Huge Frame Makeover

I KNOW… it’s “another” chalkboard frame… but I bought quite a few vintage frames at one time but this is the last one and the largest at 60”x49”!! I don’t think it needs a large wall to display it though… it would look just as fabulous (maybe even more so) filling up an entire wall!!


It is in excellent condition with just the right amount of detail…


I had the awesome guys at Lowe’s cut a piece of thin board for me to insert into the frame. Once home I spray primed it with a grey primer to help reduce the number of coats of chalkboard paint I would need.

When the primer was dry I painted it with 4 coats of black chalkboard paint and then attached the board to the back of the frame with Loctite and small finish nails.

I painted the frame in ASCP Florence prior to inserting the chalkboard piece…


DSC_0027 (2)

Look at how the bronze / gold just peeks through the paint!


I lightly distressed the frame and then applied a coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax then a coat of AS Dark Wax. I wiped the frame down removing the excess wax and waited 24 hours before buffing with a combination of 0000 steel wool and a soft cloth.


I just love the beautiful shade that this blue turned once I applied the dark wax!


OK… so that was my very last chalkboard frame… I hope you enjoyed it!

Now totally off topic… sometimes I have things / stuff / information or just a “funny” that I want to share with you but I really feel like they don’t warrant a whole post written about them so I will just share them at the bottom of posts going forward… I think I’ll call them “A bit of randomness”… so here goes the first one!

A bit of randomness…

With Fall here (or fast approaching) I want to share with you my absolute favorite product for keeping my lips moist.. it’s Aquaphor by Eucerin… It comes in small tubes perfect for your purse, but I have them stashed all over the place. It is especially nice to put on at night before you go to bed because you wake up with SUPER soft lips in the morning! It’s inexpensive, non habit forming and best of all it’s an ointment and can be used for any kind of dry skin.. oh and it’s FABULOUS for babies faces when their little skin gets chapped too! Try it… I think you’ll love it too!

Thanks for stopping by…

Until Next time!

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  1. Love it! I had a stash of vintage frames in my basement and for years I’ve been meaning to make a chalkboard. I love the look of yours! Nice colour too!


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