Valentines Day Wreath

I decided to make a “wreath” for our front door in celebration of  Valentine’s Day. I’m using an oval canvas, burlap and three bags of those large conversation hearts…

The first thing I did was rough cut the burlap to fit the canvas and overlap the sides. I ironed it after I cut it to remove the wrinkles from the burlap being folded. I then sprayed the canvas with multi-purpose adhesive and quickly set the burlap on it, pressing out all of the wrinkles… the instructions said for a permanent bond adhere in 15 seconds… so I had to move FAST!

I flipped the canvas over and stapled it to the wood support.

I may have gone a little overboard on the staples but I wanted to make sure it stayed put!

I drew a very rough sketch of the heart with a pencil onto the burlap fabric and I started to layout the candy along the line beginning with the bottom.

I placed all of the hearts along the line setting up the shape of the heart prior to adhering them. Once I was happy with the outline I went back and glued each of them in place with my hot glue gun… I continued working from the bottom to the top to fill in the rest of the heart shape.

I attached a ribbon with staples to the front top wood support and then put a line of hot glue over the staples to join the two sides of the ribbon in order to create the top loop.

I also strategically glued down sections of the ribbon to keep it pulled to the side…

I wish there had been more pink and white hearts in the mix… but there were a ton of orange and yellow for some strange reason?! I may need to email Brach’s to let them know…

Well here it is all finished!


I think it looks quite cute and festive! Now I just hope the kids don’t try to eat the candy off of it Winking smile


Thanks for stopping by as always!

Until next time…

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  1. At my house, I’d have to worry about critters eating the candy – squirrels, field mice – maybe even Rocky raccoon! Very cute though.


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