I got a pickers long van and filled it up with a lot of furniture and small, unique bargains. I have already blocked it out for this year which is June 19th and 20th and will go for 120 miles this year. Hope you can make this one as there are lots of local treasures when someone opens up their barns which they have had for 50 or more years.


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