French Provincial Drum Table


I just love these tables.. this is the third one I have refinished.. I scoop them up whenever I can! I think they are not only pretty, but have great storage.. I even saw where someone turned one into a dog bed for a small dog, I love the idea!

Anyway here is the BEFORE


I had started to sand a little on the left before I remembered to stop and take a picture..

I thought I was going to stain the top and paint the bottom so I did end up sanding all of the finish off of the top.. it needed to be sanded a little to remove the surface scratches, but not all of the way! So of course after I painted the bottom I didn’t like the idea of the top being stained, don’t ask me why… I just didn’t, that is the problem with starting a project before you know what you want the end result to be.. I REALLY need to work on that!! Six Sigma process improvement here I come Winking smile

So I painted it in a custom blue chalk paint mix.. I really shouldn’t even use the term “custom” since all I did was mix the last bits of Aubusson, Louis Blue, Greek Blue and another custom blue I had on hand together.. perfect! Thank goodness I had enough! I then used a silver leaf pen and painted the inset area along the top, the front of the grates and the knobs. Once everything was dry I distressed, waxed and buffed the piece.

Here is the AFTER


Love the “custom” blue…


I much prefer the grates silver.. It makes it look “blingier”.. seriously I KNOW that is not a word… but it definitely looks a lot happier than before!

Taking this with me to Lucketts Spring Market!

I would love to know what you think about this piece, so please leave a comment if you can!

Thanks for stopping by.. until next time!

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  1. Beautiful! I love the blue. But, where does everyone find these tables??? I never see them anywhere.


  2. This table is awesome and would really go perfect with my coffee table. My table has the same legs and stain; intend to paint it also. I love your color choice and the silver accents just give that extra something special. I had a set that would have matched this perfectly, You know the two-tiered side tables, they even had the matching doors. There was also a quarter pie shaped one with the same doors and two drawers in the middle. I had to give them away when I moved out of state as they were too large for my new space. If I could remember who I gave it to I could probably talk them into giving it back, they only took them because they knew I didn’t want to send them to goodwill! I’d love if you’d share it at my Frugal Treasures Tuesday party. Have a great week!


  3. Well, first I have say that I have never heard any DIY’ers using the term Six Sigma before – until you. It’s been 10 years since I’ve had to deal with that process.

    2nd: I LOVE this table!! Man, I wish I could find one in this style, maybe even two! And I really never plan my projects all the way from beginning to end because there always seems to be variables that change my path in a direction that ends up being better than my “plan.” 😉


  4. I just bought this piece, plus a table and chairs and a record player unit from a man. His mom passed away. He was so happy to sell to one person. The record player works and is so cool, that now I want to keep it and put it in my house. While I love the chalk painted look, my furnishings just don’t lend itself well to a color. My house is decorated tuscan style with gold, olive greens, reds (jewel tones). So, what color should I use to make these pieces blend into my home. I’m so torn on painting and selling or painting and keeping. Ugh!


    1. If you love them by all means keep them! I don’t think there is any style that cannot carry painted furniture, it just depends on how or what it is painted with. There is a lot of Tuscan style painted furniture and some great paints out there that can help you accomplish your goal! The Emporor’s Silk chalk paint is a great red and there are also a few good green/beige colors in the mix you may be interested in… Good luck!


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