Little Table Redo and a Genius Idea



Nice right? OK… so some of you may have passed this beauty by and said “no way!”… but not me… she’s the PERFECT size for a small bedside table and just look at those dainty legs! Yes… she’s pretty banged up but I’m totally sure I can fix her up!

I sanded her top and shelf down to remove all of the nastiness, but sanding doesn’t remove all of the water rings from the top…

This is a custom piece for a client who had previously purchased from me a Carrera marble and Paris Grey painted bedside table. She wanted this table to coordinate with the Carrera table… so Pure White Chalk Paint for the top and Paris Grey for the base is the paint scheme for this piece…

Check out the nice stain that bled through the Kliz primer!

I ended up having to paint 4 coats of primer to get rid of the water marks… nice!! There are better primers for this sort of problem but the only ones I had on hand were sprays and I was NOT going to spray paint in the house…


She cleaned up nicely don’t you think?

I lightly distressed the table and waxed it with Minwax… now here is my TOTAL genius idea…

Umm… yeah that’s right!

I put the wax on an electric candle warmer ($4 Hobby Lobby) and the wax became soft and super easy to apply! In the summer time I like to put the wax in the sunshine, but it’s a little chilly to be waxing furniture outside these days… so I’m pretty proud of myself for thinking up this little solution. Yes, if I used a soft wax I wouldn’t have to do this, but I prefer to use the paste wax on certain pieces and now that it is butter soft it makes my job easier… Yippee!

Hope it help you too…

As always… thanks for stopping by…

Until next time!

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  1. Genius is right! I put my can of wax on top of my oil boiler in the basement … I guess a candle warmer is a much more efficient idea.

    Are you using the original Kilz or the water-based, low odor kind? As nice as the water-based one sounds, it doesn’t block stains nearly as well as the stinky one. Or, just use Zinzer shellac … that works the first time, every time.


    1. I had the water based Kilz on hand, so that is what I used… I need to get some of the oil based one, but I HATE cleaning up after it.. I do have Zinzer but in spray.. next time I will not be so impatient to get a project finished! I would totally get the candle warmer, the wax can fits on it like it was made for it! Just plug it up near you and wait for 30 minutes and you are good to go!


  2. Lovely job on the little table! I like how you show us your steps so we can appreciate how the piece turns out. I kind of liked the little water mark – but then for a custom piece, she might not have appreciated it. : ) Geri


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