Sunday Dinner Chef’s

Here is a “wicked” plan I devised one Sunday evening when my girls (ages 18,16 & 9) were once again bugging me about what’s for dinner…

Every Sunday my girls have to plan and prepare dinner… and I’m not talking about just throwing a pizza in the oven… a real meal! It started out with all of them cooking together but after a few weeks “they” (not sure if it was a democratic decision or not) decided that Sierra and Brie (oldest and youngest) would prepare a meal one week then Cassidy would have to do the next week… seriously why can’t they just ALL get along?!

Anyway, this is such a wonderful time for me and the Hubby to sit back, drink a glass of wine and enjoy each others company while someone else cooks! It also is a fabulous opportunity for the girls to learn to plan a meal, follow a recipe and get all of the items plated while they are still hot! I can’t tell you how much their cooking has improved and how much more they appreciate the cooking that their Dad & I do! We also take the opportunity to eat in the Dining Room to make the dinner even more special (we would normally eat in the eat in area off the kitchen)… at least the Dining Room is getting some use other than Holidays!

Well with Sierra off to College it’s just Cassidy cooking (I don’t think she wants Brie to help her..) and this is what she made this past Sunday, with NO help or suggestions from us, this is totally a Cassidy meal… she’s my meat and potatoes girl…

First of all I must say she cooked the Pot Roast and veggies in the crock pot and I was told it was FABULOUS (I don’t eat red meat but it looked great)! The baked mac & cheese was very good, the collard greens delicious and the candied acorn squash was interesting… But seriously how many 16 year olds are out there trying to cook like this? I’m very proud of her for sure…

Since Cassidy started cooking on Sunday’s she can make a mean Chicken Lasagna & Sheppard’s Pie (with ground chicken) by heart… she truly amazes me! Now if I can just get her to apply that same focus to cleaning her room I would be thrilled!

All the girls are so proud of themselves for being able to cook and they really do love the planning part of the meal as well… because they get to cook what they want to eat! It’s a win win for everyone so why not give it a try… I think you’ll be amazed… I know I am every Sunday!

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time…

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  1. What a fabulous idea! I started cooking (with my Mama giving me directions over the phone as she was a working outside the house Mom) when I was 11 or 12 and am a pretty good cook. My oldest daughter doesn’t like to cook at all – I wish I’d of done this when my kids were teenagers. Great thinkin!


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