Updated and painted butler’s pantry cabinets

Well here is the final post on these cabinets… I shared with you part of my process in post 1 and how we added molding and feet in post 2, but now they are finally complete and I can share with you the final results!

Just to refresh your memory this is what we started with…

Before butler's pantry cabinets

And we ended up with these!!!

Painted and remodeled kitchen butler's pantry cabinets

Super smooth paint finish, using Benjamin Moore’s White Dove paint color and spraying the door and drawer fronts.

Painted and remodeled kitchen butler's pantry cabinets

I replaced the hideous patterned glass in the doors with custom cut mirrors. I love how mush light they reflect back into the kitchen! They cost $50 for both and I installed them the same way the original glass was installed.

Painted and remodeled kitchen butler's pantry cabinets

The additional molding added just enough detail on the sides.

Adding molding to cabinets

Adding molding to cabinets

I couldn’t be happier with the hardware I chose. They are graphite in color, even though they look a little ORB in the pictures, they truly are more like a very dark grey finish in person.

Painted and remodeled kitchen butler's pantry cabinets

They are a tad difficult to install because the back plates are actually separate from the handle, but I’m digging the more industrial vibe and how the color picks up on the color in the granite. If you’re interested in them you can find them here.

Industrial style graphite cabinet pulls

This crisp, clean, modernized feel of the cabinets really updates the look of the whole space so now I’m excited to get the rest of the kitchen cabinets done!‘

Before and After of updated butler's pantry cabinets

This project took W-A-Y longer than it should have, but most of that was my “fault” as I was in no hurry to make it a priority. I also made very sure to allow the appropriate amount of time between paint coats. I really hate painting cabinets, but I would do it again and again because I know how much I love the final results! To do it right takes time and patience, but when done correctly the paint job should last for a very long time.

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Progress on the Kitchen Island

I hope everyone survived the snowpocalypse last week. We did get a few more inches of snow here in Louisville, KY but we missed out on the big snowfall that hit much of the East Coast thank goodness. I don’t know about you but I am OVER the snow! I have started some Lavender, Lamb’s Ear and Salvia seedlings in hopes of being able to get outside and work in the yard in the next 6 weeks or so… I think I need some outdoor time badly!

We began working on our kitchen island last week and over this past weekend. So far we have painted the kitchen, added a backsplash and added some pendant lights over the island. My original plan was to paint the island a cream color and leave the other cabinets as is, but after looking at the wear on the other cabinets I decided to paint them all… just not all at once.

I’ll share with you where we are now as there are some final touches left to do in order for the island to be considered finished. I had already removed the shoe molding and toe kick at this point in the process.

kitchen island before

It’s a nice size island and the shape works great in this kitchen, but as you can see the back boards have had a lot of wear and tear from people sitting there. It’s also very plain looking so I wanted to add some detail and interest to it.

kitchen island before

I drew up this mock of what I wanted the island sides to look like. I used Word, because my drawing skills suck, so I could show my hubby what I was thinking about doing. I think the rendering came out pretty darn good if I do say so myself!

kitchen island plans

After removing the toe kick and shoe molding I removed all of the doors and drawer fronts, being sure to number them as I removed them.  I filled in the bottom hole on each door because I am going to install new hardware.

filling doorknob holes

We built a top for our pool table so we can use it as a table when we need to, I’m using it to paint the drawer fronts and doors which is much better than putting them on the floor. I first cleaned them all with Formula 409 and a scrub sponge and then sanded any areas necessary before priming them.

priming kitchen cabinets doors and drawers

I didn’t have enough plastic triangles so these small plastic drink cups were the PERFECT solution! They kept the pieces stable and I happen to have a bunch of them on hand.

using cups for props

The fronts are still wet, but you get the idea… I used a soft bristle Purdy brush and a foam roller to get the smoothest finish I could. The paint is Benjamin Moore Advance in Black Iron, the paint is self leveling and has a nice hard finish once cured.

painted door and drawer fronts

My hubby cut all of the trim for the island. I am the installer and caulker extraordinaire!

painted kitchen island Benjamin Moore Black Iron

I was so happy I got to use my new “toy”! I got this fabulous deal at Home Depot right before Christmas on a air compressor and 2 nail gun set. I really did want need this… the smallest nails our other gun can handle is 2” and that was WAY to long for this project. We used Liquid Nails and 1” nails for all of the trim. The baseboard is 4.25” and matches the rest of the trim in the house.

installing molding on kitchen island

The trim I chose is actually chair rail backing, which has great detail on it and I really like it used this way. Seriously my friend caulk and I have spent a lot of time together on this project!

installing molding on kitchen island

This is after one coat of paint. I have to wait 16 hours between coats, which seems like forever, but I can get a good feel for how this is going to finish up!

installing molding on kitchen island

I am still waiting for my appliques to come in and then I have to prime, paint and install the center detail work, but I am thrilled with how it looks so far. The addition of the trim really bulks up the cabinet and the paint helps this piece look brand new!

So now you know what I will be working on this week… I hope my back can stand it! I will share with you some good before and after shots once it’s all complete.

Hope you all have a great week ahead, thanks as always for stopping by!

Until next time…


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