A Deer in the Woods or Maybe My Family Room

Let me start by saying no deer were harmed in the making of this project… I begin with this statement because my neighbor DID ask me if I got the antlers from the dead deer in the road near us…seriously.. she said “well someone did!” and then gave me the “look”…. ok so we were out enjoying a couple of glasses of wine with some other friends but still.. do I look like I would remove a head from a deer to get the antlers..?? YUCK!! Anyway on with the project…

I thought this would be a quick and easy project… it was pretty easy… just not quick.

Deer Antler Collage

Materials used: open frame, Duck Egg & Pure White chalk paint, 1/4″ wood board, faux deer antlers, branches, glue, silicone caulk, glazing points & 2 screws with washers.

  • Painted the frame with 2 quick coats of Duck Egg and then distressed it
  • Cut the backer board to fit the frame
  • Painted the board & deer antlers white
  • Dragged convinced SAH to go into the woods behind our house to pick up fallen branches for the back of the board.. I’m sure if any of our neighbors saw us they would have wondered what we were doing!
  • We brought the branches inside to cut them and attached them to the board with hot glue, that was the time-consuming part. I did some and hubby helped me out while I took some pictures…
Sticks... sticks... and more sticks!

Our Weimaraner LOVES sticks.. for a long time he just stood behind my husband, with his head on hubby’s shoulder, eyeballing the sticks (I could almost hear him saying “gimme, gimme, gimme, please, please, please).

The rest…

  • Painted the sticks with white CP
  • Put a bead of silicone on the back of the frame and set the board into it, I also tacked in some glazing points for extra stability and left it upside down to cure
  • I determined placement of the antlers on the board and then drilled some holes through the board for the screws
  • I lined up the antlers on top of the holes and drilled holes into the antlers through the existing holes in the board
  • I attached the antlers with screws and washers from the back of the board
  • I also added a cleat to the back of the frame to help ensure its stability on the wall

I totally dig this artwork! I love the fact my husband and I worked on it together and it just fits perfectly into our newly painted Family Room.

Deer Antler Art

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  1. Antlers are so in now. I would love to find some. One thing, they have them at the pet store for chew toys. I don’t know if I’ll get lucky to find some for decor. Yours look awesome. Where did you find your faux antlers?
    Your dog is so good to not run away with any of your sticks. He looks so cute.


    1. Ruth, I used to have family who hunted so we had antlers for the dogs to chew on… They LOVED them! I got mine from Hobby Lobby.. They were $24.00, but I used the 40% off coupon so they weren’t that much. Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Aimee, thanks for checking out my antler art and inviting me to your linky party! My Weimaraner is a little stick crazed but he’s a beautiful blue and we love him! His “brother” is a Schnoodle and you should see the two of them together.. very funny pair!


  2. Love your helper! I used sticks to make stars for my Christmas tree and my puppy kept stealing them! Seems like you had better luck. I love the stick background and the antlers. I have a set of shed antlers I found in the woods somewhere that I you’ve reminded me to dig out!


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