A Buffet Makeover

Well this admission is slightly embarrassing… but I’ve had this buffet chillin’ out in my garage for almost a year! I bought it last year at the Lucketts Spring Market and I was SOOO excited to get it! This buffet was just what I was looking for to replace my current dining room buffet. As with most pieces that are for “me” it sat for quite a while, all forlorn and sad, until I got around to stripping the top… then it sat for another 8 months or so until I picked up where I left off! One of the reasons it sat dejected for so long is that I had found a buffet that looks VERY similar to this one. The “new” buffet has a cabinet in the center instead of drawers, which worked out much better for my storage needs. SO this beauty just sat around patiently until I started back on it last week… you know I was going to take it back to Lucketts!

This buffet is HEAVY, very HEAVY, in great shape, vintage and all that yumminess…



Here is my paint removal setup…

I was removing the paint off the top in hopes that the wood underneath was in good shape! I “love” my heat gun and prefer to remove paint with it instead of chemicals, but it was a slow process… heat up paint, scrape it off, deposit paint scrap into cardboard box… REPEAT a hundred times… but I was determined!

removing paint with heat gun

I removed about 90% of the paint and the rest I removed with my orbital sander. Starting with 150 grit and finishing with 220 grit.


TA DA! Thank goodness the top was in FABULOUS shape! I would have really freaked out been ticked if I had gone through all of that trouble only to discover it was not!

stripped buffet wood top

Rather than repaint the buffet I decided to distress the paint that was there. I really liked the color, sort of an Old Ochre with a touch of green, and it distressed wonderfully. I did decide to paint the side display shelves and for that I chose Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Florence. I thought it would add a great pop of color to the piece!

painted vintage buffet

I stained the top in Dark Walnut, conditioned it with Watco Oil and finished it off with a layer of Annie Sloan Clear Wax. It was just stunning!

staining wood top of buffet

I left the original pulls, but I cleaned them up really good.


I also waxed the cabinet part of the buffet to bring back the shine that the sanding removed, the final finish is smooth feeling but distressed looking!


I had every intention of loading this bad boy onto a truck and taking it to the Lucketts Market this year, but as fate would have it I sold it 2 days after I finished it. I was meeting a new client for a consultation and when she saw the buffet she just loved it! I was sad to see it go, but oh so happy that it went to a great home… and just a LOT little happy that I never had to lift it again!

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time…

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  1. Your “dejected” 😉 buffet turned out incredible. All good things in time, right?
    I love how you stained the top walnut and those Florence shelves…that was a brilliant idea. Such a good eye. I don’t know if I would have thought of that but I see it now and think it was totally meant to be.
    And, a heat gun? That sounds fun. Lol. Seriously, mommy might need to ask for one for Mother’s Day.


  2. It came out great! How did you strip the paint off the trim parts of the top? Did you also use the heat gun?
    I’ve tried 2 different types of stripper, but found sanding works better, but I can’t get the trim.


    1. Hey Susan! Thanks so much, I’m glad you liked it! I did use the heat gun for the trim parts too… Heat it up and peel it off, sometimes it comes of easier than others. I usually will sand too, but there were a few layers of paint.. The heat gun is also great for removing veneer. It will heat the glue back up then you just pry up the veneer while the glue is still warm… work in small sections… Hope this helps!



  3. This looks fantastic. I love the walnut top and the turquoise accents. Great makeover. Where in VA are you? We’re in Manassas. saw you over at Simple Details blog. happy to find you!
    Xo Nancy


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