Still working on the Princess bathroom!

Well we had a fabulously warm weekend here in Louisville, 74 degrees and sunny on Saturday, even Sunday was pretty nice in the high 50’s! We didn’t do anything “fun”, but we did wash the cars and the dogs and that felt pretty good to get done! Of course we also worked on the Princess bathroom, which sucked, like an 11 out of 10 sucking! I will NEVER install 1” hexagon mounted on mesh again! That tile moves around so much which makes it super difficult to ensure evenly spaced grout lines. I would say 98% of our lines are pretty close to perfectly spaced, but we really had to fight to get them that way.

The hardest thing was determining where to start the tile and getting a square line off of that area. We chose to work off of the tub line, I will say that had we not chosen to also install the black tile border this process would have been significantly easier, so just keep that in mind if this sort of installation is on your “to-do” list. For some reason I seem to enjoy making our jobs harder on us…Annoyed

OK, please excuse the quick point and shoot camera pictures, but here is where we are today.

We installed the floor Saturday and we were planning on grouting on Sunday but we had a few loose tiles we needed to re-adhere and about 3 hours of cleaning out the grout lines of mastic so that the Dove Grey grout would fill the grout lines appropriately. Had I not used my Dremel tool for this job I think we may have been there all day! SO after that ridiculously painful morning we took it easy and watched movies in bed the rest of the day, heavenly!! Did you spot my cute little café curtain I made for the bathroom (ignore the blue tape I have some repair work there to do)? It has the perfect colors in the sheer fabric and the hexagon pattern is spot on!

Black and white traditional bathroom renovation

The black and white (pain in the arse) mosaic tile floor is just perfect for this bathroom!

Black and white traditional bathroom renovation

I just adore how the little linen nook (with laundry basket) has turned out. You’ll only see it when you’re in the bathroom and shut the door (as it’s behind the door) but it’s the perfect amount of storage in that bathroom. I have the shower curtain hung, but not complete as I am going to add a band of color to the bottom of the white curtain, just waiting on the fabric to come in.

Linen nook in bathroom renovation

The sink is all operational as my Hubby hooked up all of the water and drain lines on Sunday. I just caulked the granite backsplashes with black caulk before taking this shot, hoping it turns more black once it dries because right now it just looks grey… Also, you can see I added the new chrome hardware to the vanity as well.

Black and white traditional bathroom renovation

We obviously got the new vanity lights and mirror installed and I chose to install the new towel hook to the right instead of over by the electrical out let where the original one was, am I the only one who thinks that was a dangerous placement?

 Black and white traditional bathroom renovation

I am contemplating doing the floor grout by myself this week, but honestly it is such a stressful situation for me to feel like I have to get so much done before the grout dries that I’d just prefer to wait until I have a helper to work with me on this part. However, after that we will be super close to the finish line, just need to re-install the toilet, install the shoe molding, caulk around the base of the tub and sew the shower curtain then we’re done! And I’m super excited because our daughter will be spending her summer with us here in KY instead of staying in VA like she normally does! I think some of that decision has to do with the fact her boyfriend of 3 years will be in Air Force basic training and then stationed somewhere, but whatever the reason we’re happy she’s coming!

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Princess Bathroom Updates

Well I’m happy to say that we made pretty good progress on the “Princess” bathroom the last few days or so… unfortunately it was a beautiful weekend here in Louisville, KY this past weekend and we basically spent it inside working on the bathroom Crying face. However, my Hubby was not complaining as he was the one cutting all of the wood outside so he would much rather it have been 70 degrees than 50!

So the first thing we did was install the under mount sink and faucet on the granite. We chose to install these while the granite was upside-down because otherwise we would have had to remove the drawer runners and quite honestly this was just the easiest way. The process is as follows: align the sink over the whole appropriately, mark on the granite the sink placement, remove the sink, put down a bead of granite caulk, replace sink and attach hardware… easy-peezy just a little nerve racking! The faucet install was just a matter of following the included instructions, which was also easy and made much easier with so much access! We let this sit for 3 days before we installed it.

installing undermount sink on granite

We reinstalled the baseboards and started our planking leveling each board as we went. We are using the same process and V-groove planking and bead board we used on the other girls bathroom.

installing wood wall planks in bathroom

We didn’t finish all of the planking (explained below) but I went ahead and primed and got one coat of paint (BM Decorator’s White) on what we did have installed.

installing wood wall planks in bathroom

We had to take a pause here in the planking because the new sconces haven’t arrived and I want to place the mirror and dry fit the sconces before we decide where to install the new junction boxes for them.

We installed the granite and backsplashes which was as easy as applying a bead of silicone caulk in the top edge of the vanity cabinet then placing the granite on top and ensuring levelness. The backsplashes are adhered to the wall with caulk as well.

honed black granite vanity top

This is my SUPER fast mock up of the mirror and sconces… I’m hoping I like them as much in person as I do in the photo!

vanity mirror and sconce mock up

I also found a few items for the bathroom that I’m excited to mix in! This cute little hanging basket from World Market!

copper hanging basket from World Market

These baskets from Target for the little linen nook.

basket for bathroom toiletries from Target

And this fun canvas print from Joss & Main that brings the bedroom colors into the bathroom. I just love the whimsical feel of this piece!

Mad Hatter deer art for the bathroom

I’m hoping to get the sconces before the weekend so we can finish the walls up. The floor will be the last to put in place and I’m soooo not looking forward to it…

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