A Very Productive Snow Day

Well we had a very interesting weather day here in Kentucky yesterday. I’m just outside of Louisville and we got 4” of snow, so needless to say the schools were closed and the kiddo was home. This is a very early morning shot of our backyard, it was pretty gloomy and quiet outside all day yesterday.

Snow Day Prospect, KY

And Chewy (our Schnoodle) freakin’ loves the snow, buries his face in it and runs like a snow plow, but when he comes in he’s all covered in snow balls on his fringe and it takes like 10 minutes to remove them with the hair dryer… doesn’t his face say WTF Mom let me in!

Schnoodle in the snow

So anyway, this post is really about how productive I was yesterday… which is not always the case… I replaced the runner on our stairs AND fixed the scratches on the treads while I was at it! This is what I started with and let me say I have HATED this runner since day one, but I was not ready for a big stair renovation…

Ugly runner

I found a couple of runners that were the right width and that I liked… I have seen a bunch of bloggers redo their stairs for “$100” with runners, let me tell you I could NOT find any runners wide enough for that kind of price. These runners cost me just over $300 in total and they were on sale… maybe I’m looking in the wrong place? Anyway, I laid out the runners to validate how the layout would work before I started the process.

Replacing a stair runner

Getting the original runner up was not a big deal, just a lot of staples to remove that didn’t come out with the runner when I pulled it out. That left me with a tack strip in the back and carpet padding, which I left down… and consequently stepped on the tack strips a couple of times while doing this project!

Replacing a stair runner

After the runner was up I worked on the scratches in the oak treads. Most of them looked a little like this…

Repairing scratched stair treads

The process I used was so simple, just wipe on more stain on the stairs, wait a couple of minutes then wipe it off. I would say the difference is pretty dramatic.

Repairing scratched stair treads

I have no idea what the original floor color was, but I used “Special Walnut” stain color, pretty awesome change right?!

Repairing scratched stair treads

I didn’t poly over the stain, just wiped the excess off good. I will eventually have the stairs refinished but for now they coordinate much better with the refinished wood floors downstairs.

Here’s my BIG HUGE tip for those of you with white stair risers and pickets. 1. wipe as much of the excess stain off of the white paint as you can before it dries, 2. once the stain is dry use Goo Gone and a paper towel to remove the rest of the stain 3. clean the Goo Gone off with a paper towel and Formula 409. SERIOUSLY, if you do this you might not need to touch up your white painted areas, but at the most you’d only have to do one coat to make it look good. Otherwise your looking at at least 2 coats to cover the areas the stain discolored, don’t say I didn’t warn you..

So after my white paint touch up was complete I laid out the runner and started stapling away, being sure to keep it taught and straight. This was the easiest part of this whole update. I also hammered down the tack strip under the runner so we couldn’t feel the tacks trough the carpet.

DIY Stair Runner

The first riser was originally carpeted but I didn’t have enough runner for it so I just filled in the staple holes and painted the riser, I like it better this way …

DIY Stair Runner

So I’m thrilled to death with this update. Now I don’t feel like I have to explain to guests why we have updated the whole first floor but let the old, ratty, ugly runner. While this runner is not a permanent solution for me I will be very happy if I can get 2 years out of it or until I’m ready to make a longer term commitment.

DIY Stair Runner

I will totally admit that this was a project I had been dreading because of the poor condition of the wood. Even though it took me the better part of the day to complete it was well worth it and nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I’m hoping you’re keeping warm and safe, thanks for stopping by!


Master Bathroom Updates (Part 2)

So I left you guys with the last update to the bathroom looking like this, (Click here to see part 1) and it still kind of looks like this but we’ve made some progress.

Master Bathroom Update part 2

We decided to go ahead and remove the tile around the tub for a couple of reasons, 1. all of the floor tile will be removed “soon”, 2. the hot water valve was leaking and we needed to get underneath of it to fix it and the only way to do so was to remove the tile (nice setup right?)

Removing wall tile from tub surround in bathroom

Thank goodness we removed the tile as there was water leaking from the valve onto the subfloor! Obviously you can see that we were unable to remove the tile from the wall without removing the sheetrock as well. We removed the tile by first scoring the caulk and then using a pry bar and a hammer to knock out the tiles… it was pretty easy, but very loud!

Installing wainscoting around bathtub in master bathroom

We installed this wainscoting around the tub, using a plywood backer board and pine 1×3 strips. The wainscoting around the base of the tub is wedged in but easily removable for future plumbing plans (which I have) or for repairs.

