A Game of Christmas Clue

Hubby and I wanted to do something different this year with the kids. The girls are 19,17 & 10 so they are old enough to play this little game we have put together…

Every year the kids prepare a Christmas wish list, I we buy items for them from the list but we also get them each one “big” gift which we have chosen for them. Well this year we are going to make them “work” for the “big” gift with this little game!

We are hiding gifts in 5 different places in and outside of the house. Inside of each of these boxes / bags is a little riddle / clue they will have to figure out in order to find their gift… I seriously cannot wait to see how they will handle this… because honestly they could get frustrated, they could have a ball, they could irritate one another… I mean what are we thinking!? Well Christmas day always seems to go by so fast that I’m hoping whichever way they go they will create a memory and will be able to laugh about it later… even if they are only laughing at our stupid clues!


These are the clues we are leaving for them…

In gift 1

A present for you three is not under the tree…

So a game of Clue you’ll have to play, in order to find your gift today…

Work together to solve this clue… otherwise you’ll not know what to do!

Clue #1

This is the place I would stay, if I were your pet Mockingjay!

In gift 2

Clue #2 will be simple for you, but find it FAST is what you must do!

Clue #2

If I were a doll I’d hide from you all, in the highest space, in the messiest place!

In gift 3

Clue #3 you’re getting closer to me, figure it out and happy you’ll be!

Clue #3

On I’m wet, off I’m dry, you don’t use me enough I don’t know why! I’m not a shower, I’m not a tub, but I am used to help clean and scrub…

In gift 4

Clue #4 might be tougher than the rest, but you’ll get it I’m sure ‘cause you’re the BEST!

Clue #4

My protection is solid and heavy you’ll find, I’m somewhere close to the back property line!

In gift 5

Clue #5 is the last one you’ll need, figure it out you’re bound to succeed!

Clue #5

Brown & Brown & Brown & Brown, we’re not watching “IT” because of the Clown!

Hubby is concerned about them getting last clue, but I’m pretty confident they’ll get it! The answer to the last riddle is where we will have stashed the gifts… so much fun! I’ll let you know how it goes!

Do you have a fun Christmas tradition or are you starting something new this year that will help keep present time from ending so quickly? Feel free to share, I would LOVE to hear about your family’s traditions!

As always thanks for stopping by!

Oh, and if you know my kids PLEASE don’t tell them about the Christmas Clue game!

Until next time…

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