Touring Beautiful Historic Charleston, SC

Well we JUST got back from our family vacation in Orlando… you know the whole Disney / Harry Potter world thing… and we had quite a bit of yard clean up to do thanks to some serious storms that swept through here while we were gone! My poor sister was house & dog sitting for us and we lost power for about half a day and had to throw away a ton of food! As it is bloody HOT and muggy here I decided rather than sweat it out in the garage working on furniture I thought I’d give share with you a picture tour of Charleston South Carolina, where we spent the night on our way back to Richmond…

Beautiful pink house on the waterfront… check out the faux owl on the balcony.. I guess to scare other birds away…DSC_0025


Can you imagine sitting out on those balconies enjoying the view of the waterfront?


This is a wonderful gated parking entrance with a vine covered arbor, I think it was roses…


Each level of these iron balconies are different, I just love the look!


This house is just huge! Look at the widows walk on top the roof… I bet the access to that is very cool!


Yummy close-up…


Look at those curved arches running all along the wrap around porch!


Can you just imagine this space being in your bedroom?


I saw a few of these lights around.. wish they still made these! I know they are super gothic looking, but I just love them!

DSC_0081 DSC_0083

Look at the filigree on this balcony!


Again with the expansive southern porch… I want this please…


Some more gorgeous gates and architecture..

DSC_0089 DSC_0097

A beautiful church… Charleston is chock a block full of churches…


Lovely shade of pumpkin on this door!


The knocker is to die for!


Private gated courtyard…


Some of the houses were more like row houses, set close together, so some of the entrances were on the side rather than the front, loved the copper and stucco on this one!


Gated side entrance with gas lights!


Me and my girls before we stared the walk.. it was a miserably hot and humid day!


Dab and the littlest at the beginning of the walk…


Towards the end no one wanted to touch one another we were so covered in sweat! But I couldn’t get over how gorgeous the architecture was and we all agreed that we would love to live here… I however would need to make sure that the house had central air conditioning first! In case you are interested there were a lot of houses for sale… I would have loved to have know for how much…

Hope you enjoyed a little sightseeing tour of Charleston… at least you didn’t have to sweat it out to see it! I highly recommend taking the time to visit here if you haven’t already! They also have horse drawn carriage tours if you would rather not walk it… and a very nice upscale shopping district too!

Hope you are all staying cool! Until next time!

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  1. Thank you for your time…posting this….love love love historic….homes and all of the beauty the bring to our USA,including the fact still here and more beautiful then every…again thank you…


  2. Great pictures! I walked those same streets looking for a house years ago – so love the architecture and historic area. I was there in October without the heat and humidity which made it all the nicer. Thanks for the memories!


  3. Even though I live here in Charleston it is wonderful to see our beautiful city through someone else. Hope all is well in Richmond – my daughter will be returning to VCU in August.


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