Lucketts Spring Market Recap

Whew! The Lucketts Spring Market was so great! This being my first year I was unsure about a lot of things, but it all worked out great! I did have to bring back some furniture, but it was not too bad. The weather was fantastic and I so enjoyed meeting all of my customers, other vendors and some other seriously talented bloggers! I wanted to thank everyone who helped me pull this off too.. family, friends & neighbors, you guys are without a doubt the best! So if you made it to the Market you know how awesome it was, but for those of you who couldn’t make it I wanted to share some photos from the show with you..

Some of my booth before the Market opened..


The menu board is from my basement kitchenette, but I could have sold 500 of them as many people that stopped and asked how much it was… “sorry, it’s not for sale” Sarcastic smile


It was so hard to get everything organized and setup so people could walk through and see what you had to offer.. but I loved the way it came together!


I had to bring all three beds home.. I guess beds don’t sell very well at the show.. or maybe it was just mine, I’m not sure..?


Want to know what the VERY first item that sold was… that purple chair above.. it was spray painted in Rustoleum “Aubergine” and I had a new cushion cover sewn for the bottom… it is super funky and has 5 sides with carved plaques.. I’ll do a post on it soon.. I could have sold a ton of these too!

Here are some random pictures of items at some of the other booths…

Super awesome display!


Just beautifully finished…


This buffet came home with me for MY dining room.. lucky me Winking smile


Was in LOVE with this table and chair set over at Sophia’s she might still have it…


Look at that detail…


I can’t remember the name of this booth, but I remember her husband made this table!


WOW! Wouldn’t that be a great converted into a vanity?


I so wanted to take these chairs home…


My daughter wanted this HUGE twig mirror… my response “you can make that, just get some sticks from the woods..” sometimes I’m surprised that she still speaks to me Laughing out loud


I don’t have ANY yellow in my house at all but I wanted this pair of chairs badly…


Do I need to comment on this beauty..?


Who doesn’t need a HUGE iron orb just lying around.. ‘cause I do!


Love these antique infant tubs! Great entertaining piece or for plants..


OK.. so these are kinda scary but they are HUGE.. are they Elk antlers?


These were just a fraction of the great finds that you could have (or did) pick up at the Market this year! I’m totally going to do it again next year!

Thanks for stopping by… until next time!

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  1. Your booth looked fabulous Susan! I can’t even imagine how much blood, sweat and tears goes into being a vendor at a major event like Lucketts. And I wanted one of those giant orbs so badly, but I came home without one. I’m kind of regretting that decision. If our paths cross again, then I’ll know it was meant to be!


  2. So what price ranges does the furniture you saw run in at the market? I may have to make a trip on of these days from PA! It’s all so beautiful, and your booth looked fantastic! Wish I was there!


    1. Some booths had FANTASTIC prices and others were a little pricey.. but I would say that even most of the pricey pieces were worth the price as they were very unique. For example I think the dining table (and chairs) at Sophia’s was between $450-$500… what a great deal! I also got some awesome upholstered French chairs for $20 a piece, they needed to be reupholstered but still.. $20! Make the trip next year with an SUV or minivan it will be worth it! Thanks for checking out the post!


  3. Susan,
    It was soooo nice to meet you! Luckett’s was such a blast…can’t wait to do it again next year! Thanks so much for sharing my dining table…it’s the one furniture piece that I did have to haul home, but that’s ok. I just loved your booth and talking with you…I’ll be sure to stay in contact with you and I can’t wait to see all your future projects here on your blog!



  4. Do you ever think about doing a video tutorial.? I just purchased some cane back chairs this weekend. I kept saying to myself, “I know there is a way to cover these back!” And there is. Love the finish product! I am inspired.


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