A Little Mom Bragging

When people ask what I do I find myself struggling to define exactly what that is… I don’t think I can say I refinish furniture as I believe that means to return it to it’s original state… I don’t think I’m an artist because I don’t do any decorative painting on the furniture… So when clients insist that I am an artist I beg to differ and this is just one of the many reasons why…

This is a charcoal sketch that my 16 year old daughter did as an art class project! It is her interpretation of an original sketch by Albrecht Durer. It truly brings me to tears looking at it and knowing that this was sketched by her!DSC_0021

This is the original art work she sketched from…

“Head Of An Apostle Looking Downward”

Head Of An Apostle Looking Downward - Albrecht Durer - www.albrecht-durer.org

What a wonderful interpretation of the original! I have no idea how she does it!


To me her work is the work of an artist… and it truly sickens me that I am raising 3 utterly talented girls and I cannot draw, paint or sketch! Not to mention that Cassidy, the artist of this sketch, doesn’t see her talent and spends very little time on it… I actually think that should be a crime don’t you?

I would LOVE to get her to help me produce some truly unique pieces with her original works of art this summer… I may have to be reduced to bribery though Thinking smile

Thanks for bearing with me as I pulled this out of my Mom brag bag… it’s full of “stuff” but this one was the most recent and has moved me so…

Thanks for listening!

Until next time…

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  1. What a totally amazing work!! In my experience with my husband’s art talent, interest in it ebbs and flows with him. Sometimes he’s all gung ho, and other times he does nothing with it. Cassidy is only 16, and the talent is there. If she chooses to develop and nurture it when she’s older, it will STILL be there. (Lessons with a local artist may be a good Xmas present).


  2. You are definitely an artist! I used to think the same thing about painting furniture–but when the consignment store that I sell my furniture at advertised that my furniture is painted by a local artist–it became clear to me that it really is an art. Go ahead and be just as proud of yourself as you are of your daughters.


  3. Oh MY GOD!!! Cassidy is amazing! That is so picture perfect, looks exactly like the original. I’m amazed. You are very creative Susan, creativity isn’t just being able to sketch, paint, draw. You have your own, beautifully original creative talent! I’m envious of Cassidy’s talent!


  4. Susan, we all have different talents, your daughter is blessed, maybe she will figure it out. Most artists need inspiration, right? What you do is art, just a different form. Really love the charcoal.
    Take care,


  5. Susan, I quite literally stumbled across your blog this week. I, too, have a son that has artistic talent like your daughter. I am glad that both have discovered their talent at a young age, as it can and will bring them years of enjoyment and purpose. You, Susan, are also talented, for you have a gift of being able to envision what a piece of furniture can and will look like after you have completed it. It is like a seamstress who sees fabric made up. I think we all have talents, but only gifted people work on those talents to improve themselves. Love your blog, I will be following!


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