Vintage Dixie Nightstands Get a Second Chance

Dixie Nightstand – Before
I love these nightstands! My husband and daughter picked them up for me one night, along with the matching 8 drawer dresser, for a song.. well they didn’t sing for it (and I just hope they didn’t dance!) but ya’ know what I mean! The lady even threw in a footstool for free! These were vintage Dixie pieces (her grandmother’s) with nothing wrong that a little paint and sanding couldn’t cure… and I already had a plan for them! I wanted to trade out my old shaker style Crate & Barrel nightstands for these. I had been looking for something that would coordinate with the rest of our bedroom furniture but everything I saw was either too big, not the right color, too much money (!), etc.. etc… This was a super easy project… Sanded (to 220 grit) top, stained the top dark walnut and I used a satin polyurethane to protect it. I added Floetrol to the paint (Valspar Black Satin) to help eliminate the brush strokes and painted the bottom of the table…worked like a charm! I also removed the knobs and cleaned them up a little….. Voila! I’m done!
I love the way look, they tie in the black secretary desk, that is across from the bed, and the top stain is in the same color tone / family as the rest of the furniture. This was such a quick and easy project.. no veneer to remove, no paint to strip, no wood to repair… literally a dream pair of nightstands.. (um.. except for the spider webs and egg sacks.. UGH, so gross!)

Vintage Dixie Nightstand - After
Just in case you were wondering (’cause I just know it was driving you crazy ;))… the matching Dixie dresser I sold to my neighbor (bargain basement neighbor price) who wanted it for her closet. She did the painting herself and it came out great! I also listed my C&B nightstands on CL for someone else to enjoy!
So for you mathematical types: 2 new nightstands – 2 old nightstands + dresser – dresser = Susan happiness and some extra spending money to put towards more furniture! I love it when an equation ends up positive πŸ˜‰ Thanks for checking these pretties out!
Up Close & Personal Look

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  1. I read through all your posts! You are off to a great start! I’d love to see you at our link party! We LOVE furniture too!!!


  2. These look great! Black can be such a tricky color to paint. So tricky in fact that I’ve never even shown the furniture I’ve done in black πŸ™‚ ! Love your blog. I’ll be checking in on you a lot!


    1. Oh, I know what you mean about the black.. Just painted a dresser top black (customer request) & I about tore my hair out! I’m a little bit of a perfectionist and the reflection off of the black was driving me crazy!!


  3. Looks awesome! πŸ™‚ I’m already a fan, but I wanted to check out your blog! Off to a great start indeed! πŸ™‚ Janet


  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your blog is out to a great start. I love to refinish furniture!
    To answer your question. First off, thank you for the nice comment. When I first saw the bin, I believe that they wanted 75.00 for it. No way was I going to pay that. Then I saw it for 65.00, but made an offer to the dealer for 55.00 and they accepted that. I have seen one not as nice for 40.00 and one that was ok looking for 22.00. I probably would of bought the one for 22.00 if I had seen it first, but I do like the one I bought best!

    Have a great evening


  5. oh… my… gosh!!! i am sooooo jealous!!!!! and if you EVER decide to sell the apothecary table or find another, remember me!!!! same for the chest….


  6. I just picked up this very same nightstand at the thrift store today. I knew it was a good piece of furniture but didn’t realize it was a vintage piece! Mine needs some clean up too and your post has shown me her hidden beauty!


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