Lucketts Market Setup Day 1

Whew.. well we setup the stuff under the tent that came from the house today, we still have to take up another load tomorrow.. I took some photos to share some of the items I saw.. I wanted to take more vendor photos but I was afraid I looked like a stalker or something.. anyway most of these pictures are from inside the Lucketts store or surrounding buildings.. but let me tell you the stuff in the vendor’s tents is AWESOME!!! I would need a house 10 times my current size to fit all of the yummy stuff I wanted to buy! However I did buy 1 thing.. can you guess what it was?

My tent…we had just started moving stuff into the tent.. we are in the “Gold Field” right underneath a big tree.. lovely spot.. come find me!


Not mine & not sure what it is but I do love it…


This “bowl” is big enough to bathe my Weimaraner in it!


0517121250a  0517121251

0517121251a  0517121252

0517121253   0517121256a

0517121259   0517121311

0517121313   0517121316

0517121319   0517121319a

Hope you can make it to the Lucketts Spring Market.. if not I’m sorry for teasing you! The Market is this weekend May 19th & 20th!

So do you think you know what I brought home?

See you soon…

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  1. Wish I could get there, girl. You should leave a post of where it is exactly and times. Good luck. Can’t wait to hear about it.


    1. Funny! Was just sending you an email! We were able to pull up to the site, ground is hard! Bring stakes for the tent, it’s very windy! “You” got a great spot! There were a lot of people already setting up today so I hope tomorrow won’t be so crazy! I know you’ll be busy too, but I will make sure to find you!



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