Installing wainscoting around bathtub in master bathroom

I was able to convince my Super Awesome Hubby to install a junction box over the tub so that we could install a chandelier that I have had for many years but that was sitting in storage. We found the center point of the tub by using a plumb line, then drilled a hole in that spot, we then stuck a long pole through the hole so that he could find the spot through the attic insulation. Poor guy struck his head on some roofing nails while he was up there… but he got it done! I had to hang it pretty close to the ceiling, but I ‘m very happy it is there.

Installing wainscoting around bathtub in master bathroom

I also primed the tub wainscoting with a tinted grey primer and then caulked all of the seams. If you’re wondering I chose to prime then caulk it was to reduce the possibility of cuts or splinters from running my fingers along the wood when smoothing out the caulk.

Installing wainscoting around bathtub in master bathroom

However, I did go back and prime the caulked areas so now I can use my tub again without being overly concerned about splashing water… not that I’m splashing water but just in case…

Removing vanity from master bathroom

I also had had enough of this vanity! We had purchased a vanity on CL several months ago and I decided it was time we installed it.

Installing new vanity in master bathroom

It’s installed, but I have no sink and only a temporary top (it is from the laundry room update) but at least I can use it. My Hubby still has to make a shelf like cabinet/piece for the end and I will be painting it and the tub surround a dark grey eventually. Obviously I still need a top, a sink and a faucet, but because I will need two of each of these items (because of my husband’s vanity) I’m not ready to bite that bullet quite yet. We also are still trying to decide how best to deal with installing a mirror over this area, but for now this temporary one is fine.

We have a lot more to do, even for just a partial bathroom update, but I’d rather live with this bathroom in a semi-state of construction than the way it was… and I am totally loving the wainscoting around the tub, I think it makes it look so much nicer!

As always thanks so much for stopping by…

Until next time!


Family Photo Wall

So I could call this a gallery wall, but it truly is all Family photo’s that I adore. This is the upstairs hall leading to the bedrooms so it’s a family space which allowed me more freedom with the pictures I chose… I will tell you there is one photo in particular I love, but the kiddos hate it… oh well I put it up anyway Surprised smile

This was pretty much how all of the upstairs looked before we started painting it. I think it’s Navajo white, which is FINE, but it’s just not “us”. Eventually this hall and master bedroom (at the end of the hall) will have hardwood flooring… I’m hoping this winter!

Hall Before

We painted the Foyer, up the stairs and the upstairs hall Revere Pewter. Revere Pewter is very popular for a reason, it’s perfect… not too cool and with just enough warm in it to sometimes look Greige. I could literally paint the whole house this color but my youngest daughter would have a fit as she already thinks I’ve gone a little overboard with all of the blue and gray walls in this house. I really don’t care though… I LOVE THEM!

Hallway painted Revere Pewter

After I painted the walls I decided I wanted to paint the main wall black, Benjamin Moore Black Iron specifically. FYI the hall is a good size and the black wall doesn’t make it feel closed in at all.

Here it is after one coat, it took two coats.

Hallway with black accent wall

I think it’s a pretty dramatic change and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out!

Gallery wall family photo wall black accent wall

All of the frames I had in storage still, they were just not black. I spray painted them all black and laid them out on a few sheets of craft paper to get the layout I wanted. I traced them on the paper and then using the paper as a guide I hung up the frames. All but 3 of these frames are hung with Command Strips, I’m telling you that stuff is awesome for this application!

Gallery wall family photo wall black accent wall

This little sign I made by downloading a chalkboard background and adding my typography to it in Adobe. I printed it out on thick cardstock and used spray adhesive to attach it to this frame.

Gallery wall family photo wall black accent wall

Around this same time we also painted the bannister and handrails Benjamin Moore Jet Black, they are so much prettier than before, I don’t know why I didn’t paint them sooner! The chair I reupholstered a couple of months ago, I just haven’t written up a post on it… it looks pretty awesome here right?

Gallery wall family photo wall black accent wall

Everyday I enjoy walking by this installation of photos and reminiscing , it really brings me a lot of joy and happiness!

Gallery wall family photo wall black accent wall

This was a pretty easy project and certainly cheap for me since I just painted and reused frames I already had in storage. It took me about a month from start to completion due to the time it took deciding which photos to use and making sure they were oriented correctly. Oh, and God forbid one child was pictured more than the others… I seriously counted to make sure they were even… kids… I swear they will drive you C-R-A-Z-Y sometimes, but clearly I love mine!

Thanks as always for stopping by!

Until next time…


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