Vintage Doorknob Hooks

This was a SUPER easy project to do… for me the hardest part was figuring out how to do it and since I have already done that for you the hardest part for you will be finding the perfect knobs… lucky you!

I bought a BUCKET full of these vintage knobs, I know… some people will hoard anything 😉 Some of them were full sets, but these were a few of the single ones, they were exactly what I was looking to use for this project. They are rather beautiful and aged and perfect for installing in the new dressing room area we are working on for our youngest daughter.

I bought a two part epoxy “Steel Stik” and some hanger bolts for wood application. Below are all the items I needed to complete this project, except for the gloves…

This is what the roll of epoxy looks like when you remove it from the tube. You just cut off a small amount, it dries super fast so just cut off what you can use in 3 minutes…

PLEASE use gloves… it’s more awkward but necessary, you do not want this stuff on your skin! You knead the epoxy with your fingers until the two colors blend into one.

I rolled it into a worm shape and shoved it into the stem of the knob. Make sure you put enough, you want the bolt to push it out some so you know you have it in there snug.

Insert / push the hanger bolt as far as you can into the stem of the knob. Then remove any excess that is squeezed out of the side or top, I used the knife to scrape it off.

Make sure your bolts are level, I just eyeballed mine and that appeared to be good enough. The product sets in 3-5 minutes and in an hour can be drilled, tapped etc..

While the product was setting I drilled a hole in the wood shelf supports. This is why we installed the supports out further than the shelves… you will need to screw these knobs into a stud or wood support of some sort!

I screwed the knob in once the product had set… this project was seriously just as easy as I’m making it sound.

Now she can hang purses, hats, scarves, robes, outfits whatever she wants from these knobs… I’m installing 6 in the closet… you never know what a girl will want to hang up… and I’m HOPING that she will want to hang up stuff on her “new” super cool knobs! I do all I can to help the girls stay organized and have clean rooms but you know the old saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” so it will be interesting to see what she eventually ends up hanging on these… as long as it’s something I will consider this experiment successful!

By the way if you are looking for some vintage knobs let me know… I’ve got quite a few left over Smile

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Until next time!

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