I Spy With My Little Eye

Something that looks like THIS!!!


WHAT!!! Umm… is there such a thing as love at first sight with furniture? If there is then I’m in LOVE! Needless to say I didn’t hesitate too long to decide to purchase… but I did hesitate and here’s why…

  1. It’s VERY large, as in it will not fit into the back of my Yukon large!
  2. It needs a lot of work, and I’m not 100% positive I’m “ready” for the challenge…
  3. It’s pricier than my “usual” purchases, not that it’s not worth it!

I think the piece used to be a mail sorter of some kind as there are still names penciled on the wood cross pieces…. By the way the side doors that go with this piece are sitting behind it, but I really like the sides open and I can always use the doors to repair some of the missing pieces if necessary!

Anyway, I wasn’t planning on getting anything like this, but then again I have NEVER seen anything like it! Since I couldn’t take it home with me it is still sitting in the store until I can get it here… now the pressing issue is where in the HECK am I going to put it?

So a question for you readers… Should I keep it for myself or fix it up and pass it on? Keep in mind if I do keep it something else HAS to go… just think about it… I know I am Thinking smile



Wish me luck and thanks for stopping by… until next time!

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  1. No, you KEEP THIS and never look back on selling that oak chest you were fretting over this morning! Shoot, I’d help you with this piece — it’s a real statement!


  2. It would never leave my sight again if I found it. it is so cool, I wouldn’t be able to part with it! I love, love cubby holes, just think of all the things you put in it!


  3. AMAZING PIECE ! One of a kind. Don’t let it go. Log time project but soooooo worth it !!!!! I’m actually jealous… 😉


  4. I know how you feel Susan! This is such a unique piece and can imagine what it will look like after you finish with it! I’d have my measuring tape walking around the house looking for space, too! Check out my recent post on “window shopping”; from Craigslist. lol Loads of photos of great finds, especially the freebies. Have a good weekend.
    By the way, Frugal Treasures Tuesday is up and running until Sunday evening! Hope you’ll join us and share one of your projects are finds! : )


  5. OMG – this is a definite keeper – get rid of something else!!!!!!!!!
    It’s too unique to pass on – chances of you coming across another one of these is hmmm
    I am so in love with this – it’s straight out of Restoration Hardware!


  6. WOW! Agreeing with most of the posts, I hope you found a place for this! I have 4 young kids and could use this in the mudroom x2 – it would certainly grow with them! (I will say my DH build me 4 awesome cubbies for the kids when we moved to our new place.)


  7. I saw this piece….but I won’t disclose where and thought someone needs to take this home-but it can’t be me (for all the reasons you noted). I was suprised at how long it sat in the store and now I see it found a home. SO GLAD-I know it will look amazing when you are done working your magic.


  8. What state are you from? Love the cupboard with all the cubby slots. Do you know actual name of what cupboard is called? How much is it selling for?


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