First Blog Post EVER!

Ok.. So I have an itty, bitty, teeny, tiny problem… I love to buy sad, lonely furniture, fix it up and find a place for it in our home.. The problem is we do NOT live in The Biltmore Mansion! I have run out of room and I am unwilling to trade out anymore of my current furniture for “new” furniture at this time. So where does that leave me? Well.. I have started buying furniture and fixing it up with the “intent” to sell. Nothing big, just a little local Craig’s List action, a little Esty sale here and there. I started out with a little pocket money and only spend what money I have made. So I’m a little low right now on funds to buy items, but I have a LOT of furniture to update! But it’s cold! Working in the unheated garage is just not happening! I am working on some pieces inside that I can paint, stain, wax or poly. They are small pieces, but every little piece counts. My pictures aren’t the best, I promise to work on that, but the quality of the work I do is excellent.

I was trying to take before pictures, I have quite a few, but I get so anxious to start a project that I often don’t get to it. I hope you like what you see.. Thanks for checking out my blog!


  1. Wow, your first post ever, great job. I am fairly new, blogging is fun. I did not see your follower on the side bar, it dissappears on mine sometimes? I will be back to follow, welcome to having a BLOG!


  2. Cool! I keep wanting to come over to your showroom 🙂 and check out your furniture pieces, but just haven’t found the time. It’s nice that I could get a sneak peek on your blog. I’m proud of you girl!


  3. Well…let me just say that I found your blog via Pinterest, and spent the better part of yesterday and today reading the entire (yes..ENTIRE!!!) blog =) I am your newest fan!! I have the same furniture addiction. I freely admit that Haha! I have been reading through all the posts to glean your wisdom and tips and tricks for re-finishing furniture. Research!! I’m curious where you find your pieces and what price range you (try) and stay in? How do you price your pieces? Would you consider doing a post on all your favorites? Paints, waxes, brushes, sander, etc.? That would be awesome =)


    1. Thank you so much for the compliments! And what a great idea to do a favorites post, I will totally do it! When I lived in Richmond, Va I got most of my pieces at on line auctions or Craig’s List, I think here in Louisville though it may be yard sales or CL. I usually try to get double what I pay for a piece depending on how much I pay for it, but I also do market research on the piece to see what I can get for it as well. Hope this helps and hope you stick with me!


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