A Lion or A Griffon.. Either Way It’s A Cool Buffet!!

This tale starts off like many others, but where it will end up is yet to be determined…
You know how it goes….Hubby and I were out looking for furniture the other day when we ran across this baby!

DSC_0021 DSC_0017
He’s is so AWESOME! But… he needs a lot of love.. He has quite a bit of peeling and missing veneer, the original back mirror piece is missing so we will need to fabricate a piece to fill the area, he needs a handle and his front paws are missing (aww). BUT his drawers, doors and cabinet are in great shape! He’s very sturdy and very old.


The BEST part, the VERY best part, his FACE!

Oh, I’m in LURVE!

And believe it or not the original paper manufacturers tag is still attached! The buffet was made by a company named the Mechanics Furniture Company, sometime between 1890-1920’s. We have looked for HOURS trying to source the piece but have been very unsuccessful! We’ve found some close, but not exactly.

So picture this, me and hubby standing around the buffet hmm’ing and hawing about whether or not to buy it, but not being able to walk away because of the FACE… Needless to say we bought it, knowing full well (sort of) how much time it will take to get it into shape, but wanting to try anyway.

So this is just a teaser post as I have not even started working on it, but I would love to hear what you think it! Does it scare you or do you think it is a cool piece too?

Also, if you just so happen to know anything about this piece I would love to hear from you!!! Wish me luck, I’m pretty sure I’m going to need it!

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  1. I think it is an amazing piece and would have gladly taken him home! With a little TLC he will be like new. The restoration , IMO, is the best part. You get breathe new live into a something that has been around to tell a few tales. Can’t wait to see how he turns out! Good Luck!


  2. This would be a piece that I would automatically gravitate towards. It is gorgeous. When you say his front paws are missing… did this have claw covers on the front legs?


    1. Cheryl, it looks like it used to have ball and claw (or similar) front legs, however since both are “missing” I really cannot be sure because we have not been able to locate another piece like it.. It’s a guess, but I think a pretty accurate one.. thanks for checking him out!


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